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Live Feed Updates-July 27, 2018 (Day 37)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 27, 2018 (Day 37)

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    Faysal now up there and he wants to talks with her.

    He tells her that the only people he is worried about coming after him are Kaycee and Angela, so he wants Bayleigh to talk to them about him, at least Kaycee.


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      (I'm not really here. I have to get ready for work)


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        Faysal making the case to Bayleigh to put Rachel up as a pawn instead of JC.

        They talk about how to reel in Tyler.

        Faysal says that JC is close with everybody and if she doesn't put him up then he will be loyal to them. She tells him that Faysal is the only one advocating for JC.

        Faysal keep going and Bayleigh says that part of the problem is that JC would pick Faysal and Haleigh over her. That's a problem for her game.

        Talk about how JC thinks he's influential and says he will handle things and then they don't know if he does.


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          9:24am BBT
          Sam is up and appears to be making some kind of breakfast service for Bayleigh.


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            Sam completed her breakfast offering for Bay and put it outside the HOH door.


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              Brett/Angela in bathroom
              They are pretty sure Brett is going up. They think possibly next to JC. They don't think they can change Bayleigh's mind, so they need to focus on the veto and the other nominee.


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                Bayleigh told Rachel about her power.

                Rachel- am I the only one that knows this?

                Bayleigh- I think Fessy has an inkling about it .. he was close to Swaggy


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                  Moving back ...

                  Bayleigh talked to Sam earlier...

                  Bayleigh to Sam- I think I have come close to deciding what I want to do.... and we've already established I will never come near you

                  Bayleigh - I would love to work with Tyler moving forward... . I feel like him and I have a lot in common ... and we're good ... I'm not going to touch Tyler

                  Sam asked about Kaycee...

                  Bayleigh tells her that she knows she loves Kaycee... that's her girl too ...

                  Bayleigh tells her that she also has a special place in her heart for Fessy, Haleigh and Rockstar...

                  Bayleigh to Sam- so that leaves Scottie, JC, Rachel and Brett.....I think I'm going to put Brett up.... with JC... I don't want this little munchkin running around with his name in my mouth.... that's one I'm hesitant about

                  Bayleigh tells Sam that she doesn't want to put Scottie up ... she doesn't want him to win veto and then be pissed ..

                  Sam - Scottie promised you his loyalty forever..... I'm afraid if you put Scottie up.... it's going to look like a conspiracy

                  Bayleigh tells Sam that she thinks that Rachel will trust her going up against Brett..

                  Sam tells Bayleigh if she gets HG Choice... pick Tyler .. make him promise to keep nominations the same...

                  Bayleigh - I genuinely love Tyler.....I just want to make sure we have a connection before everyone else tries to bombard him


                  • #10
                    Picking back up with from the beginning of the Rachel/Bayleigh discussion ..

                    Rachel to Bayleigh- you need to know that I have your back always going forward. ....I have Brett wrapped around my finger... he's easy to control... he's not going to come back after you....

                    Rachel - Brett and Scottie next to each other would be the perfect scenario..... with JC as a potential backdoor


                    • #11
                      Bayleigh tells Rachel that she has a problem putting Scottie up ... that the reason he told her about what he did with Swaggy .. is because he wanted to work with her moving forward...

                      She also tells Rachel that she's not afraid of JC...

                      Bayleigh - I'm weighing the options..... I want to use JC as a pawn.... I'm still considering using you as a pawn... I don't want to put Scottie up.... if Scottie goes, he needs to be backdoored


                      • #12
                        Bayleigh to Rachel- I legitimately have the ability to make sure the people you think are getting away with things,, don't get away with the things you think they are getting away with.


                        • #13
                          Bayeligh to Rachel- if you trust me this week... next week you are going to be fine


                          • #14
                            Bayleigh to Rachel - if you share this.... I'll literally kill you....
                            Rachel- I will not tell anybody

                            Bayleigh- it literally gives me the opportunity to put two people on the block. I completely trump the HoH....


                            • #15
                              Bayleigh to Rachel - what I would probably do is put Tyler and Scottie up next to each other ( using her power )


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