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Live Feed Updates-August 5, 2018 (Day 46)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 5, 2018 (Day 46)

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    Everyone is in bed except Faysal, who was out in the backyard playing cornhole by himself.

    Cameras went to all sleeping hgs.


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      Rockstar for a Jesse voice this morning to do Flaxjacks and Jumping Jacks. She has to make a dozen Flax jacks and while each one is cooking in the pan she has to do jumping jacks.

      Sam is up encouraging her and talking to her.

      Music has come on twice in the last half hour or so and Kaycee got up to work out to the music. She fell back in bed after each one.


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        Just popped in and can't get my flashback to work (darn) so I am starting where they are live. Mostly the HG are just getting up. They are talking about how many people were in the house when each one entered. They talk about all the HGs who were in the audience when they arrived in the house.


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          RS is preparing pancakes for the house guests for breakfast. Haleigh is pounding out a beat with her hands and Bay is clapping at the appropriate times. Nothing from button boy to stop it so they finish. Now we hear them admonish them.


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            Sam is out in the yard doing laundry and we move to the HOH room where Angela is sitting up in bed just staring into space.


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              Flashback is working now, so we find Haleigh and Fessy in the lounger in the BY where she is explaining that she "allows" Brett to touch her as it's part of the game. Fessy says if they were outside the game he would slap him, in a nice way. She tells him outside the game people would know that they are together.
              Meanwhile, Sam is in the bathroom and meets up with Tyler. Sam says she is trying to get along with RS, she was running with her in the backyard. Tyler says the "hacker" is going home and then asks Sam if she knows who the hacker is. Sam no, Tyler says it's alright because she is going home this week. Sam tells him she gets so confused when all the girls were running without her. Tyler tells her that people do things everyday in the house that are normal and not game related. Sam is still confused. Tyler says that the hacker is going home as long as she is ok with it. He doesn't tell her who the hacker is, just that they want "her" to feel safe until the noms are changed so she can't use her powers. Tyler explains that they are all playing a part. Brett is acting pi$$ed off but it's an act. Sam says she is ok, as long as he is safe. The fist pound and he leaves.


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                Fessy/Haleigh/RS are on the hammock in the BY talking about how "cool" he is in the real world. Moving along.
                Sam and RS are together on the BY couch just talking. Sam - Scottie got it all wrong about Brett being the charming one, it's JC.


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                  Back live and RS/Bayleigh on BY couch talking about how hot it is. Too hot to run. Fessy says it's ok, just sweat and then jump into the pool. Inside Tyler and JC are talking about HN and JC says that since three of them are having punishments maybe BB will skip HN's this week.
                  Tyler needs to do laundry and Sam says the washer is empty so he should throw his in now. He wants to wash his comp shirt because he is going to have to do DR with it.
                  In the bathroom, Kaycee comes out of the water closet and Scottie is heading in. He makes like he is throwing up and she tells him she did a good job because she needed to clear out because it takes so long to get all of her costume off.


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                    Angela is telling Scottie that she had a dream and he was the house therapist. She says it was weird. Scottie starts acting like he is Tyler's therapist. They then talk about Grandma. She dropped all her "pills" in the bathroom and Brett had to clean it up. Brett had to make breakfast for Grandma and then she wouldn't eat it. Brett was introducing her to the guest and she told Brett that he and RS should be an item.
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                      Tyler is talking about his DR sessions from the previous evening. He was so sick from the smell of his shirt that he had to run out of the DR. They told him to wash his shirt and they would do the session later.


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                        Angela/Kaycee/Scottie are in the HOH room. 12:43 p.m. BBT

                        They are going to wait for Tyler but Angela starts and says she will repeat it all when Tyler gets there. He is brushing his teeth. She tells Scottie that the girls were working out last night and Bay/Haleigh/RS pitched an all girl alliance to her. They wait until their backs are against the wall and then they ask to be in an alliance.

                        Kaycee tells Scottie that RS came over to the hammock and pitched the idea to her.

                        Angela tells him that in fairness RS did not throw Scottie or Tyler UTB.

                        Scottie tells them that they wanted him to join them in the Hive alliance. He goes on to tell them about the 5 person alliance and they started it when he was the HOH. He told RS yesterday just before the veto comp that if he won he was pulling Tyler off the block. Haleigh and RS gave him a face like they couldn't believe it.

                        Tyler arrives.

                        Angela once again goes over the all girl alliance. She talks about how upset Sam was last night and she had to explain it. Tyler says it all makes sense to him (why Sam was the way she was last night).

                        Angela tells them about what the plans were and that the girls are wanting Scottie to go up on the block with Tyler. Scottie tells them that the girls were pitching putting Angela/Kaycee/Rachel up on the block this week if he won HOH. (They assumed Rachel would be staying).

                        Angela tells them that Bay has been upstairs nonstop pitching the all girl alliance and putting up Scottie and Tyler. The girls think that Scottie, Tyler and Sam are in an alliance.

                        Everyone is laughing.

                        Scottie says that we tried to work together but they were always voting against the house.

                        Angela says that Bay keeps telling her she wants to work with her. Scottie laughing on the floor says that Bay says that to everyone.

                        Angela tells them that she was playing along with them and asking them for their plans. They were pitching safety for them, but wouldn't do the same for Angela/Kaycee. It wasn't good for her game.

                        Haleigh told Angela that she would be a legend in BB history for putting up Scottie and Tyler. She then asked Angela not to backdoor her.


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                          We are on Flashbacks. I assume they are doing HN.


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                            We are back from fish at the 1:23 p.m. BBT

                            Bayleigh and Haleigh are in pink bedroom and Bay thinks that Angela is acting very weird. She (Angela) obviously has her favorites.

                            Angela supposedly told her that she wants to go with the people who she has been working with the longest. (We can see Scottie sitting in the blue bedroom putting on shoes.)

                            Bay asked her why she is always grouping her together with Haleigh.

                            Haleigh says we aren't following her around all the time.

                            Haleigh thinks they should stay close to them, but Bay says she needs 30 minutes.

                            Haleigh says she catches herself wanting to be by herself all the time.

                            Bay asks Scottie to tell them what is going on. He has no idea.

                            Haleigh - Scottie, are you an undercover producer for CBS?

                            Scottie says he is an over the cover producer. He tells them he has no idea what is going on now.

                            Bay closes her eyes and Haleigh is trying to flirt with Scottie to get information out of him. She asks him how his day has been so far. He says he is going to go run and she tells him it's too hot to run.

                            Scottie - I'm going to regret my decisions while I'm doing them.

                            He leaves.

                            They are whispering but they aren't happy that they can't figure out what is going on right now. (I can't hear what either of them is saying but I know it is game related so check it out at 1:33 p.m. BBT.


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                              Haleigh is complaining that Angela didn't have control of her own HOH, but she is being so shady.
                              Bay says she needs to stay away from others for awhile because she is going to say things that they will think are rude. People say rude things about her all the time and she needs to watch that she doesn't pop off because that won't be good for her game.


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