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Live Feed Updates-July 19, 2018 (Day 29)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 19, 2018 (Day 29)

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    3:00am BBT

    All HGs sleeping.

    * Scroll across the top of the screen says we will have the first endurance comp of the season tonight. See the HOH comp play out live after the live show.


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      5:32AM BBT

      HGs still in bed/sleeping.

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        ENDURANCE Head of Household Competition tonight on the Live Feeds...

        What does that mean?

        Good Times.. Good Fun... Good Amount of Bandwidth Usage, as BB fans will be checking and rechecking to see which house guest can hang on, hand in, and win the HoH Endurance Competition tonight!

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          Before the Vote...

          Brett said that Rockstar came to him and told him that she was going to flip her vote and keep him in the house and blame the vote on Kaitlyn...

          Brett- Kaitlyn, I want you to know I'm sorry for everything that did happen.... I'd love your vote. Rockstar came to me and said... I'm going to flip on this vote & make it a 6-5 & pin it on Kaitlyn

          LIVE VOTING:

          Kaitlyn - Brett
          Rachel - Winston
          Kaycee - Winston
          Rockstar- Brett
          Faysal - Brett
          Bayleigh - Brett

          Angela - Winston
          Haleigh - Brett
          JC - Winston
          Tyler - Winston
          Sam - Winston

          Winston has been evicted from the Big Brother 20 House.

          Kaitlyn and Rockstar's reaction when Julie said "Winston, you've been evicted from the Big Brother house".


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            After Winston leaves ...

            Rockstar to Brett - I can't believe on my daughter's birthday that you would sit there and do some crap like that.
            Brett to Rockstar - you can't even own it?
            Rockstar- you're a bold faced...disgusting... I haven't talked to you in 3 days... I can't ...
            Brett- then don't ...

            Rockstar to Brett - I can't believe on my daughter's birthday that you would drag my name through the mud like that...he public saw who I voted out... and it was you... we'll get you out .. that' cute... that's real cute ..

            Brett- you can't even own it

            Rockstar to Brett - YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!


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              Julie Chen to Winston - why are you shocked?

              Winston - with a vote of 6-5.... the shocking part is my alliance voted against me
              Julie- your whole alliance did, and JC and Sam

              Julie to Winston - you threw something on the ground, what was it?
              Winston- itwas a friendship bracelet from Sam that she made me


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                  ENDURANCE HoH Competition


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                        Everyone is still hanging on .. as rain, sap and "bird poop" pours down ..


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                          ( FYI .. Scottie is SUPER ANNOYING )


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