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Live Feed Updates- August 2, 2018 (Day 43)

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  • Live Feed Updates- August 2, 2018 (Day 43)

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    All HGs sleeping


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      10:36 AM BBT

      Peeps are awake. Tyler, Angie and Rachel are Jedi training in the bathroom ( for tonight's HOH comp).

      Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar in the HOH chatting.


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        Rockstar says she has more sympathy for Brett on the block. Haleigh says she doesn't. She wonders what his speech will be tonight and who he will throw under the bus this time.


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            megs1313 commented
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            Is there a recommended donation amount?

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            megs1313 and everyone lurking out there-

            I have zero knowledge of what it takes to bring us the enjoyment the fine folks here at BBU do. But I used to think that the 5 bucks i could give here and there would make no difference. So I didn't. But if only 10 people who feel that way gave 2 dollars each, well there's 20 bucks they didn't have before. I am now able to donate more often so I'm working off my guilt over years of freebies. Tomorrow's payday, so I'll be scrubbing off more guilt.
            << wiggling eyebrows>>

            Short answer - Anything.

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          Feeds return. Bayleigh says she feels like she's being attacked. (tells this to Haleigh with RS in the room.)

          Sam is upset. Angela is talking to her. Reassuring her.


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            JC tells Faysal he thinks he is going on the block because Angela is close to Brett. He asks Faysal if Bayleigh has the power. Faysal says he doesn't know. JC says he has to know because he's close to her. Faysal says he doesn't know what's going on.


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              Faysal asks JC if he thinks Angela voted Rachel out. JC says Scottie is acting happy. He comments that Rockstar is walking around the house crying.


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                JC asks if Bayleigh has the power and is working with them, why didn't she tell them?


                • #10
                  Rockstar is crying alone in the storage room. She says she's "so ****ing stupid."


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                    Tyler and JC talking in bathroom about strategy regarding Bayleigh's power app. Faysal comes in and they talk about the HOH comp while he's in there.


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                      Angela says she's never seen the house so depressed after an HOH comp. She's offended. Brett says it's more that they are depressed that he stayed. Sam asks what is going on. She's confused. Angela said he had to do what he did to not piss Bayleigh off. (not sure what she meant here)


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                        Sam said Haleigh is on her last nerve. She said Haleigh is going to be up Angela's asshole so far that she's going to be able to taste what she had to eat. So, Sam will probably avoid them this week. She says "so don't put me on the block and tell me what you need me to do." Angela tells her this is a vacation week for her.


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                          JC/Kaycee/Tyler in lounge
                          They celebrate a little. JC says he was scared Rockstar was going to win. Kaycee says can you imagine? Tyler brings up Bayleigh's power. JC says they have to convince Bayleigh that it's better for her game not to use the power.


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                            Tyler/Kaycee/JC in lounge
                            Tyler tells them that he told Faysal that brett/Angela would probably put him up. Kaycee says that's good. they talk about how confused the other side of the house is. JC says Bayleigh is going crazy. Tyler says she's not going to use that power unless she's on the block, but they need to get the details about the power from Angela. He says they can still backdoor her even with the power.


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