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Live Feed Updates-July 16, 2018 (Day 26)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 16, 2018 (Day 26)

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    3:25 BBT

    Faysal was up playing pool and then went in to the kitchen and is talking with Scottie. Tells Scottie that while he was in there Haleigh had to go out in the backyard and do her reading.
    Scottie just came out of the DR, changed his battery and is talking to Faysal.


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      Flashback to about 9:40 BBT

      Scottie told Kaitlyn that Winston and Brett tried to make a F3 with him if he would use the veto and put Kaitlyn up on the block.

      Kaitlyn goes in to full meltdown mode. House meeting, fake tears and all.


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        Good grief... I'm going to quickly put the chain of events that led up to it all ... and some of the aftermath

        If you read last night's LFU's ... you saw where Kaitlyn was freaking out because she thought that Scottie/Sam and Brett were in the HoH room together and therefore, in her mind, that meant she was going on the block. she told everyone that would listen that Scottie told her that he was going to put her up .. she had the tears going ... Scottie came to talk to her .. and told her that is NOT what he said...that he only said that IF there was a power used, that she would go up ... she went on and on about how she had the right to feel this and that .. yadda yadda...

        Tyler tried to smooth things over with Scottie ... and that was pretty much were I left off ....

        But then...

        1. Scottie told Bayleigh/Faysal/Haleigh that Brett tried to make an F3 deal ( him/Winston/Scottie) and that he said he should backdoor Kaitlyn.
        2. Scottie told Haleigh/Rockstar - that he hasn't told Kailtyn that Brett and Winston threw her ass under the bus.... because he figured she would blow up ..
        3. Rockstar to Scottie/Haleigh/Bayleigh - let her blow up... she's very reactive.... maybe that's what we need... you should tell her.. she wants to keep Brett. I'm like are you ****ing kidding
        4. Scottie told Kaitlyn that Brett and Winston threw her under the bus.. want her to go .. etc. ( She tells him that she already knows because she JUST had a dream about it )
        5. Kaitlyn told Rockstar/Faysal/Scottie that Brett is going home.. 100% ... she also told them " you have never seen what you are about to see"
        6. Kaitlyn confronts Winston and Brett
        7. Tyler tried to reel Kaitlyn in
        8. Faysal told Kaitlyn that he told her not to do that ( not to confront them )
        9. Kaitlyn goes on and on about is she not suppose to stand up for herself... etc.
        10. Kaitlyn threatens to go to the DR and tell them she wants OUT
        11. Faysal continued to try to talk her down ...
        12. Kaitlyn complains that no one is backing her up ... Katilyn - where are my girlfriends?
        13. JC talked to Kaitlyn told her to calm down
        14 . Kaitlyn to JC - I'm so naive to think that everyone in this house is going to be so authentic like me,.....
        15. Kaitlyn to Rockstar -I'm really pissed off that I walked out and none of my friends followed....
        16. Brett and Winston called Scottie "spineless"
        17. Haleigh warns Brett that Kaitlyn will come at him again soon ... to be ready. He tells Haliegh that he thinks it's more about her ( Kaitlyn ) making a spectacle out of everything...
        18. Kaitlyn crying says - - I feel stupid for putting Swaggy up
        19. Kaitlyn told Rockstar that she thought Rachel was her friend.. so why did she not come over and be like "are you good? Rockstar- I don't even know if she knows what's going on.
        20. Kaitlyn cries saying that she thought Brett was her friend, she want both of the bros out now, she said that Winston is a "****ing loser"

        This is going to take more than 20 ...

        21. Kaitlyn tells the others that she was BRAVE to do what she did . ( confronting Brett/Winston ) ,,, BUT she wished her delivery had been better
        22. Bayleigh to Kaitlyn - do you feel stupid for being played... or for yelling? ( LOL )
        23. Rockstar to Kaitlyn - as fans of the show..... Scottie and I were very pleased with the delivery.... ( again LOL )
        24. Kaitlyn told the others that she's NOT going to let this be her 'sob story" .. she's going to STAY IN HER TRUTH AND IN HER POWER
        25. Kaitlyn talked to Brett again .. told him she was disappointed in him... she thought they were friends...
        26. Brett told Katilyn that the whole house was telling him that she was campaigning to get him out.
        27. Brett told Kaitlyn that he tried to play with her .. but she went back to the other side... where Scottie is and guess what ... he ( Brett ) gets put up on the block.
        28. Bayleigh told Kaycee that when everyone was out there telling Kaitlyn to "tell her truth' that she ( Bayleigh) isn't feeling it
        29. Kaitlyn - Joe is so lit for me right now... he's out there watching this and he is saying.... that's my ****ing girl..yeah ..she's erratic, but that's my girl ( umm maybe not so much )
        30. Kaitlyn told Tyler that Brett has to go and she asked if he would evict him... Tyler tells her "how can I not at this point"

        31. Winston tells Brett in his veto speech that he should drop it that Kaitlyn was the 7th vote to evict Steve.
        32. Brett to Winston/Rachel/Angela- I was like (Kaitlyn) whimpered like a little bitch and crawled right back to your alliance after betraying them
        33. Brett ( about Scottie) he plays emotionally.. he's a ****ing 26 year old virgin who is playing with his dick cause hes getting attention from a girl
        34. Brett said that every time he tries to talk to Scottie that he runs and tells the girls everything... and everyone thinks he's the mastermind.. but he's not .. it's Rockstar and Kaitlyn

        35. JC to Tyler- that bitch (Kaitlyn) is crazy insane.. she needs to go
        36. Tyler told JC that Brett HAS TO STAY
        37. Kaitlyn talked to Haleigh wondering if she can trust Tyler... she's upset that Tyler didn’t rush to comfort her.
        38. Rachel and JC counted votes... they think it could be 6-5 to keep Brett this week
        39. JC told Angela that Brett stays.. Winston goes... Rachel, you, Sam, me, Kaycee, Tyler ( vote to evict Winston ) votes locked... no one change their mind
        40. And, to end the night....Faysal asked Haleigh to share his bed... she didn't.

        So.... that's about that ...


        • #5
          And today .... the drama begins again ...

          Kaitlyn tells Rockstar, Bayleigh and Haleigh that she's "soooo disgusted with Tyler" ...

          Kaitlyn - he ( Tyler ) wasn't comforting yesterday. ... he was distant and and made it clear he wasn't picking a side

          She tells the girls- if you win HoH and you put him up.. I don't even care ...

          Kaitlyn also told them that she chose them .. everyone over Steve and that she HAD to do it ... because of Sam's power.. and how she wished she wasn't the only one that knew about it other than Tyler.

          She tells them that she will "confirm" today about the power and when it ends...


          • #6
            Kaitlyn and Tyler .... ( sorry Tyler ... you reap what you sow buddy )

            Kaitlyn tells him that it was just embarrasing the way he was last night when she needed him
            He tells her that he's sorry ...
            He tells her that he told her that wasn't the way to handle it

            She tells him maybe not for him.. but for her ... and that she really doesn't care what he thinks...

            Tyler tells her that he's just scared that what she did made her a target...

            Kaitlyn to Tyler - that's not your ****ing problem


            • #7
              Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she "came to a realization" that the "theme for her" in this game is to stand up for herself... be her truth ...

              She tells him that when you're aligned within your truth and aligned within your purpose... it's all for the highest good

              Kaitlyn - this isn't about me winning this game anymore.... this is about me sticking up for myself


              • #8
                Tyler tells Kaitlyn that he thought she was his #1.... but she questions things all the time .. things that shouldn't be questioned...

                She tells him that she wanted to tell Scottie, week one that she was the one that flipped the vote .. and that told her it was a terrible idea...

                Kaitlyn - I didn't ask for this ..

                He tells her that he didn't ask to be told all the things he was told ( what Swaggy was saying about her ) the first week either ...

                Tyler- I didn't ask for any of this... this all happened because I was told information I wish I ****ing wasn't


                • #9
                  Kaitlyn to Tyler- Swaggy should not have gone home.... I should have stayed with those people.... THEY would have been loyal to a fault

                  ( I'm at work and I'm going to have to jump out now ... she's still going at him.. so if anyone wants to jump in ..please do )


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                    11:13 BBT cams 1/2 ~ Kaitlyn telling Scottie that she voted Steve out!


                    • #11
                      ( thanks Darlin214 ... post ANYTIME )

                      Kaitlyn also told Scottie that Sam has a power.

                      Kaitlyn to Scottie - the fact that I didn't win a power app legit disrespectful...

                      Kaitlyn to Scottie - I feel intuitively.... that I'm being received really well by the world

                      ( uh huh.. sure ... lol )

                      Scottie told Tyler that Kaitlyn told him about Sam's power.


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                        It's time for the Veto Ceremony


                        • #13
                          Feeds are back..

                          Scottie DID NOT use the Power of Veto

                          Winston and Brett remain on the chopping block.

                          ( I'm not really here .. so if anyone wants to jump in .. please do )


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                            2:49 BBT cam 1/2 ~ Bayleigh talking with Scottie about Sam's power. She tells him that Sam told Kaitlyn and Tyler. Scottie says that when he mentioned it to Tyler earlier, he (Tyler) acted surprised!


                            • #15
                              I'll catch us up quickly ..

                              Most of the conversations have been about Sam's power and speculation on whether or not she made a deal with Brett, to use it on him, when she meet with him yesterday in Scottie's HoH room ...

                              Scottie to Bayleigh -if there were no power..., this game would be so much better.

                              Bayleigh- yeah.... but that's the whole twist


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