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Live Feed Updates-August 14, 2018 (Day 55)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 14, 2018 (Day 55)

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    4:10 BBT

    Sam is still up. She was doing crafts. Now she's drinking water or tea and smoking.

    Everybody else is asleep.


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      During the early morning hours, before all went to sleep: Rockstar was talking to Sam. She previously asked her to tell HG she was voting to keep Kaycee , but wanted her to really vote to keep her. She said she was thinking of RC's vote and how he votes with the House. She asked Sam to now tell all HG she is voting to keep her, not Kaycee. Others walked in and the conversation ended.

      Rockstar is talking to Scottie in the HOH room: They are tossing around ideas about how to keep her. Scottie suggested they have a House Meeting where everybody has to tell what their vote will be. They continue rolling around ideas....then just chit-chat.


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        All HG are still asleep. Faysal and Haleigh are asleep in the HOH room bed.
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          10:45AM BBT: Sam asking how a jury Buy-Back works and Blockstar says they will BattleBack to come in from the jury house.

          Blockstar then tells her that they have a solid group and that it is Sam Herself, Haleigh, Faysal, Brett, and JC. Sam says are you sure I think Haleigh hates me and Blockstar says no she doesn't. We will be the final six.
          Blockstar says we have a solid group we just have to get the other three out. Scottie comes out and talking stops. Scottie goes back inside and Blockstar tells her we have the solid six.
          Blockstar then tells Sam that if something happens if she leaves this week she wants Sam to continue working with the people she works with. Sam says OK and Blockstar says you understand? Sam says yeah.


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            12:00PM BBT: Haleigh and Scottie in the HoH room. Scottie says so next week Angela and Tyler are on the block, Tyler comes down, who is the replacement. She says we have Brett. Scottie says we have to put up one of the two that haven't been on the block or Sam because she is new to the the team. Haleigh says she doesn't want Fessy up because he is too nice of a target and he could leave. She says she doesn't want Brett to go either. She would rather JC or Sam leave.

            They discuss scenarios down the line. Haleigh doesn't want Sam and Blockstar to get too close. Haleigh says we need to start practicing days. Scottie says that happens final seven or more like final 4. Haleigh thinks it's going to go well. She says those two just can't win. She says who would they put me next to? She thinks Blockstar.


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              Haleigh says this is a good group. She says we need to let him know it's a group. Scottie says to what extent? She says that we'll keep him. Scottie says his final three would be him, Brett and Haleigh. Haleigh asks if she is a Victoria? Scottie says Brett is Victoria. Scottie says he is Cody because he is 100% relying on his social game. They compare wins and what place they came in on different competitions. Scottie is disappointed in his performance on the tree. Haleigh says can you imagine if Fessy used the veto on Kaitlyn?


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                Blockstar practices her speech "Houseguests here we are again, I just wanna let you know this game is about a lot of things, but one of those things is adaptation. I'm sitting next to this lovely lady who refuses to talk to game to us except this other lovely lady right here (Angela). The other person who has her infallible, undying loyalty? That gentleman right here (Tyler). Do you wanna make this two that can't be swayed into a three or do you wanna keep me who is willing to work with anyone of you. Because we are all lone wolves out here, none of us actually having an alliance. I wanted to win that veto but I'm kinda glad I didn't because it exposed this very clear final two deal with Angela and Tyler. Is that fair to any of us that are out here working by ourselves?"


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                  Blockstar says well everybody is already working with us, we have our 6 now. Haleigh thinks Brett would help her with her speech. Haleigh says she thought the next twist would be revealed today. She thought a vet was coming back. Haleigh says if Paul shows up we pretend we don't see him, nobody talks to him. Blockstar says she was also going to say that Kaycee had lasting friendships that she threw away for this trio. Haleigh says Tyler willingly gave up Kaycee to save Angela. Haleigh thinks Angela thinks they have Sam. Blockstar says and they think they have Brett and that's all they need. Haleigh says we gotta be sure then tells Scottie he has to have his talk with Brett.


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                    Brett comes into the HoH room. Haleigh says I wanted to tell you that you looked really really cute... I was going to ask you to snuggle but you are a little moist.

                    Brett says JC is still passed out. Haleigh says JC never does what he's supposed to at all. They discuss JC didn't feel good yesterday and saw a doctor. They say his body was really stressed. Blockstar says he is a little man so his body gets even more stressed than the rest of us.

                    Haleigh asks Brett if he'll help Blockstar with her speech. He says yeah. She repeats the speech for Brett. He says that's good after she stops. Brett says she needs a closer of why it matters and make it as elementary as possible so it doesn't go over their heads. Haleigh and Blockstar say Tyler has no loyalties to Kaycee. They say getting rid of Kaycee will strengthen Tyler and Angela. They discuss getting rid of Angela will make Tyler a lost puppy again and they can scoop him up. Haleigh says Tyler is very malleable and likes to be told what to do. (hahaha)


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                      3:08 BBT Houseguests are told to go in the house- they are on lockdown. No one knows why.


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                        Fessy, Tyler, Scottie & Brett outside laying on the couches talking about high school & general chit chat.
                        Sam was in the backyard doing crafts.
                        Hayleigh & Rockstar are napping
                        Kacie & Angela are in the kitchen making something that was Angela's grandmas recipe....
                        I have not seen JC in awhile.


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                          Haleigh, Rockstar, Fessy and Scottie were talking game at the hammock. Vote scenarios for this week, discussion about the final veto competition, scenarios for weeks to come.

                          10pm bbt: Fessy and Haleigh in HOH room. Haleigh gets bothered that he laughed when she asked if he’s making her look bad. Fessy decided to sit on the HOH sink and broke it. He then got called to the DR. Fessy/Haleigh kissed before he left.


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