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Live Feed Updates-July 24, 2018 (Day 34)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 24, 2018 (Day 34)

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    3:15 BBT

    Sam is up. Angie just went through the kitchen on her way in to bed.

    Faysal just got up and went out to the backyard to do his prayers.

    Sam went in to the DR.


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      Sam out of DR and is straightening up the backyard. Haleigh came out to backyard and got her water bottle.

      Faysal is asking Sam about the wording of her power app. She explains it is just a chance and it automatically comes in to play this week because she didn't choose to use it.


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        I don't like giving updates like this....twitter is abuzz this morning because of

        7:30ish AM BBT
        Kaitlyn and Brett in bed together. There is some questionable under the blanket movement. All I can tell for sure is that she throws her leg over him so that they are crotch to crotch....


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          10:00am BBT feeds change to fish. MORNING WAKE UP CALL!


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            Wake up took a long time today and most of the HGs are still refusing to stir. BB has come over the loudspeaker multiple times to get them up.

            Sam's got a headache. They call her to the DR. She thinks the yoga she did with Bayleigh may be the culprit.

            The HGs played a little bit of bedtime bingo last night. Haleigh is in Tyler's bed right now. Kaitlyn ended up with Brett. JC ended up by himself.


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              Kaitlyn tells Faysal that she thinks the two of the were married and divorced in a past life.

              Rockstar campaigns to Kaycee in hammock. Rockstar says she was never targeting Kaycee. She says she's not a physical threat and could never beat her in a competition, so she could be an asset. She says she's straight up and Kaitlyn is unpredictable, so she's better to have around. Kaycee says she respects that.


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                We find RS and Tyler in the bathroom at 11:58 a.m.

                RS is telling Tyler that she really wants to stay and she has been tried and true with people in this game. She hasn’t won anything but everyone knows where she stands in this game. She never saw herself winning this game, but just participating in it. As a fan of the game, she wants to sit and decide who will win the game (make it to jury). She won’t try to block the others in the game. She is older, she is in a committed relationship, she can’t play with the guy’s hair, she can’t flirt, but Tyler is pretty. He laughs and she says but stay away from me. She throws Kaitlyn under the bus stating that she put an alliance member on the block. She will be a good person to keep around because they can put her on the block, just as long as she gets to jury. She tells Tyler she has never gunned for him, she doesn’t have a relationship with him (that Kait has) but she could be used. She asks for his vote and tells him her family is a fan of this show. She wasn’t proud that she couldn’t stay on the wall any longer than she did. She tells him she isn’t making promises she can’t keep.

                Tyler – I see how bad you want to be here. I don’t take it lightly. His vote isn’t locked right now.

                RS complains that for three fu*cking weeks the votes are wrong and she doesn’t want to try to count votes now. She is just going to talk to everyone individually and let them know she wants to stay there. She then talks about how this is for her family. She banged the pots against Brett because he lied on her, but she did go and apologize to him and she did that before she was on the block. She hasn’t feed anyone any bulls*it. She hasn’t been able to do anything because she can’t win. She doesn’t feel that she is a floater, she sees herself as an advisor. She can see people for who they are and what they are doing.

                Tyler agrees with that.


                • #9
                  She talks about what the competition might be and that she doesn't feel she can beat Swaggy. He tells her he doesn't believe that will be the comp. Tyler tells her that it isn't beneficially for him that either goes. He tells her to keep doing her, they hug and leave.


                  • #10
                    RS reports to Bayleigh that she has talked to Brett, Tyler and Kaycee.

                    The feeds change us to the bathroom where Tyler and Haleigh are talking.

                    Tyler tells her that it is going to be a hard decision. RS has never done anything to him, but he knows he will be in a bad position with Kaitlyn if he votes her out.

                    Haleigh tells him she doesn’t understand what his relationship is with Kaitlyn. He is worried that if he votes Kaitlyn out others might be afraid to form a relationship with him.

                    Haleigh tells him that everyone is talking about their (Kait/Tyler) relationship, EVERYONE. He asks if Fessy is in the same boat as him. Haleigh says that she has heard that Kaitlyn has said if she wins HOH she is putting Fessy up.

                    Haleigh – that’s fine if that’s the way she feel, but she needs to stop saying that. Honestly, I feel like the house is working together on this one.

                    Tyler – yeah.

                    Haleigh – if we are going to do it, we need to do it all the way. It doesn’t need to be a 5-5 vote.

                    Tyler – um hmm. It doesn’t need to be that. I just want to figure out where everyone stands.

                    Haleigh – I know, and you also need to think about your own personal game.

                    Tyler – I know. 100%.

                    Haleigh – It’s just hard if someone is sitting with her, what would happen then. She has such a strong social game. I don’t know if I could have beat her.

                    Tyler – that would have been a totally different situation for me.

                    Haleigh tells him that RS is not physical and she is never going to be able to put them up. Then again, if Kaitlyn is on our side and FISH.

                    We come back to Haleigh saying that her outburst are over the top (but I have no idea if she is still talking about RS).

                    Tyler – I don’t want to be a decider for this.

                    He tells her he wants to talk to Fessy and see where he stands. Haleigh tells him that she doesn’t think Fessy will talk about it, but that’s why people are thinking he is with Kaitlyn.


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                      Most of the HG are lying by the pool or inside playing around. Scottie and Kaycee are at the kitchen counter talking about the places they live.
                      No game talk, but I'll keep an ear out.


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                        Rockstar and Angela in kaleidscope

                        Angela says she's not this quiet in the real world. She says she doesn't want to compete for attention, because there's plenty of people doing that in the house.


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                          RS and Angela in lounge.
                          RS goes over the basics, she is loyal, she proves "wise counsel". The reason she hasn't talked to Angela is because Angela intimidates her.
                          Angela - gosh.
                          RS - I intimidate people.
                          Angela agrees.
                          RS - and that's no fair for me to not talk to her.
                          She tells Angela that she loves fashion and that's why she wears the glasses she does, but she is a mom so she doesn't have the money to drop on clothes ow.
                          Angela admits that she is quiet, but that's not really her in the real world. She feels like it's a competition for attention in the house and that makes her withdraw and let those people make their show and draw their show. She thinks people read her wrong and think she is a standoffish bit*ch.
                          She wants to work with loyal people who stick with it. She wishes that she had talked with RS before this because they are on opposite sides. The girl alliance has cracked and it sucks. She is afraid that RS will be loyal to her group the whole time.
                          RS says that if she wins an HOH, she will put up two guys, because she wants an all girls alliance.
                          Angela says that makes a difference to her. RS says she never set up the sides and Angela says yeah, we just found ourselves in our groups. They never talked, but RS wanted to find out what they had in common.
                          They talk about the group of four (Rachel/Brett/Winston/Angela) and Angela says there is no group of four, but that's what people have in their minds. Angela says that it scared her because she doesn't want to be put up with Brett because people think they are together.
                          RS tells her that she is definitely going to put up Brett if she is HOH, and she will put up Tyler as well because he scares her. He is dangerous, he is so gentle.
                          Angela is agreeing with her and throw Scottie into the mix and they agree that no one knows where he stands. Angela says that all the guys scare her and RS throws in Sam's name and then says that Kaitlyn wants to put Sam up if she wins.
                          Got to head out because hubby made an appt for us but I have left off at 12:32 p.m. BBT


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                            Backing up a bit...

                            12:43 pmBBT
                            Kaitlyn and Faysal talking in BY

                            Kaitlyn tells Faysal that moving forward, if they were ever in the same position again (haleigh/kait up, Fessyl with veto) that she wants him to just stay out of it for the sake of their relationships outside of the house. She says she's passed him using the veto on Kaitlyn. She says he was playing the game, but she was playing personal and now she understands that he isn't. Faysal asks what she's pitching to get people for her to stay. She says it depends on who she's speaking to. He says he doesn't want to hear before Thursday that she' been telling people that if they keep her, she's going after Fessy. She says she would never say that. She says they should put what's happened behind them and just go forward together and have fun. She says they'll have a lot of fun in jury together. She says she won't be a bitter juror. She wants to make someone's dreams come true. She says she'd be a jury vote for him if he was in the end.


                            • #15
                              1:04 pmBBT
                              Tyler/Kaycee in lounge (which I call kaleidoscope) tyler's whisper is hard to catch...

                              Kaycee: Has Kaitlyn told you anything if she stays who she'd be going after
                              Tyler: she said she needs to go after Fess
                              Kaycee: is she really, though?
                              Tyler: I don't know. She never stops hanging out with him. it's annoying.
                              Kaycee: I don't see her going after him
                              Tyler: it's annoying how she just continually...
                              Kaycee: yeah I don't see her going after him.
                              Tyler: Haleigh's gonna vote her out..*(inaudible)....Fes has already heard that Kaitlyn's coming after him if she stays and her dumbass keeps hanging out with him
                              Kaycee: so are they not gonna vote with the house or..
                              Tyler: haleigh told me it's's gonna be 5-5 or something like that, so I don't know
                              Kaycee: nooooo
                              Tyler: Angela already told Kaitlyn that she was voting to keep her. Kaitlyn was talking to me and she said I have you, Rachel, fez, Kaycee...
                              Kaycee: yeah
                              Tyler: that's what she thinks. but fez is not going to vote for her to stay.
                              Kaycee: yeah
                              Tyler: she's so dumb.

                              They go on to debate the merits of keeping Rockstar over Kaitlyn. Kaycee tells Tyler that Bayleigh thinks Kaitlyn is in his ear and makes the decisions. Tyler says that's what he wants her to think. Then, when he votes her out he can say...look.


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