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Live Feed Updates-July 18, 2018 (Day 28)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 18, 2018 (Day 28)

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    3:15 BBT

    Sam is up and cooking in the kitchen. She made some kind of cake of cookie with slop and is now working on ice cream.

    Brett came out of the bathroom and she told him that she is sorry, she didn't mean to freak him out earlier, she's pretty sure he is staying.

    JC woke up and comes through to go to the bathroom. He asks Brett where he went. Brett says he just went to the bathroom.

    Sam has put the ice cream mixture in a gallon freezer bag, filled one of the protein shake containers with ice and then put the bag in it too. She then proceeds to roll the container around with her feet to churn the ice cream. She said she saw a ball at Cabelas that does the same thing.

    Brett went back to bed and Sam continues to roll the container around on the ground.


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      7:30 AM BBT

      All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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        around 3:30 3:50 pm EST
        upstairs outside the HOH room

        Hayleigh, Rachel, Kaitlyn, Rockstar chit chat turns to making an all girl alliance of those 4. Hayleigh says but they always find out about it, we have to keep it quiet. (lol) They talk about a name and Hayleigh comes out with "The Man Eaters". It seems they all like it. Some of them start spot singing and dancing a little to the man eater song. When Rockstar walks on Hayleigh says she's not sure if Rockstar can keep quiet about it.

        Meanwhile, Rockstar goes straight downstairs finds Angela and tells her about the alliance and ask her if she's in. Angela says yeah ok. Then Rockstar walks off toward kitchen to find Sam.
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          After Rockstar went downstairs Haleigh, Rachel, Kaitlyn say the only way they would keep Tyler or Faysal over a girl is if it's one of the other girls, not in the 4 girl alliance.


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            Rockstar finds Sam in kitchen & tries to smoothly swing by and fill Sam in on the girl alliance. I can't hear her well enough to know what she says to her. But Sam's reaction was "that makes me happy". Others are passing through so they can't really talk. Sam's made a sling shot out of something & says she better hide it or they will take it away. Then Rockstar walks off to who knows where? (was there misunderstanding on Rockstar's part... being an all girl alliance vs. 4 girl alliance?)


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              5:15 pm EST CAM 1 Blue Bedroom

              Haleigh and Kaycee talking...Kaycee laughs and says the man eaters" is funny. Haleigh said that was my contribution. Rockstar walks in and says we have the numbers if we never vote a girl out.
              Not sure who told Kaycee.


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                Rockstar walks to pink bedroom and tells Bayleigh about girl alliance. Bayleaigh says ok...not sure how she really feels about it. Rockstar says we can't all be caught talking.


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                  Earlier Kaysal and Sam was attempting to maybe have a moment. Both laying on their back side by side in the floor under the stairs in a little secluded place talking about
                  Faysal's first love and/or kiss. He said he really liked the girl and felt she liked him... but they parted not acting on it. Sam said (speaking of Faysal & the girl) "You missed your chance" (Sam's probably thinking ...hint: hint This was on CAM 1 I think sometime between 4:30 pm and 5:10pm EST.
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                    5:40 pm EST Pink Bedroom CAM 1

                    faysal's back is hurting . Rockstar says I'll fix it and starts working on his back.
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                      5:48 pm EST upstairs hallway CAM 1

                      Winston pitching to Kaitlyn for her to vote to keep him. He said he's not saying anything negative about Brett....just wants to stay.


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                        (I'm out .....anyone else who can jump in and help is appreciated.)


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                          ( thanks Explorer555 ... we appreciate your help so much )


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                            Currently on the live feeds...

                            7:48 PM BBT

                            They are playing charades, categories and other games...

                            Sam is in the Have Not room making beds..
                            Brett is in the DR


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                              Backing up just a bit....

                              Here's the Man-Eaters Alliance being born...

                              Rockstar filled in Angela, Sam and Kaycee on the details...


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