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Live Feed Updates-August 10, 2018 (Day 51)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 10, 2018 (Day 51)

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    3:18 BBT

    Faysal and Haleigh in the HoH bed. He's rubbing her back and they're just chit chatting. He wants to sleep up there. She said he's not sleeping up there. He's trying to cuddle with her..


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      BB continues to tell the it's Time to get up for the day

      [email protected] Competition will play out first today - then nominations ...


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        9:27 AM BBT

        Haleigh and Rockstar throwing out the possibility of nominating JC and/or Fessie.

        *sorry...the Fessie part was just how to handle him if Fessie flips out over JC being put up.*
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          Haleigh to Rockstar - I'm putting Kaycee and Angelia up, it just has to be done.

          Haleigh - I would be an idiot to put Tyler up .. I would be absolutely stupid to put Tyler up right now

          Haleigh - I'm not putting you ( Rockstar ) up obviously, not putting Fessy up, obviously

          Haleigh - me and Scottie have this mutual agreement that we're not putting each other up, ever.

          Haleigh - me and Brett have a mutual agreement that he's been on the block, too many times.. and he's not coming after me and I don't believe he's coming after you ( Rockstar ) either

          Haleigh - that leaves JC, who Fessy would quite literally loose his mind over, and that's not something that I want to personally deal with

          Rockstar - right

          Haleigh - do I think it needs to be done? yeah. Am I going to do it? no..

          Haleigh - as close as he makes me feel.. I gotta remember that he's making everyone feel like that

          Rockstar- JC ?

          Haleigh - yeah

          Rockstar - yeah

          Haleigh- and to forget that would be stupid... but honestly, the more I talk about it, the more sense it makes to put him ( JC ) up ... honestly, he's just like another Kaycee and he's in with the other side

          Rockstar- he's in with the other side and he... was it just Scottie that said he said the showmance thing ...

          Haleigh - no Brett was there too ... but

          Rockstar- it was JC saying it

          Haliegh - yeah ..but it's not like I give a **** about that

          Rockstar- but if it is JC saying it

          Haleigh - yeah

          Rockstar- especially because JC is always saying that I'm running my mouth .. I run my mouth about **** I believe and I don't run my mouth to ****ing Angela and Kaycee

          Haleigh- that's very true


          • #6
            Rockstar- I wonder if it seems more balanced if you put JC up? ... cause Angela and JC are working together ... and when Fessy flips out .. you can be like look Fessy .. you can truly take him down .. he shouldn't have gone around saying we had a showmance's bad for my game and it's bad for your game and it's the reason I've kept my distance ... from you because I didn't want people saying it .

            Haleigh - yeah ... you can honestly just say "thank you"

            Rockstar- when he is the one running around saying it ... I'm just helping you with your words, if you chose to do that

            Halieigh - can we start Wine night at 8:00 and go to bed at 11:00?

            Rockstar- yeah ... cause doesn't veto get played .... so yeah we should rest

            Haleigh - we should wait until after veto

            Rockstar- like Sunday, after we tan all day

            Haleigh - yeah .. because I plan on like passing out and then having a headache

            Rockstar- I don't like the headache part... I'll probably pop some Advil ... but yeah .. we can do that ... strategic drinking


            • #7
              Haleigh tells Rockstar not to ever let Fessy make her feel like she has to leave ( the HoH room) ...

              Haliegh- you are just as important to me ... don't make him let you feel that way


              • #8
                Haleigh- God, I wish Bayleigh was here

                Rockstar- that whole thing was just ****ty with her

                Haleigh- yeah and not one person apologized...

                Rockstar- she knew she was going .. .and she talked me out of being a crazy asshole too

                Haleigh - well good

                Rockstar- I also thought about you and my family that's watching .. so I thought that might not be good ...


                • #9
                  Rockstar - JC loves everyone's punishments... at least Kaycee has taken her punishment with a smile

                  Haleigh- The only thing right now .. is Fessy says we have JC

                  Rockstar- I'm not telling you to put JC up.

                  Haleigh- I need to talk through it.. gotta watch the backlash and waves..


                  • #10
                    Rockstar to Haleigh- the way you can handle it with JC is ..... you are obviously not my target


                    • #11
                      Rockstar- but then again if you put Kaycee up .. she and Angela will support each other ... or she will be in her own head and she can't support her ..and if she ( Kaycee ) is not on the block, she can be there to support Angela...

                      Haleigh- I kind of want to put them both up there ... so one of them will be there regardless

                      Rockstar- I hope it's Angela


                      • #12
                        BB called Haleigh to the DR

                        Nominations coming up .. and then the Hacker competition should get rolling soon ....

                        During the down time... please consider making a donation to help support all that we do here...


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                          Tyler- It's going to be one of us... just hopefully not two of us
                          Kaycee- I don't see that...
                          Angela- I don't think so


                          • #14
                            Angela to Tyler- I have a feeling it will be Sam and JC... that is my guess....


                            • #15
                              Scottie in the HOH room ..

                              Haleigh practicing her speech ...

                              Haleigh- so you all know that the further we go in this the harder it gets.. I tried to make my nominations, keeping in mind who do I talk to the least in this house, who do I know the least about, and who do I feel the least comfortable with ... "Blank", I want you to know that this was not a personal attack on you... with the way that last week played out .. I thought that this would be the smartest move, I know you said you were never coming for me .. but people say a lot of things in this house. I think outside this house, you and I are going to be really good friends and I hope that you don't take this the wrong way. "Blank", I also want you to know that this is not a personal attack on you ... I genuinely care about you and I think that outside this house, we will also be friends. I had to nominate 2 people and you and I don't necessarily have that firm of a relationship... we don't talk that much .. it's not that I think that you would ever maliciously come after me.. it's just that I don't know where you head is at ... so with that being said.. you guys are my 2 nominations ... and I hope that this week can go as smoothly as possible and I hope that neither one of you take this personal .. Thank You.


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