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Live Feed Updates-August 7, 2018 (Day 48)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 7, 2018 (Day 48)

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    4:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      I just got here and we find Tyler in the kitchen cooking up a lot of chicken. He had been putting it into a bags to season it and now he and Kaycee are cooking as other guest are milling about.
      RS and Bayleigh in the bathroom and RS has just been sitting and starring. She tells Bayleigh she just doesn't like being there with "these people". Bayleigh shakes her head yes and RS says that she is good with kissing butt in small doses. She can't live "on top of others 24 hours" a day. Bayleigh asks who's butt she is trying to kiss. She says one of them are going to be there after Thursday and she just doesn't like these people.
      Bayleigh says she had a dream about throwing things, her dream this morning was just throwing buckets of "things" on people who are tanning. RS laughs. Bay says that she loves it when she is sleeping because she can forget she's in this house. It is so weird being here. She says it sucks because she can't be mad at anyone else for being friends with others because they are their friends. RS says she isn't mad at anybody, but between them she is not fans (of anyone in the house).
      Bay tells RS that the odds are in her favor to stay in the house because Bay believes she is being framed by someone. It's part of someone's plan.
      RS asks if Bay thinks that when Brett revealed her power that there was a backdoor plan of her so that she couldn't change nominations. Bay says probably and right now they don't even care that I'm up because of the hacker they just want me out because I still have my power.
      (It always amazes me when people who have been HOH and had people begging them to save them and they wouldn't, all of a sudden are so hurt because others aren't showing them compassion.)
      RS says that if she stays she has to win HOH or she will be on the block over and over. Bay tells her that's a good thing because she can be on the block with a lot of targets and be there until the end because you will never be anyone's target.
      RS says that's not ok with her but she understands what she's saying.
      RS - it feels like a loserish kind of stance. Like coasting on the block and the block never feels good. That's not how I wanted to play, or be. It's like you are so weak you're not a target.
      The conversation returns to who the hacker is. Bay says she thought about RS's theory and she might be right that it's Brett. That makes sense. RS once again points out that Brett was squirming when she was giving the speech about the hacker.
      With that I'm done with her conspiracy theories.


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        RS is called to run once again and she is breathing hard while she runs. She keeps telling anyone who will listen that she hates to run. The guests are cheering her on and telling her she is doing a good job. Kaycee is the leader of the cheering.


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          Scottie and Angela are talking about their night. They had to go to the DR for a lot of the night. They called them in the middle of the night and then tell them they will be with them in 20 minutes. Scottie says it is lame. We get FISH.

          We come back to them talking about how everyone generally is in a good mood, especially Brett and Tyler. Angela says that Tyler has actually had a conversation with her because up to that point his conversations with her were short and sweet. Scottie tells her that Tyler is not a very trusting person, and she did a lot for him.
          Angela says that is good, and Scottie goes into how they (Scottie and Tyler) have gotten into arguments since day one. Scottie says that Brett came downstairs and literally picked him up in a hug after he had talked to Angela. Brett was so down on the couch the other night and said "it sucks". Sixteen hours later he comes down from her room and they had a guys night around the pool. They talk about how Tyler and Bay were arguing in the kitchen after the veto much like Scottie and Tyler do all the time.

          Tyler joins them.

          They all laugh and he says that he told Bay that he's still here. They will all be on the same page one day, hopefully this week.

          Scottie says that they (Angela/Tyler/him) are all the same people.

          You don't need to keep checking in, once you say you're going to do something it's done.

          They talk about Rachel going to the HOH room 40 times.

          Angela says that you can tell who's the one in jeopardy because they are the ones up and down the stairs. It's so obvious. If they are hiding something, or feel guilty they are up and down. Scottie says that's why Bay said she put Rachel up in the first place because she was up there so much.

          Talk turns to the legendary move and Tyler says he is going to steal that from Scottie if he gets a chance to say it first. Scottie says he was so nice to "her" (I think he is talking about Haleigh) last night on the couch and told her that if he wins next week he is going to flip this house

          Angela says he can make a legendary move next week and split up the showmance.

          They talk about how she and Fessy were in the hammock for a long while last night.

          Scottie tells them that she is going to be super social today so get ready.

          Angela says she is sleeping with her in the HOH room tonight.

          Scottie says that Fessy is still high strung about an all girl alliance and Angela remarks that if there were an all girl alliance would there be two girls on the block when a girl is the HOH. They all laugh about him thinking that and Tyler tells him that Fessy uses that because last week he wanted them to vote out Brett so he was telling them it wasn't a thing. Scottie says Fessy just wants to have a game connection with everyone.

          Scottie says that Fessy was really nervous before the veto ceremony yesterday because he thought he was going up. Angela says she didn't tell anyone that they were safe. Bay was working really hard to get her to say she was safe.

          Scottie says every week he gets accused of stuff that he doesn't do, but this week Bay accused him of knowing about the speech before it happened and he had to say no he had no idea. RS gave him a head nod to go into the bathroom so he did and she told him she could tell he had no idea what was going on. Literally the one time I did know and they don't believe it. They laugh as he continues in that story.


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            Tyler/Brett/Scottie/Haleigh/Angela in the pool area talking about Julie talking to them this week. Fessy/JC/RS/Sam in the kitchen area talking about previous season and double evictions (which Sam has to have explained to her).


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              RS says that if she remains in the house she needs to win the HOH or her a$$ will be on the block.


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                Kaycee comes out and gets in the pool with her peanut outfit. She says she is going to go to a pool party outside the house in this get up. They talk about having a pool party today and what they will have for food (fruit, guac and dip, steaks, etc.).


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                  Bay is with the kitchen group (Fessy/RS/JC) and they are laughing about things they all do in the house. They are ragging on him and the fact he thinks girls are tweeting about him. He checks himself out in the mirror.


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                    Remember the kumbaya that they all talked about? Well there is a large group out in the pool and they are joking around about everything that has happened so far in the house.
                    Bay and Sam are sitting in a corner of the backyard and Bay is eating lunch and tells Sam she is having such a good day. Sam tells her she is happy for her.


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                      Fessy has asked Bayleigh to "braid" his hair. She tells him she will be happy to. He is asking if he should let the top grow out. TPTB tell Fessy to put on his mic and he points to where it is laying, but makes no move to put it on. He tells them he is going to take a shower before he gets in the pool. JC says that's why there is a shower head in the backyard. He then puts the mic on and shouts "Swaggy". They all do a shout out.


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                        Fessy/Bayleigh/RS/JC in bathroom. As RS enters she tells JC to get the f*ck out of there (in a kidding kind of way) and he leaves. Bay says that she didn't stay outside very long and she says it's too hot out there for her.

                        RS asks Bay if she thinks she can win the whole thing if she stays. Bay says that was her plan. She has a lot to prove.

                        Bay - why Rock, are you thinking of doing something crazy.
                        RS - yes.
                        Bay - as your friend it is my job to talk you out of it. What are you thinking?
                        RS - A bold and …..
                        Bay - like what?
                        RS - in my speech I can say I can't stand none of y'all. I'm going to take all of you down. Ah, you
                        Bay - that could also be a tactic to keep your butt here.

                        She says like Zach. RS says that she will tell them she is going after Angela, and Brett is a mother***** and then says she can't say that on a live eviction.
                        Bay continues to braid Fessy's hair. RS says she can't stand none of these people. Bay tells her these are the people America loves. RS says these are the people she wanted to get rid of the first week.

                        RS - Angela,tell us about someone else you dated in your modeling career. Shut the f*ck up. (in a mocking voice). I said it the very first week and I'll say it again. It's possible to be very pretty and very cool. I don't find her as one of those.

                        Fessy is just sitting and staring while this convo goes on.

                        Bay says she doesn't find her that way either. She thought she was cool before, but she doesn't find her that way anymore. Fessy agrees. Bay says she does have a really nice body.

                        Fessy says that's not his type of body.

                        Bay says that she was a little gymnastics boy and then she went and got a boob job.

                        Bay - but at the end of the day this is some people's only time to shine so you've got to let them.

                        RS thinks that sometimes things are bigger than us. Bay says yeah and RS says there are some messages that need to be sent to America.

                        They talk about their speech to America will be that these people are fake, spoiled, classless, trashy asses, rich, privileged.

                        They continue on and RS says she is going to go out epic. Bay says she isn't going.

                        RS tells her that she is thinking of keeping her here for her own justice in the world.

                        Bay tells them that Angela told her that if she couldn't win she wanted Bay to be the first black person to win and then she throws my ass up on the block, little bitch.

                        Literally that was my one on one. She thinks it will go down in history.

                        She tells RS that they will see that she is innocent as hell. RS wants to leave because she doesn't want to be on the block every week. RS thinks if she could have an epic speech everyone would vote her out and Bay could stay and win it all.

                        They shout out to Swaggy to get America to give them a power to use in this house.
                        Fessy puts on his "dew rag" and sprays his hair so he can go out to the pool. Then then shows his guns in the mirror while RS cackles about repeating herself all the time.


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                          Fessy is now outside working out and he puts out the hurdles that RS has to jump over and then takes off over them almost tripping. He continues to run and JC keeps asking for his sunglasses back. JC puts a lounge chair in front of him and then throws a bag at him and TPTB tell them to quit horsing around so Fessy gives JC back his glasses. (Fessy could hurt himself just in time for a comp). TPTB once again call them out for horsing around.


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                            Haleigh and Angela are working on a taco bar.

                            They are in the storage room and Angela is telling her that Bay came up to the HOH on Sunday and try to make a deal with her, just the two of them. Haleigh says that she thought they were just making an all girl alliance. She didn't know Bay was doing that.

                            Angela is telling her that Bayleigh wasn't even on her radar. Bay had been the HOH the week before and had a power app and she still wanted to mess with Angela's HOH by using the hacker app. She didn't tell me about it at all.

                            Haleigh says that is shady.

                            Angela tells her no one else has done her wrong in the house like that and Haleigh says it is justifiable.

                            Angela - like if she had just not done anything, she would be here.
                            Haleigh - yeah.

                            Angela tells her that's what's crazy is that you get too much power in this house and you don't know how to handle it and Haleigh is once again agreeing with her.
                            Angela says she and Bay will be friends out of the house. Angela just adores her. Haleigh says that Bay never said a word about it to them. Angela says Bay was targeting her and that's why she gave her speech. Haleigh says she though she was talking about Scottie. Angela says she was trying to make a big move and get out the person that wronged her. It became personal when she is telling me she wants to work with me and doing that. Haleigh is just nodding her head and agreeing.

                            Angela - that is the most back handed thing you can do to someone.
                            Haleigh - well, at least you figured it out. You got control of your HOH again.
                            Angela - I did. And some how I convince two people (Scottie/Tyler) who were in jeopardy to let me keep it with a pinky promise.
                            Haleigh - that you did my friend.

                            Haleigh goes on to say that she just doesn't know what to expect on Thursday. Angela says she doesn't know where Scottie's head is but she thinks she has some trust with Scottie and might be safe with him.

                            Angela doesn't want to talk to Bay any more because she feels Bay will just keep lying to her.

                            Haleigh - I know it's not a good feeling.

                            (The whole conversation the two of them are looking in cupboards and the refrigerator looking for things for their taco bar. Haleigh's face while Angela is talking and can't see her is priceless).

                            Angela says she didn't want to talk to Bay right after the ceremony but she is surprised that she isn't trying to pitch something to the others.

                            She doesn't know what to think.

                            Haleigh says she will be interested to see what happens.


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                              Angela makes virgin margaritas and they talk about all getting hammered. Haleigh talks about how she and her friends do it all the time.


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