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Live Feed Updates-August 12, 2018 (Day 53)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 12, 2018 (Day 53)

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    All HG sleeping


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      Rockstar has been up for a while. She was in the hammock, but is now on the backyard couch smoking and trying to count votes.

      Sam is puttering around the house, first the bathroom and then the kitchen.


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        Angie is also planning the eviction order (under the assumption that Tyler takes their deal).


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          Whoa .. we really need some help with the live feed updates ...

          I'm doing the best I can do be here as much as I can .. .but I can't be here 24/7 ... so if anyone ( and some of you have emailed me saying you would love to help ... and I've said .. please please please help ... so don't be shy .. jump in any time ..


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            I will try very quickly to catch us up for the day ...


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              First off .. ( and this is out of order .. but .. )

              Faysal finally kissed Haleigh .. you saw last on last night's live feed updates ... just how close they came ... well last night under the covers ( 2: 00 AM BBT ) they shared some kisses

              And then again today ... not undercover ...

              2:03 PM BBT


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                Since I'm here and there were no updates after I left off last night ( well this morning but you know what I mean ) .. since there was so much going on with all the talks .. I will catch us up from there .. very quickly

                After Tyler talked with Haleigh ...

                He told Kaycee/Angela/Brett that Haleigh and Rockstar had offered him safety and that they had promised him that not only would they keep him safe.. but Faysal and Sam would also keep him safe... ..uses the Veto on Rockstar ... and that Rockstar told him that she "has Sam"

                Kaycee tells them that she thinks that Sam would vote Rockstar out over her

                ( will she tho? )


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                  Tyler also told Angela/Kaycee/Brett that Haleigh pretty much admitted that she has a F2 deal with Scottie .. and that he learned that Rockstar is the one that dictates what that side does ..

                  Tyler tells Kaycee and Angela that Haleigh and Rockstar were both talking about how they were just floating through the game ..

                  And, how he needed to take a look at them ( Angela/Kaycee ) because he didn't have anything with them prior to them now needing him

                  Tyler - I don't know what she ( Haleigh ) was trying to do.... it was the dumbest **** I've ever heard.


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                    They all talk about how Scottie has to go ...

                    Tyler tells them that Rockstar is the one that got Sam on their side.. but if she ( Rockstar ) is gone .. then Sam comes back


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                      Today ...

                      Rockstar worked on Sam some more .. telling her that she really thinks that she can keep the promise that she made to Tyler and keep him safe for at least 3 more weeks...

                      She related the game of BB .. to a chess game... telling Sam that she can't look at ( this house ) personally ...

                      Sam tells her that she trusts her ( Rockstar )


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                        Sam tells Rockstar that even if Tyler doesn't use the veto .. she thinks that she ( Rockstar ) has the votes to stay ...

                        She tells Rockstar that sometimes she can't tell if Haleigh is for her or against her ( Sam )

                        Rockstar assures her that Haleigh is for her ...

                        Sam tells Rockstar that she's going to try to be in the game more .. and that she will be a "fair juror"


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                          Sam talked more to Rockstar about how she likes Brett... and how she was envious of Haleigh ...

                          Sam tells Rockstar that Brett makes her very nervous and giddy like a school girl.

                          She says that Brett is very charming.. and she could "melt in his hands"


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                            Tyler asked Kaycee if she is good if he uses the Veto on Angela.

                            Kaycee tells him yes... she thinks in order to keep them all safe.. she should go up

                            ( She thinks Sam and JC will vote to keep her more than they would vote to keep Angela )

                            Tyler says he will tell JC that he will win HoH next week and "put his ass out so fast" .. if he doesn't vote to keep Kaycee


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                              Haleigh and Scottie also talk about JC ...

                              They talk about when to get him out.. etc.

                              They also talk about Tyler .. and how they think the talks they had went well ...

                              Haleigh is still afraid that Kaycee has a power and she's wondering what she will do if she puts Kaycee up and in turn she takes herself down ...


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