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Live Feed Updates-August 19, 2018 (Day 60 )

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 19, 2018 (Day 60 )

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    All HGs sleeping.

    Overnight Brett, Scottie, Sam talking. Sam said she would try to convince Faysal to put Haleigh up as a replacement. Scottie and Brett know there's no chance of that.


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      We're on old season reruns and have been for like ten minutes or so. 10:10am BBT.


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        Sam in BY pitching PUTTING HALEIGH UP as the replacement nom to Fessy.

        Sam tells him that they haven't been "playing the game, playing the game" and she needs him to start playing the game. She says Haleigh is coming for her. He says he thought they squashed it. Sam tells him that if he puts Haleigh up and she goes home, Sam will quit smoking on national TV. Sam says he'd be saving her life. She says Haleigh sasses him. Fessy says he has to do what he's comfortable with. Sam says Haleigh will be fine going to the jury house. She can go hang out with her friends Bayleigh and Rockstar. Sam says Haleigh's best friends go home. She was hacker, bayleigh went home. Rockstar went home on her HOH. Where does that leave him? Sam says Haleigh takes the most from the house and gives the least. Is he really gonna give her a free ride?


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          OMG, Sam is telling Feast to put up Hallie, she can't be serious!? Now she's filling his head full of wild conspiracy theories, and telling him Hal is out to put him up! Lololol


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            Sam: everybody trusts me. Nobody trusts haleigh. If we're all hanging on a tree, who do you want beside you? Me or Haleigh?


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              Sam continues to say she'll pinky promise him that she'll quit smoking if he puts Haleigh up and she leaves. She says no hard feelings if he doesn't go for this, but she suggests he does.

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                Sam is pitching HARD. Her main points:
                1. Haleigh isn't as good of a partner in the game, Sam is stronger both socially and physically
                2. Haleigh will be fine in the jury house
                3. Haleigh only plays for herself
                4. Sam would be happy to let him be the winner and her be second
                5. if he agrees, she'll quit smoking so he will be saving both her game life AND her real life
                6. This is the smart move
                7. This move would make him go down in BB history

                She wants him to make the decision right now and pinky promise. He says he has to think about it. She doesn't want him to. She wants him to promise right now.


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                  Fessy's face after his convo with sam


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                    Fessy has called everyone into the living room. It's 12:44pm BBT.

                    He named Have nots: JC, Sam and Tyler volunteered.


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                      Backing up a bit, Scottie is blowing up Haleigh/Fessy's game to Angela/Kaycee/Tyler in the BY

                      Scottie reveals that he and Haleigh have a F2 and that he has thrown Fessy UTB to Scottie. He plans to say all of this in his speech on Thursday. He tells them he told Brett/Sam last night.


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                        6:00pm BBT
                        Scottie and Haleigh having a long talk in the pink bedroom
                        he tells her that she needs to distance herself from him because he's a sinking ship. he tells her that he tried to plant seeds this morning that they are enemies now. He called her Kaitlyn 2.0 to some of the other HGs. She doesn't see how distancing herself from him helps her game at this point. He says people have been warning him that she's playing him for a long time, she swears she would never play him. They both cry on and off through the conversation.


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                          Kaycee and Haleigh talking in the kitchen ...

                          Kaycee asks if she knows who the replacement nominee might be ..

                          Haleigh tells her that she told Faysal that she didn't want her ( Kaycee ) on the block 2 weeks in a row... BUT .. if she is the replacement .. not to worry .. she has her vote ( to stay ) 100%


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                            Haleigh tells Kaycee that she now realizes that she let Rockstar run her HoH .. and looking back... there were clear choices that should have been taken... but she just let people get in her head.


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