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Live Feed Updates-August 21, 2018 (Day 62)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 21, 2018 (Day 62)

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    All HGs sleeping

    Overnight Sam had a long talk with Brett and then a long talk with Scottie. She tried to find out why Scottie went after her in his veto speech and why he suggested throwing her up on the block. He just kept saying he's been lied to and told people (including Sam) were playing him. He brought up the theory Kaitlyn bought into and spread as something Sam told her about Sam's power in week 1. She asked him so he did that because of something in week 1. He had weak excuses and also said that Faysal brought her up as a potential nominee and he went along with it. He also said that he went with Sam because has been a target of theirs in the past.


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      9:35am BBT

      BB is letting the HGs sleep in this morning


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        10:30am houseguests are up and milling about, waking up. Sam outside with her coffee, quizing Angela about why Scotty went in on her at the veto. I think she's trying to figure out what she's doing wrong, game wise. Same old I have nobody to console her when she's down.


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          Now, KC and Angela putting up awnings in backyard. BB trying to wake up the other housemates.


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            Angela was telling Sam that Scotty was just desperate for anything to save himself. Tells her not to stress about it, BB calls Sam to the DR for her 1st am visit as usual.


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              11:40am looks like JC, KC, Angela and Tyler on the backyard couches. JC trying to say KCs last name, he says it's Chinese right, everybody laughing at him. He has no idea. And we go to fish briefly. Now he thinks her middle name is November. She finally tells him her last name is Clark? And her birthday is Dec 26, middle name is Noel. Now on to Angela's info.


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                Sammy taking a cold shower. Angela in WC, and on her way out to kitchen. Just chit chat outside.


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                  not very good at this, but will give it a shot till somebody better comes along to take over.


                  • Yaya1300
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                    Doing great 😊

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                    Ditto Pammer

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                  A bug is terrorizing the backyard quartet. Now they are hollering at people over the wall and BB calls an inside lockdown.


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                      11:03am back from FISH. Scotty and Brett still in bed, looks like the rest are in the kitchen munching and stirring. I don't see Fester yet. They're discussing people's last names.


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                        11:15..looks like Brett is up, JC heading back to his radar dish. Sam in kitchen now telling KC that she's going to be her "person" cause she going to turn in her cigs and get a patch. Now BB calls her out for talking about production. KC says is this your idea? (KC knows about her deal with Fessy?) Sweet KC rooting her on. Now she can blame her wacko on withdrawal.


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                          11:30am Brett and JC in the HNot room talking about how bad Hal and Fess are hiding their showmance. Haleigh sneaks down in the wee hours. They think (h & f) are not fooling anybody. JC Now talking about Winston, they say he's been gone 33 days, will he still want to talk to them. Brett says yes, but Rachel won't. She told Brett that he really showed his caracter. JC Now talking about Kaitlyn. She won't speak to him, cause of what has said in the DR. JC doesn't care about it. He says he was just repeating what they said in there.


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                            11:25am Brett and JC talking about dates HGs evicted, how many days left. Steve left July 5th. Premier June 27, it almost sounds like JC s trying to confuse Brett on the dates, has sure confusing me. Brett says shaggy left July 12th. Then Rachel and Bayley, then says we forgot Kaitlyn. Yada yada. Dates, names of upcoming eviction dates. Brett yawning, hard to understand JC most of the time. There trying to figure out when they are done.


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