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Live Feed Updates-August 25, 2018 (Day 66)

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 25, 2018 (Day 66)

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  • #2
    All HGs sleeping.

    Sam and Brett were up late talking in the kitchen (Sam sitting on the spiral staircase) about personal stuff, animals and such.

    Veto comp today.


    • #3
      Power of Veto Players are:

      HoH - Angela
      Nominees - Haleigh and Faysal
      Picked Players - Sam, JC and Kaycee
      Host - Tyler

      ( Can't update right now .. but wanted to get the PoV players to you )
      Last edited by Lexie; 08-25-2018, 12:24 PM.


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        It is 1:09 p.m. BBT and I have just logged on to find that they are showing flashbacks. So the veto ceremony is ongoing.
        Going to hang around and see how long it takes them to come back. I attempted to flashback and it appears that they must have awaken them and got right to the comp as I mostly found sleeping HG when I looked.
        Last edited by Ladycop; 08-25-2018, 03:15 PM.


        • #5
          Still on flashbacks and they are of Zingbot during the seasons. Fun fact: Lane was the first person in BB history to be zinged.


          • #6
            Just really quick but it is 2:37 p.m. BBT and we are still on flashbacks.


            • #7
              I have plans for the evening so I am out. So sorry that I wasn't able to post any game play.


              • #8
                Just checked and while the thumbnail pictures were flashing past players--the large video is "unavailable" so---still not back!


                • #9
                  We're still on FLASHBACKS ... @ 8:01 PM BBT ( Sheesh right? )


                  • #10
                    Still on flashbacks at 9pm BBT


                    • #11
                      After Dark has Tyler and Brett ( the only 2 that didn't play in the veto comp ) in the HoH room


                      • #12
                        Tyler makes ( yet another ) Final 2 deal with Brett.


                        • #13
                          Wasn't Tyler the host?


                          • Lexie
                            Lexie commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Really no discussions should be posted here... but I will answer that question ..
                            Yes he's the host .. but he won't be needed until the Veto Comp is over ...

                        • #14
                          Sorry I forgot about that


                          • Lexie
                            Lexie commented
                            Editing a comment
                            No problem... it's not like there's a LOT going on here : )

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                          Tyler tells Brett that he and Angela aren't as close as others may think they are
                          Brett talking about being low on the L6 totem pole


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