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Live Feed Updates-August 6, 2018 (Day 47)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 6, 2018 (Day 47)

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    Sam and Faysal out on the backyard couches talking about their lives.

    Everybody else is asleep.


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      I got here about 15 minutes ago and found it on FISH, but they have come back to all the guest in bed. They told the HOH room to turn on their lights. Angela gets up and turns on the lights and heads back to bed. A voice says "Rise and shine houseguests" but still no movement.


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        It is 9:36 a.m. BBT and the Voice has announced multiple times that certain HG must go to the storage room and change their batteries. RS got up, and very slowly makes it in to change her batteries. I don't know if she's very sore, but she walks like her muscles are complaining. No one else moves for quite some time and then Sam is up and changing hers. (There is no sleeping in the BB house from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. so they will all be moving soon enough).


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          Brett helps Sam put up the awnings and tells her that he prepped them because he hasn't been asleep since 5 a.m. when Granny came to visit. Sam tells Brett that she was up in the night with RS while RS was doing her "exercises". Sam is called to the DR, but before she leaves she tells him that his laundry is in the dryer.


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            Angela and Kaycee in kitchen area. Kaycee says she only got a couple of hours of sleep so "this is going to be one cranky peanut today". Kaycee keeps sharing with others that she was in the DR from 3:40 to 5:40 and TPTB remind her not to talk about her DR sessions.
            Sam tells Angela she missed the songs if they were played today. Angela tells her that she is really tired if she sleeps through four songs. Angela says she just wants to get today over with.


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              Well guys I have meetings I have to attend this if any one is out there and can help, please do. I will check in when I am back around.


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                10:23 AM BBT

                Brett and peanut wearing Kaycee talking about the impending veto ceremony and nomination of Bayleigh and how she is going to be very angry. Kaycee says she has counseled Angela on how to handle Bayleigh's probable outburst.

                Production is trying to get the rest of the hg's to wake up.


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                  11:15 AM BBT

                  Outside lockdown


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                    12:05 PM BBT

                    Still on stream of old episodes, hopefully it's the POV ceremony!
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                      Feeds are back! Bay walking around looking angry! Waiting for the fireworks!


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                        12:11PM BBT

                        We are back. Tyler is outside telling Rockstar that he will do everything in his power to make sure Rockstar doesn't go home this week.

                        Bayleigh is in her bedroom and is obviously not very happy.

                        Now she is headed to the HOH room.

                        She is knocking but no one is answering.

                        Now Angie yells out that she doesn't want to talk right now.

                        Bayleigh says ok and heads back downstairs.


                        • #13
                          Bay walks up to HOH, rings the bell.
                          Angela (from inside)~ "I don't want to talk right now"


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                            Hay & Bay in the bedroom

                            H - you ok?
                            B - this is what I get for sticking my neck out for RS, people giving me too much credit, like I'm the hacker? But it's on
                            H - doesn't even make sense for you to be the hacker, you were trying to work with her all week
                            B - they were looking for someone to blame it on, and Tyler coming up to me treating me like trash, like, what? Tyler is going to feel like an idiot when he watches this


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                              H - too bad your power can't be used right now
                              B - I purposely didn't use it to show Angela I was working with her


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