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Live Feed Updates-August 17, 2018 (Day 58)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 17, 2018 (Day 58)

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  • #2
    All HGs sleeping.

    Faysal is in HoH bed. Everybody else is downstairs.


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      Well, it's 4:45am BB time...Fess and Hal are still smooching, and I don't know what the heck Scottie is doing in the pink room. Scottie is roaming around, then plops back in his bed full of glow sticks?! Really weird. Looks like poor Scottie is stressing about the situation upstairs between Fess and Hal. I almost feel sorry for him.


      • #4
        Wow, 5:30 BB time, Hal and Fess STILL at it (xxxooo) and Fessy says to "get some sleep, and he's says he's probably going to just stay up...he's got a big day tomorrow. Looks like Snotty finally drifted off to sleep ( I would love to know what he's dreaming about) well, maybe not. I guess all the other housemates are sleeping. I'll keep an eye on the feeds for a couple hours, just in case somebody sleep walks or talks.


        • #5
          Oooh, 6:26am BB time, Tyler and Angela, snuggling pretty good on camera 3! I think we have another showmance. Ty looks like the "big spoon" Don't let Sam catch you. It looks like The HOH snugglers have finally passed out. Everybody else is sleeping.


          • megs1313
            megs1313 commented
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            at 6:53am BBT, Tyler KISSES HER NECK and then rolls away.

        • #6
          8:20am BB time, JC up mighty early, changed batteries and to the bathroom. Changing clothes. JC back in bed.


          • #7
            Screen cap of Tyler kissing Angela:


            • #8
              9:25 BB time, and we have fish...kinda early but BB may be waking them up?


              • #9
                9:36am..Sam up making coffee. Brett changing batteries. Light are on, and here we go. Sam asks if Brett slept in the HNot room. Doesn't look like anybody else is up. Well now I hear the HOHs bickering already.


                • #10
                  10:30am. Tyler and Angela spoke with Fessy in HOH. Fess says I won't mess with you 2 if you respect my noms, I'm a man of my word...yada yada. Win the veto if you can, keep youselves safe, short and sweet convo.

                  Sam and co. moving beds around in the blue room. BB not happy.

                  Brett showering. Most up getting ready for the day.


                  • #11
                    Hayleigh & Kaycee talking...apologizing and hugging it out. Hayleigh wanted to make sure Kaycee was OK. She is fine, says if Hayleigh every needs to talk to her, just let here know.


                    • #12
                      Hayleigh & Fessy in HOH room. Here's Hayleigh flirting (kissing)


                      • #13
                        Fessy told Tyler & Angela that they won't be going on the block. He wants two HGs that everyone wants out - Bret & Scottie. He thinks he house should come together and vote one of them out. Hayleigh does not want Brett up and ask Fessy why he is putting him up. Fessy says he has no game with him; he doesn't tryst either of them. Tyler has not F***ed him over yet.


                        • #14
                          Fessy does not want to use a Pawn and doesn't want to backdoor anyone. Hay - I want you to make whatever game move you want.


                          • #15
                            Fessy would rather know who he's going to war with (ie Tyler, Angela, etc), then work with someone that he doesn't trust (ie Bret & Scottie). He wants the noms to say the same and one of them to go h ome.


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