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Live Feed Updates-August 20, 2018 (Day 61)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 20, 2018 (Day 61)

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    Thank you for helping on the feeds yesterday megs and becky. You are awesome.

    Brett was the last one to turn in after finishing his laundry.


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      Around 1:00 am HOH room CAM 1

      Faysal is telling Haleigh about Scottie's visit to him with Scottie walking in and saying "If you put Haleigh on the block I'll kick your ass". Previously Scottie had came in telling Faysal to put Haleigh on the block. His thinking was Haleigh would get mad at Scottie and since he's going home anyway it would help Haleigh's game if everybody though they were against each other.

      Scottie says to put Sam up as replacement of Brett because at least that way he would have a chance of staying. Fessy had already arranged with Kaycee to put her up because everybody would vote Scottie out over Kaycee. They chat for a while (probably worth going to flashback probably around 12am, maybe 11pm Aug 19, it was before Fessy talked to Brett at the hot tub.). Fessy starts to feel comfortable with Scottie as they talk about game, Fessy says he likes Scottie and he was believable when they talked. Fessy said he would need to talk to Haleigh first. So Scottie leaves.

      Fessy starts in on all the reasons that add up to why he doesn't trust Scottie. He says Brett told him that Sam approached him asking that he use the veto to take Scottie down instead of himself since he would have the votes to stay. He said Brett laughed abouit it and said yeah I'm just crazy enough to do something like that....still laughing.

      Then he asked Haleigh for her opinion. Haleigh says it doesn't matter what I think or feel. Fessy says why not?
      Haleigh says I told you I didn't want Scottie put on the block, but you put him on anyway. It obviously doesn't matter what I think or want. Fessy doesn't dispute that..just stays quiet for several minutes. (Fessy not responding back had to be speaking volumes to Haleigh).

      He tries to talk to her again about it and she just gives him this I'm dead to anything you say look...and doesn't say a word but walks out of the HOH bathroom where they were talking, leaving him standing there. She lays down on the HOH bed & says I'm not mad, I'm sad, I'm very sad. When I talked to him he crying and I was crying and he said he knows he's going home but he doesn't want to hurt her game. They sit in silence a long time crying. Then as Haleigh gets up & is leaving Scottie tells Haleigh "You're still perfect".
      (The who;e time Haleigh and Scottie were talking on CAM 1 & 2, RC was in HOH with Fessy on CAM 3 & 4.)
      Fessy says don't be sad. Haleigh says Oh so I'm not even supposed to show my sad emotions about it? He & she both sit quietly.

      Fessy changes the topic to try to get her to get past the sadness by asking her when did she first know she was having feelings for him. It worked.

      Haleigh says she's sleepy and is not going to sleep up there tonight. He argues with her about it, but then says will you sleep up here tomorrow night? She says yes.


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        9:50 AM BBT

        BB is trying to get everyone to wake up. Occasional mutterings about Scottie and all he was trying to do yesterday (getting Haleigh up as a renom and then Sam). Haleigh and Angela are putting their makeup on in the main bathroom and Kaycee is playing pool by herself. Sam has been called to the DR.


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          Just a few whispers I have heard this morning....

          Angela told Haleigh that H can sleep with her.

          Kaycee asks Tyler if he thinks someone will tell Sam about what Scottie said (about her).

          Tyler says that Sam will quit playing like she usually does.... but it's going to be epic.

          Faysal asks JC if JC wants to keep Scottie and JC says no way.

          Faysal and Haleigh smooched under the comforter in the HOH room.

          **Not in that order**


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            10:45 AM BBT

            HG's went on lockdown and the veto ceremony is happening!


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              Feeds have been down an hour (veto ceremony). Just prior - Tyler spoke to Scottie about "Sam's declaration of playing" suggested Sam might be re-nom. Note: Ty knows Kaycee is re-nom he's doing this so Scottie avoids mentioning/trashing KC in his speech AND to encourage Scottie to throw Sam UTB.
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                11:45am BBT
                We are back; see Scottie hugging Angela. Not sure who the replacement nom is yet.


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                  Kaycee is the replacement nom. Tyler & Hayleigh have hugged Scottie.

                  Scottie to Kaycee - did he tell you last night he was going to put you up?
                  Kaycee - No


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                    11:46 AM BBT

                    We are back. Scottie is upset and everyone keeps hugging him. After a hug from Tyler, Scottie says "I tried. I just don't get it".

                    Brett took himself off the block and Faysal replaced Brett with Kaycee.

                    Scottie is definitely his target.


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                      Catch up from last night or early morning hours:

                      Tyler tells Angela it will be helpful to go along with the Fessy, Haleigh suggestion of working together with them, saying it will help

                      get them through the double eviction safely.

                      Tyler says to JC, Angela, & Kaycee.....we are the Final 4

                      Sam says starting at 1:30, she is not going to speak or make a sound until tomorrow.

                      JC asks Sam why she wants to do that and she says no reason, but then that she's going on strike. JC asking what she is trying to achieve.

                      She says she's just doing it.

                      Keeps saying she is going to stop making sound.

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                        4:55 PM BBT- Sam gives up on her vow of silence. She realized that she just couldn't do it. And the DR called her in so she had to talk anyway.


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