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Live Feed Updates-July 20, 2018 (Day 30)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 20, 2018 (Day 30)

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    5:15 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      8:20 AM BBT

      All HGs are still in bed/sleeping.


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        Going back to last night ....

        As Sam tells Faysal that she's not going to let anyone tell her what to do this week, it's her decision and she will have to live with it .. and she advises him same... and he tells her how much he respects her...

        1:40 AM BBT – Rockstar follows Brett around the house, she's banging pots and pans, and shouting/singing to/at him


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            Rockstar ( as she bangs the pan ) - I'm going to be safe cause my best friend is here!!! We have a secret showmance.... I don't mind his micropenis ( She spells out Brett ) ... B-R-E-T-T. I'll be here all night singing for my friend.... I'm so happy he is here!!!


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              Brett to Rockstar - good job... you're setting a good example


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                Brett - I'm pretty sure Josh already did this..

                Rockstar - actually Evel Dick did it first

                Brett - you're a super fan


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                  Sam comes down from the HoH room and asks Rockstar if she can just stop ..

                  Rockstar to Sam- he ( Brett ) is here because of ME!! Because of ME, Sam, he's here because of ME!


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                    Sam to Rockstar - can you just until 2 o'clock keep doing this,...then we will call it a night and resume in the morning?

                    Rockstar- I'm just really excited.

                    Sam- you can do it as long as you would like.... I'd just prefer you didn't


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                      Rockstar to Sam - well .. you're the HoH .... but I'm just really excited that Brett is here... he told everybody how I kept him here .. sooo I'm just sooo excited.

                      Sam - as a personal favor, because it affects the whole house ..

                      Rockstar- as a personal favor ..

                      Sam- and that was my overall goal.. for everybody to have a week ..

                      Rockstar interrupts Sam and says again how happy, excited she is that Brett is here .. they have a showmance..

                      Sam continues saying- where nobody had anything to worry about ... just a week of .. everybody just chill...


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                        Rockstar - that would have been great.. you know .. if Brett had not of revealed our showmance...

                        Sam - but .. I know that there are people in the house that you enjoy to spend time with .. so just ignore him ( Brett )


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                          Sam to Rockstar - pretend he is not here... and he will probably do the same

                          Rockstar- he has ignored me since I walked in the door until just today..... I'm just showing him the proper love


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                            Sam continues to ask Rockstar to stop ... she tells her that it affects everyone ...

                            Rockstar continues the .. I'm excited mantra ..

                            Sam- you can do whatever you want.. again the only reason I'm asking that you not do this is cause it affects everybody

                            Rockstar- I thought everybody would want to celebrate cause he's such a great guy


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                              Sam continues in a calm manner to ask her to stop

                              Rockstar BANGS the pan and say "we will continue in the morning"

                              Sam to Rockstar- I really do appreciate you putting off the party until everybody has a great night's sleep


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