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Live Feed Updates-August 4, 2018 (Day 45)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 4, 2018 (Day 45)

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  • #2
    4:10 BBT

    All HGs sleeping. Sam got up briefly to go to the bathroom and then went back to bed.


    • #3
      Veto Players Are:

      HoH - Angela
      Nominees - Tyler and Rockstar
      Picked Players - Kaycee, Scottie, Brett


      • #4
        Kaycee- I didnt think the hacker was going to pick me
        Bayleigh- I thought the hacker was going to pick you... because you're neutral


        • #5
          Haleigh tells JC that she really wants him to stop making the comments that he's making ..

          JC tells her that everyone knows he's joking...

          JC to Haleigh - don't take it personal

          Haleigh- you are running around saying me and Faysal are having sex in the back room... I don't appreciate it


          • #6
            Tyler to Sam - are you the hacker?

            Sam - no!

            Tyler- you think Bayleigh is the hacker?

            Sam- yeah .. or Haleigh


            • #7
              Haleigh to Angela- Rockstar isn't doing well right now
              Angela- oh.. she'll be fine


              • #8
                JC tells Rockstar that Haleigh is being mean

                Rockstar - you think she's being mean to you?

                JC - not mean.. just more serious.... I don't know what's going on here


                • #9
                  Rockstar- this ( the veto pick ) couldn't have gone any better for those ****ing people...

                  JC- I don't know who the **** is the hacker.

                  Rockstar- it's probably Angela


                  • #10
                    Haleigh and Angela talking about the Hacker competition .. both saying how hard it was ...

                    Haleigh- I thought I was going to be good at that .. because I have the Words with Friends game... me and my mom play all the time.. I was like oh.. this is going to be cake .. she laughs ..says it was not cake


                    • #11
                      Haleigh- the good thing is .. if Scottie wins it.. it will show his cards... unless he's really nervous and knows that everyone thinks it's him ...


                      • #12
                        Rockstar to Faysal and JC - these ****ing rich ass kids... Brett and Angela.. they need to go... they've been sitting really comfortable for a long ****ing time


                        • #13
                          Haleigh- I thought today would give it away ( who the Hacker is )... but it just made it even harder, I honestly thought that it would be Fessy or Scottie that got picked


                          • #14
                            Haleigh tells Angela that only problem that she might have is if Scottie wins the veto
                            Angela- why?

                            Haleigh- because he will take Tyler off.. don't you think?

                            Angela- oh . I don't know ...

                            Haleigh- he ( Tyler ) was so upset.. saying that Scottie was his only friend...

                            Angela -I don't know.. I think Scottie wouldn't want to get any blood on his hands...


                            • #15
                              According to BB20 spoiler ... @realvegas4sure

                              Today will be a balancing ball Veto competition.

                              ( I'm out for a little bit.. if anyone wants to jump in .. please do .. your help is always appreciated )


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