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Live Feed Updates-August 3, 2018 (Day 44)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 3, 2018 (Day 44)

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    Angela, Kaycee, Brett, and Tyler were having a meeting in the HoH. Faysal was down in the bathroom waiting. They thought he was waiting to catch them leaving. He went in to the geometry room to pray (that's what he was actually waiting up to do) and they start trickling out, Tyler first tiptoeing down the stairs, then Kaycee. Brett stays up there and talks a while longer. He finally leaves and everyone heads to bed.


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      9:35am BBT
      in the kitchen, the small monitor shows Tyler's cloud app (the picture is sideways) and several HGs notice (rockstar, scottie, Kaycee, Tyler, Bayleigh) Scottie goes to check the living room monitor, but it's not on there. just on the small red screens. then we get FISH.

      as of 10:29am BBT, we still have FISH, so no telling if it was a production error or if Tyler used his app just yet.
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        11:38 a.m. BBT and we are still on FISH.


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          Feeds are finally back and we find JC and Angela talking in the HOH room 11:55 a.m. BBT. They are talking about who might go on the block. Scottie/Tyler/Bayleigh in Kitchen.
          We find Kaycee/Brett in lounge and Bayleigh joins them as they talk about the hacker app and it will happen today. They discuss how it might happen.
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          • Grasslands
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            Not Rachel 😳

          • Ladycop
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            Correct was Angela.

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          JC tells Angela to rest and then she needs to win the hacker app and the veto and that will be perfect. He hugs her and leaves.


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            Scottie says he made two mistakes yesterday.....he didn't wear his glasses which make him look stupid and then he wore Kaycee's hat during the HOH comp. (Yeah right). Tyler says he is lucky he wasn't out first.
            Tyler says they Scottie/Fessy/him need to find the hacker app. Scottie says he is going to change into his contacts.
            Scottie leaves and Fessy to Tyler - I thought I might be going up. Tyler - I think I'm her target.


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              Now we have to listen to Scottie talking to himself about how slop is wrecking his "system". He announced earlier that he needed to go take a no. 2 and just now he needed to go no. 1. Thanks for sharing Scottie. We go into the bedroom where Sam is talking about needed something to help her go!!


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                Head into the HN room with JC/Fessy. JC says the worst case is Scottie wins hacker and they (JC/Fessy) go up. They then talk about how to use the hacker app. They are trying to figure out how it will work and if a person can take themselves down with the app and then be put back up if the veto is used.
                Now they talk about RS and Brett working together. They can't believe that they are and think they are doing a fantastic job if they are.


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                  Rock Star is in the pink bedroom crying and Tyler comes in and tells her not to let anyone see her crying. Apparently she and Scottie are the noms.


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                    Back to the brain trust (JC/Fessy) talking about going fast to win the veto. Sam comes in and asks about using fiber and JC tells her not to use it prior to the veto because she might be far*ing during the comp. She finds a bottle of bleach and says she wants to use it in her dish water to clean the dishes and JC tells her not to as he is allergic to it.
                    She asks them what they think will happen. They want the noms to stay the same. They again talk about the hacker app and that there are a lot of chances if you win the hacker app. Fessy says you have to play your cards right or it could backfire. JC says he wants the noms to be locked on Monday. Once again they discuss what the hacker comp will be. Sam says it makes sense that the hacker app will be in the upstairs room because it would be hard to build two sites for both comps. When she leaves, Fessy says she came in to see what they were talking about. JC says come on, she doesn't have that much game.


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                      Sam and Angela are in the kitchen and Sam is complaining about feeling gross, irritable and ugly and full (of poop???). She thanks Angela for giving her a free week. She wants to stay out of all the drama. Brett is listening to the girls (Bayleigh/Haleigh) and he will tell Angela and Angela can tell her. Now they are bashing on Rachel along with Scottie.


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                        Sam says that she cleans and does nice things, but she isn't a good partner and she isn't smart so she wonders why they are keeping her here.
                        Angela says that Winston, Kaitlyn and Rachel all freaked all and that's why they are gone. Just do less and you'll be fine.


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                          Fessy wants to ask Bayleigh why she didn't tell them about her power. JC says that's why people don't tell him because he goes off on people. Fessy then wonders if Haleigh is working with Brett. JC tries to talk him off his "ledge" once again.


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                            Scottie and Sam in kitchen. Angela called to the DR. Sam says they are watching you on the cameras, say hi and we get FISH.


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