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Live Feed Updates-August 15, 2018 (Day 56)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 15, 2018 (Day 56)

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    4:00 BBT

    All HG sleeping.


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      9:35am BBT everyone still asleep


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        ( Small catch up, only part game talk) Aug. 15, 2018

        12:53 AM ET Faysal tells about how he broke the HOH sink. Sam says where is the princess at. Faysal says alseep
        1:01 AM ET Scottie says evidence points to the fact I am going to live forever.
        1:04 AM ET Faysal says Scottie is a liar. He thinks he has kissed a girl before.
        1:06 AM ET Faysal wanting to teach how to Kiss
        1:07 AM ET Faysal trying to teach Scottie to be smooth
        1:09 AM ET Scottie says there need to be an emotional connection to kiss.
        1:11 AM ET Faysal says Haleigh is not a good hugger. Scottie agrees
        4:37 AM ET 4:29 AM JC up in Blue BR & into hallway off cam, sound of door twice. 4:32 AM JC back into right bed next to Sam in Blue BR.

        4:58 AM ET 4:53 AM Faysal out of Pink BR into hallway & off cam. 4:55 AM Faysal back into center bed by himself in Pink BR.

        6:52 AM ET 6:46 AM Tyler up in Blue BR, KT for time check, WC, wash hands, hand cream, deo, back to bed next to Angela in center bed in Blue BR

        7:17 AM ET 2:20am Cams 1/2 BY Convo begins between Scottie and Brett regarding their "middle" position for the upcoming vote. They go back and forth for quite awhile finally deciding that as a "pair" they are going to see how Wednesday goes.
        7:21 AM ET 2:21am Cams 3/4 BA check-in Convo between Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler wonders if she is worried about any votes, she says no. Maybe Sam but not the 4 she needs.Funny note as the convo ends at 2:23:49 Tyler tells her that JC questions him about getting into a showmance with Angela.
        Tyler says "I F'n wish." -

        8:08 AM ET 5:51 am and 6:38 am Tyler and Angela get close in bed
        9:30 AM ET 8:38 AM Sam to WC, fluff hair. House lights go on. Sam to KT & prepares coffee, back to right bed in Blue BR


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          12:30 BBT - Kaycee and Brett talking in HNR, Brett wants to backdoor Fessy next week if L6 wins HoH.. they would put Scottie and Sam up as pawns.

          They won't tell Scottie about how they are voting, and hoping for him to be the only vote to evict Kaycee


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            1:37 - Tyler & Kaycee in the storage room. Kaycee is concerned about JC's vote. Tyler's concerned about Sam's vote.
            Tyler to Kayee - just give Sam her space.


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              Scottie, RS, Haleigh & Fessy in pink room. Talking about eating. General Chit Chat.

              Tyler & Kaycee left SR and went into the kitchen where Sam is working on her garden. In walks JC saying that he woke up and ricky ticky (private parts) were hanging out on camera. Laughter broke out.

              Ang and Brett are in the water closet. I will be watching feeds and update if anything happens.


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                Brett walks into the kitchen and massages Tyler's shoulders. Talking about Mongoose. Sam asked Tyler to cut up the pineapple. She has to explain to him how to properly cut it up.


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                  Back to pink room with Haleigh, RS, Fessy, Scottie and now Brett has joined them.

                  Brett says that Scottie seems to know a lot since he's never been with someone.
                  Fasal - Scottie watches a lot of movies
                  Scottie - yeah, you can learn a lot by movies.


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                    HG in Pink Room talking about movies.

                    BB - Please don't say movie dialogues.

                    All HGs have been accounted for, but not much happening. Just general chit-chat.


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                      BB - Fasel, please exchange your microphone for one in the storage room.

                      Fessy doesn't move; says that as soon as he gets comfortable than BB wants him to do something. BB instructs in two more times. RS says they just want to see his "bode". He finally gets up and heads to the SR to exchange his microphone.


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                        RS tells JC that when they get out of the house, she is going to tell him all about straight sex. They talk about "Backdoor" and how slutty it is. (Newer heard of Backdoor - apparently it is a advertising website).


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                          Trying to imbed a picture but unsuccessful.

                          Anyways, it was a picture of Tyler and Haleigh discovering the new smaller table underneath the existing table in the kitchen.
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                            BB is calling each HG in one at a time. Probably getting comments for tomorrow's live show.


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                              2:33pm BBT - We went to Fish....not sure why.


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