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Live Feed Updates-July 30, 2018 (Day 40)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 30, 2018 (Day 40)

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  • #2
    4:10 BBT

    Brett just finished up his laundry and finally turned in. He chatted with Sam briefly about the number of beds when the HG numbers dwindle.


    • #3
      It's time for the Veto Ceremony !!


      • #4
        Tyler did not use the Power of Veto

        Brett and Rachel remain on the block


        • #5
          Bayleigh thanks Tyler...

          Tyler- I told you Bay... I wasn't going to use it

          Bayleigh to Tyler- now, I have no doubt in my mind, no questions about Tyler. I trust you completely


          • #6
            Rachel and Angela in the bathroom

            Rachel- I love how I just have to be okay with this and not be upset.

            Angela- nobody said you have to be okay with it..


            • #7
              Rachel in the HoH room with Bayleigh

              Bayleigh says she's happy she didn't have to put another person up

              Bayleigh- Brett is good at talking to people and good at pitching things, but I don't think anybody is falling for his pitches. Faysal already told me that he's voting for you to stay .. I know that the fear that all the boys would vote for Brett to stay ...


              • #8
                Bayleigh to Rachel- you don't have to worry about Kaycee or Angela .. I don't think they would trade you over Brett


                • #9
                  Bayleigh counts the votes for Rachel.... she told her that she should have votes from Faysal, Angela, Kaycee, Haleigh and Rockstar... which is all that she would need to stay.


                  • #10
                    Rachel- it's still hard
                    Bayleigh- duh

                    Rachel - Brett is my friend.

                    Bayleigh- absolutely and I don't want you to say anything negative about Brett

                    Rachel- Brett is my friend and I feel bad ...

                    Bayleigh- Brett made his bed in this house


                    • #11

                      Brett to Tyler - Rachel keeps trying to come talk to me... get the **** away from me... you ( Rachel ) created this situation....

                      Tyler- 100%


                      • #12
                        Bayleigh to Rachel- my perfect scenario this week would be Fessy winning HoH.. and I will tell him not to put you up.. then .. next week... hopefully that will be double eviction and I will probably use it ( her power ) then.... you don't have to worry about going up

                        ( I can't stay ...if someone can jump in .. the help is appreciated )


                        • #13
                          Sneaking in one more

                          Rachel is asking more questions about how Bayleigh's power works...

                          Rachel asked Bayleigh if for instance .. Kaycee won HoH and put up Faysal .. would she change the nominations...

                          Bayleigh tells her yes.. probably ...

                          Rachel- can you change them after?

                          Bayleigh - no

                          Rachel- you change them before??

                          Bayleigh tells her yes.. and then explains that the HoH picks who they want to nomination ... and they ( the HoH ) thinks that who will be nominated ...

                          Bayleigh- then I just change them..... nobody would know until nominations are revealed

                          ( okay .. I'm not really here )


                          • #14
                            9:22pm BBT bathroom cam 1/2

                            Discussing the vote. They all have reasons lined up for why they've voting out Rachel. Currently, Rachel thinks she will be staying by unanimous vote. Tyler says he's blaming Rachel for the flip vote and bayleigh already told him she didn't care which one went home. Angela/Kaycee are going to tell bayleigh that Rachel came to each of them on the same day individually and made final 2 deals, so they can't trust her. JC is using the same excuse as Tyler. Tyler says sam will vote however he wants her to. Kaycee asks if they're going to let Bayleigh in on it before the vote, they say no. They're going to ask for forgiveness, not permission. They plan to tell Bayleigh after the vote that Rachel told them about her power app. They will try to avoid talking with Bayleigh in the meantime, especially any game talk. Angela has been dropping comments about Rachel in the future (in a couple weeks, blah blah blah) to make people think she's voting to keep Rachel, she suggests Kaycee do the same.


                            • #15
                              Angela just did something I haven't seen another HG do in all my years of watching the feeds. She brings up the DR and they warn her for her it, in order to cover her game talk with Kaycee.


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