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Live Feed Updates-August 24, 2018 (Day 65)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 24, 2018 (Day 65)

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    3:20 BBT

    Brett finals joins Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler in the HOH and dives on the bed happy that they can be friends again.

    They start talking about how nuts Sam is acting.

    Brett asks if Angela is going through with putting up Faysal and Haleigh. She says yes, unless they think she should put up Sam with Haleigh. Brett says no, that he's run it through in his mind and the best thing is to put Faysal and Haleigh up together, otherwise Faysal could win and take Haleigh down.

    Brett shares JC is irritated. Angela tells him that Faysal threw JCs name out to be the pawn next to Sam.


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      They are telling Brett that Sam likes him. He says he's not sure if she wants to punch him in the face or kiss him. They say probably both.

      They're telling Brett to start flirting with her. He says no, tells Tyler to start flirting with her.


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        ( I'm not really here .. I'm about to go into a meeting...but wanted to add this .. just after sdkego left off )

        Kaycee asked Angela what she's thinking ( nominations )

        Angela- Haleigh and Fess.... and that speech is going to be awkward

        Tyler- you'll kill it ...

        Kaycee- you know everyone has your back 100%
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          And then just a bit later...

          Brett asked Angela if everything is going as planned..

          Angela- yes... Fess and Haleigh

          Brett tells Angela that he thinks that Faysal needs to be the one to go ...

          She asks if he thinks they should back door Faysal ....

          Brett - no... we have to guarantee one of them goes.... I've thought about it a million times

          ( that's all I can do here for now .. I'm out )


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            Oh wait.. one more .. .

            Faysal- asked Haleigh why she's being so paranoid.....

            She tells him she's not ...

            Faysal- the plan is to get Sam out....

            Haleigh talks again about how she walked in on Angela, Tyler, Kaycee and Brett celebrating .. and when they saw her ... they stopped...

            Faysal tells her that it has nothing to do with her...

            Haleigh- I'm just telling you what's probably going to happen... she's going to put me up,.... and I'm going home

            Faysal tells her that the plan is Sam ... and even if she ( Angela ) did put her and Sam up .. Sam would go

            ( boy are they .. well he is going to be shocked and pissed ) - - good feeds!

            (I'm really gone now )


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                Lights on - Tyler's in bed and Sam's in the WC

                Now we go to FISH - must be playing music requesting HGs to get up for the day.


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                  We are back - Sam's at the kitchen table have breakfast. Tyler is moving getting out of bed.


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                    Tyler was in the HOH bed with Angela. He got up then turned around and fell back into bed to cuddle.

                    He says everyone told him to come up and cuddle.


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                      Tyler then went back into the HN room to crawl into his round chair. JC is in there as well. JC asked Tyler where he slept, and he said right here. JC then asked him where he came from and Tyler said from the HOH room.

                      JC - leave her alone; let her sleep.


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                        Looks like Sam has made a plater for Angela with bowl, breakfast stuff (she usually does this for the HOH). Fessy is up as well.

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                          Sam takes the platter to Angela. Says there isn't any milk and this is the last apple.

                          Angela - Oh - thank you, I love you.
                          Sam - Do you have anything to say to me?
                          Angela - no.
                          Sam - can I read you letter?
                          Angela - yes.

                          Sam is reading the letter and they talk about it.


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                            Here for a little bit and we find most of the HG (except Sam and JC) in the HOH room just goofing off.
                            TPTB tell the HOH crew to turn the music down and then we get FISH.
                            We are sent to Sam in the Bathroom curling her hair and talking to herself about what people are doing back home.
                            Last edited by Ladycop; 08-24-2018, 03:23 PM.


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                              Now for the hundred thousands time the HOH crew is talking about production and we get Sam fixing her hair. They were talking about how they messed up the live show last night.


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