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Live Feed Updates-July 28, 2018 (Day 38)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 28, 2018 (Day 38)

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  • #2
    5:10 BBT

    All HGs asleep.


    • #3
      9:30 BBT

      On old season flashbacks so I assume they are picking veto players.


      • #4
        Veto players-

        Nominees-Brett and Rachel
        Picked-Sam, JC, and Tyler?
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        • #5
          JC and Angie went and crawled back into bed. The others are in the kitchen area eating.


          • #6
            Rachel to Angela- this whole thing is throwing my ****ing game off.. and it's pissing me off. ... because JC should have went up there. She (Bayleigh) feels like I need to be okay with this cause she told me that big secret...


            • #7
              Bayleigh to Kaycee- Rachel is getting on my last nerve. I literally almost snapped on her this morning..... I said "you coming in here with all of this negativity when I already have a lot on my plate is not okay". ....I said "stop acting like you are the only person in this game"...

              Bayleigh to Kaycee- She is going to make me mad to where I am going to want to send her home...

              Kaycee to Bayleigh- she needs to calm the **** down. I understand your frustrations

              Bayleigh- Why is she doing this? We talked about it for hours before it was going to happen. I could have just surprised her ass.


              • #8
                Tyler to Kaycee - I don't know if I should win it.

                Kaycee- It's hard cause she (Bayleigh) wants to keep noms the same .. doesn't she?

                Tyler- yeah ..

                Kaycee- Sam said she would keep it the same cause that's what Bayleigh wants


                • #9
                  Tyler to Kaycee - if it stays the same .. we have to make a choice

                  Kaycee- I was thinking get rid of Brett

                  Tyler- I was thinking Rachel... we will figure it out though


                  • #10
                    Bayleigh to Angela - She ( Rachel ) was pissed that I didn't put you or Kaycee up, she thinks you guys are skating by. I'm trying to be there for her. but I really don't know what to do.


                    • #11
                      Angela- she ( Rachel ) said she would go on the block, and now she's throwing other girls under the bus, what's her deal?

                      Bayleigh - I don't know


                      • #12
                        Bayleigh- I'm not playing my game for Rachel, I'm playing my game for me.


                        • #13
                          Angela tells Bayleigh that she tends to distance herself from Rachel, when she's acting that way .. because her negative energy stresses her out.


                          • #14
                            Bayleigh tp Angela - Rachel needs to chill.... I don't want her digging her own hole

                            Angela- she's already upset you

                            Bayleigh- I'm like... Rachel, you are doing exactly what I told you not to's kinda showing me later down the road.. I don't know if I can work with you


                            • #15
                              Bayleigh- you're (Rachel) showing right now that you clearly do not trust me and you do not trust anybody you are working with.

                              Angela- and that's scary


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