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Live Feed Updates-July 29, 2018 (Day 39)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 29, 2018 (Day 39)

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  • #2
    All HGs sleeping.

    Earlier Faysal and Brett were in the hot tub talking about the female alliance, even down to knowing the name of the alliance "Maneaters".


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      I just popped in and it is 10:36 a.m. BBT and Sam is the only one I see on camera awake. She is cleaning up the kitchen and putting away dishes.


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        Sam and Kaycee are talking in the BY. Sam is telling Kaycee that for Sam, it's Tyler/Kaycee and that's it. Those are her people. She says she'd be proud to lose to either of them. Everyone else is just decisions. She says it's been long enough now that she can honestly say that it's true that she is with the two of them to the end.


        • #5
          Sam tells Kaycee she wants to do TAR with her. She's never seen it but people keep talking about it and she's wishing she mason that instead of this.


          • #6
            In the BY with Kaycee and Sam 10:42 am. BBT
            Sam – Am I going to go up as a replacement?
            Kaycee – no.
            Sam tells her she just wanted to ask, she doesn’t care, she is good. Kaycee doesn’t have to tell her anything else.
            Kaycee says her name has not come up. She wants to talk to Bayleigh more today and see where her head is at.
            Sam says that Tyler has been keeping her informed.
            Sam – I’ll take it as it comes.
            Kaycee doesn’t know if he is going to use it. Sam says that Tyler won’t go up as a replacement, Kaycee isn’t going anywhere and neither is she so she is fine. Kaycee says he will only use it if he feels that one of them (the other side) goes up. Sam says overall she is good. She would rather be blissfully unaware, doesn’t want to know too much about everybody. Kaycee says she will keep her aware.
            Sam – of the bullet points. That’s all I need to know. If it affects somebody that I really love, that’s all I’m worried about. Everything else I have to take it one day at a time.
            Kaycee tells her that Bayleigh hasn’t mentioned her name.
            Sam feels that they (Bayleigh/Sam) have gotten really close lately, but she’s not sure where she falls in everybody’s plans. Kaycee says that they are really on about this all girl plan but she doesn’t fully trust two of them.
            Sam says she just takes it all with a grain of salt. They agree however far it can take them. Sam confides, and asks her to keep it to herself, that it is just Tyler and Kaycee for her. Everyone else is just going to be a decision. Kaycee says that is the goal with them as well. To keep the three safe. They don’t think it will come out for a long time. Sam just wants to treat everyone fairly and that’s why she doesn’t really want to know what is going on, just the bullet points.
            Kaycee says it is just getting harder and harder in this game. Sam says that she is worried about Angela. Kaycee says that Angela is a good one and she likes her. Sam continues to say that she is going to protect Kaycee and Tyler and the rest will be game decisions. They talk about having to win the next HOH, Scottie scares them.
            Sam starts to talk about being worried and stops. Kaycee asks what she is worried about and Sam says she doesn’t want to talk or think about it. She calls Kaycee and Tyler her “babies”. She loves all of her kids equally, but there is something special about Tyler and Kaycee.
            Kaycee – ah, you’re so sweet.
            They trust each other 100%. Never been a question about it.
            Sam says that she looks at it like she is a secret millionaire and wants to give that money to one of the two of them. They have meant something to her from the beginning. They think they can go far together. Sam has full faith in Kaycee, Kaycee wants to win something. Sam alludes to the fact that Kaycee hasn’t really competed so far in this game, and the others should thank their lucky stars. Sam says that she will never throw a competition ever, she is going to go. If I had won the trip to Greece, the three of us would have gone. They laugh about Scottie trolling the streets of Greece. They then talk about doing The Amazing Race so they can travel. Sam has never seen it before, and Kaycee has only seen it once, but they want to try it.
            More chitchat about none game related things.


            • #7
              1:40 BBT

              Bayleigh comes out of the DR and gathers everyone in the LR for a message from BB.


              • #8
                Have Nots this week are the three HGs who were farthest away from winning the last HoH. That is Faysal, Tyler, and Scottie.


                • #9
                  Brett and Tyler talking on the BY couches and JC comes out. They're talking about the female alliance.


                  • #10
                    I'm in for a little bit... let's see where we are and where we've been ....


                    • #11
                      Faysal talked to JC about Brett telling him about the all girl alliance...

                      Faysal - he ( Brett ) said.. if I go this week.. it's 4 guys against 7 girls...

                      JC- I just don't see an all girls alliance

                      Faysal- even if it is a thing.. they can't do it .. they are girls...

                      Faysal and JC agree that the girls will end up just killing each other


                      • #12
                        Faysal to JC - just imagine 7 girls trying to talk and figure out their ideas together.... they will talk too much and hate each other ..

                        JC- its definitely not going to work

                        Faysal- I'm not worried at all


                        • #13
                          Faysal asked if JC thinks that Scottie is a liability for them...

                          JC tells him no ... not right now ...

                          JC ( about Scottie ) He definitely doesn't give a **** if he just threw a ****ing vote when the house is voting unanimously

                          ( LOL )


                          • #14
                            Tyler tells JC that they need to vote Rachel out ...

                            JC asks who the votes would be ..

                            Tyler - Angela and Kaycee will vote ( Rachel out )

                            JC says he doesn't even want to know what's going on this week...

                            Tyler- if you don't vote Rachel out...

                            JC- what?

                            Tyler- I am ****ing pissed at you


                            • #15
                              Tyler tells JC again that Brett needs to stay ...

                              JC- this week I'm telling you I will do whatever the **** you want....


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