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Live Feed Updates-August 9, 2018 (Day 50)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 9, 2018 (Day 50)

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    All HGs sleeping


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      Happy Live Eviction Day (that I won't see because of football)

      9:08 AM BBT

      Everyone still sleeping the day away.
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      • GrandmaSusan
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        I won't see it either and it's not on tomorrow either. What's up CBS?

      • Bears34chris
        Bears34chris commented
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        It's on at 2am in my area (Cincinnati)

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      Just before 10am BBT, wake up call.

      Sam is up and having coffee. Kaycee is talking to her in the kitchen. Kaycee says she has trouble falling asleep in the house, but not in her real life at home. Sam says she has to be totally exhausted physically and mentally to fall asleep. Kaycee asks sam what she's goin to do tonight. Sam says she doesn't know. Jokes that she's going to stand up in the middle of the ceremony and say "I volunteer."


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        Been running errands all day....

        2:24 pm BBT lounge
        Kacyee has to lay out the voting situation for Sam. She uses the jenga blocks to represent HGs. This is the first moment Sam has realized she's the swing vote. Kaycee has to reveal JC's vote in order to get her to understand.

        Sam confirms that she can do what she wants and Kaycee says yes, do whatever you want, but this is crucial.

        Sam is really unhappy about the situation. She cries and lays on Faysal.


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          Missed tonight's show ??

          Catch up HERE


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            Feeds are back


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              Tyler and Kaycee in the SR ...

              Tyler to Kaycee- I'm over Sam

              Kaycee- I am too... you ( Sam ) are risking our game


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                Sam telling Angela that no one would tell her how they were voting .. so she just "last minute" voted the way she wanted to ...

                Angela talks about knowing that Bayleigh had the power ... and how she had to protect herself ... and do what she thought was best for her in the game...

                Angela to Sam - nobody is mad at you..... what you just did ... made everyone one wanted her to go home with a unanimous vote

                Sam says she deciding to keep Bayleigh was the "bigger thing to do"

                Sam to Angela- the crazy thing is I'm the only person that loves Rockstar besides Bayleigh.

                Angela tells her who is to say who doesn't love Rockstar... she says she ( Sam ) doesn't know who loves Rockstar and who doesn't ...


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                  Haleigh has changed into a Swaggy C shirt ...


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                    Sam to Angela- I might get to go home.... or I might be going to the little house this week..... I'm pretty sure Haleigh will choose to put me up

                    Angela tells her that she doesn't know that ...

                    Sam - who else is she going to put up? ....

                    Angela- I don't know ...

                    Sam- I put her up... so it makes the most sense


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                      Faysal asked Sam if she wants to talk..
                      She tells him no
                      He asks if she wants to talk later
                      She tells him yes


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                        Sam tells JC that "when she found out what was happening" she decided to vote against Rockstar ...

                        JC telling her "she's fine" ..

                        Sam tells JC she voted the way she did... only because it wasn't fair ( to Bayleigh )


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                          Sam tells Rockstar that she loves her .. but it wasn't fair "when she found out what was going on" .. so she voted for Bayleigh to stay

                          Rockstar tells her she takes no offense to it .. she's glad she did .. didn't want her to go out on a unanimous vote ..

                          Sam- I just refused to let Bayleigh go out of here thinking that she was all alone.


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                            Sam to Rockstar ( this vote ) was a personal thing for me.. because of Bayleigh and how she was in this house ..

                            Sam crying and crying and crying

                            ( ugh )


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