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Live Feed Updates-August 16, 2018 (Day 57)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 16, 2018 (Day 57)

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    Haleigh and Scotty are up in the HOH. Scottie is sleeping up there tonight, but they are currently talking with the lights off.

    Haleigh is ticked off that Angela and Kaycee asked Scottie was his favorite food is last week and today they tried to make it for him. (Not sure why Haleigh would be irate about that) Also talk about the Angeladas and Kaysedellas they made the other day.

    She wants to call a house meeting (about food??)


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      Haleigh telling Scottie about being paranoid that Angela and Kaycee had the number 6 written on their hats. Says Angela's explanation about it being her favorite number is wrong because she had previously said 2 was her favorite #. That just leads them in to a conversation about what the favorite numbers are.

      Scottie flirting with her now, saying he can't lie to her now.


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        HG Sleeping


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          10:30am BBT
          On Fish - my guess is they are waking everyone up.


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            10:52am BBT - Finally off the fish. Sam is in the kitchen with a few HGs and says, Thursday's are great because they play a lot of music. Guess that's why BB was on fish for so long.


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              Only HGs up is Sam, Angela, Tyler, Kaycee, and Scottie. They talk about putting protein powder into the morning coffee. General chit-chat. It's early yet.


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                12:45pm BBT
                Tyler, Fessy, JC, and Scottie in the kitchen getting some food.

                Sam & Kaycee in the water closet doing morning routine. Fessy entered and is shaving.


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                  Sam went into the shower; then decided she is being stupid and not going to take a shower. ?!?!?


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                    Can't hear anything as Angela is vacuuming at the moment. Getting ready for the live show. They say the day will go be faster today since it is the live show.


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                      RS in the pink room with Sam.
                      Sam - no one knows who the hacker is?
                      RS - no.


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                        RS - everyone thinks you are going to vote for Kaycee, but they don't know the truth.
                        Sam - so what if everyone gets upset with me if they find out I voted for you to stay.


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                            JC talking to Sam about the vote tonight ...

                            JC telling her that Kaycee is someone who will be more straight up with her than Rockstar ..

                            Sam-- but Rockstar is more fun.


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                              JC tells Sam that they don't even know who Rockstar is working with

                              Sam- I know she is with me.


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