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Live Feed Updates-July 23, 2018 (Day 33)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 23, 2018 (Day 33)

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    Angie and Haleigh on the backyard couches talking about whether or not Faysal should use the veto and who the replacement might be. Angie making the case that Faysal shouldn't use the veto because Sam will put up someone else from there side, mostly likely her. Haleigh will definitely be staying, particularly against Kaitlyn.

    Angie telling her that she and Brett cleared the air and she apologized for the way she reacted.

    Back to talking about the veto and Haleigh is going through the what ifs of what could happen. She thinks that Sam would keep Angie if it came down to a tie because Angie spends a lot of time with her. Haleigh doesn't want to potentially lose Angie though. Angie thinks that it was meant to be for Faysal to use it or at least offer to use it on Haleigh.


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      5:17 am BBT Haleigh and Fessy in the backyard

      Faysal: You think she likes me?
      Haleigh: Yes, she's told me she does
      Faysal: what do you mean?
      Haleigh: nothing. just yes she does.
      Faysal: she told you that
      Haleigh: mm hmm
      Faysal: how did she deliver that news?
      Haleigh: it was during the veto right when they were giving instructions so that it wouldn't be on camera
      Faysal: the first one? that was day 10.
      Haleigh: mm hmm. I'm aware.
      Faysal: how did that make you feel?
      haleigh: at that point, I was like go for it. I mean, it wasn't really my place to be one way or the other. in my mind, I'm like you have a five year relationship that you talk about all the time, so that's odd to me. if that's even real.


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        9:45am BBT feeds are back from the wake up call.

        So far, Bayleigh is the only one moving around on camera. She goes outside to lay in the hammock.


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          11:12am BBT
          BB has given them another wake up. Most HGs are now getting ready for the day.

          Haleigh tells Faysal she feels like she doesn't know where his head is at now. (after her DR session) She says they said some wild ****. BB cuts away and then we hear the warn not to talk about DR sessions with other houseguests.


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            11:30am BBT we switch to old seasons. Ceremony time!


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              Almost an hour now and still no feeds.


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                Feeds return 12:41pm BBT

                Sam is explaining her power to a group in the kitchen.


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                  Kaitlyn is sobbing on cam 3. Rockstar might be the replacement nom. (it's not clear right now)
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                    Kaitlyn. tells Fessy she doesn't even know how he's going to vote because he's also close to Rockstar.

                    She asks if he's always going to hold this against her for the rest of the game.

                    he says no, but it was her and haleigh on the block, what was he supposed to do?

                    She responds: Don't look at me and promise me safety.


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                      Sam comes outside to explain the power to rockstar. She says she almost used it on winston last week. She said because she didn't, her only option was to win HOH and control who was nominated. She said she didn't know she would have to choose a third nominee and she chose Rockstar and now she has a chance to get back in if she gets evicted.

                      Rockstar says ok.


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                        Sam says the power is stupid and not even helpful since the language is so vague.

                        Fessy is being filled in on the power details in the kitchen.

                        Sam asks Brett if he's mad at her for not using it on winston. She says she didn't use it on him because if it is a battle back, she believed in winston to win it.

                        now rockstar is asking, who flipped the votes last week (since now she knows it wasn't sam's power.)


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                          Sam is telling Brett that she guessed that either Kaitlyn or rockstar had a power, but she was wrong.

                          Tyler tells JC it's not a battle back. JC was thinking it would be, but Tyler is convinced it's not.

                          Sam is crying now in the kitchen. She says she tried to do the right thing with the stupid app situation. Haleigh hugs her. Fessy hugs her. Fessy asks why she didn't tell her this morning. she says she didn't get a chance to see him before the ceremony.


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                            Finally confirmation: Rockstar is the renom. Apparently, Sam almost made it JC, but changed her mind and named rockstar.


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                              Kaitlyn went into the DR

                              Haleigh is telling Tyler that Kaitlyn won't talk to her. Tyler says Kaitlyn is upset at fessy. Haleigh is wondering if America gets to vote to send the evictee back in or not. She says that if she had put JC up like she originally planned, Kaitlyn would have had a harder time getting the votes.

                              Tyler says he's going to go try to find Kaitlyn.


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