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Live Feed Updates-September 4, 2018 (Day 76)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 4, 2018 (Day 76)

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    Starting about 3:25 BBT

    Brett and Scottie folding towels and then playing badminton while talking. Brett tells him to start campaigning. Scotty tellling Brett everything he knows from the jury house.


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      ( I haven't been feeling 100% over the last few days... but I'm here and I will do my best to catch us up )


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        Currently - 2:22 PM

        Scottie, Brett and Sam talking ... about advertising .. social media... etc.

        Sam - I don't watch TV.. I haven't been to a movie theater since 2009


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          ( Well.. that was easy )

          Really not much going on ... other than getting the grill, food and games last night ... it's been pretty quiet .. only Scottie trying to work Brett whenever he had a chance...


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            Scottie & Brett convo (Part 1 at the pool table from around 2:22am BBT)
            JC finally leaves to go inside about 2:22am. They are folding towels and talking softly hard to make out, doesn’t seem like game talk. (I will do my best but I’m no Lexie.)
            Brett: So what’s your plan here, man?
            Scottie: For the rest of the week? I mean I was told I’m the pawn.
            Brett: Have you campaigned at all?
            Scottie: Um, I’m definitely going to, but it’s like only Monday so I’m not going to force it yet. Come Wednesday I’ll be a little more pushy
            Brett: Yeah, I wouldn’t force it, but it can’t hurt to campaign earlier then later, Dude, in reality.
            Scottie: I’m at the point in this game, I came back and am alone.
            Brett: I know, I know you are and we actually had this talk before you left last time and you said if I leave all bets are off and I’m a fresh new man. The only thing I would say is to be leery of you kinda come across as having crawled right back into your hole with Hayleigh when you came in.
            Scottie: OK, I actually talked to Tyler first.
            Brett: Yeah, I know but I feel like when you first came in you and Hayleigh spent hours in that have not room, you know?
            Scottie: That was a talk I said you straight didn’t tell me you were voting me out
            Brett: Yeah, no no no hey, I’m just trying to give you the vibe. I’m just trying to tell you what’s going on.
            Scottie: Well, I’m gonna make sure that they realize that, cuz the 2 votes – so the big votes – there are five of you voting. I don’t see a world in which Sam will vote to keep Hayleigh.
            Brett: Not a f’n chance, so you know you have that vote.
            Scottie: I’m pretty sure as long as I point out to the other 2 that Hayleigh has had 4 chances to nominate people and her nominations have been Tyler, Angela, KC & KC
            Brett: I know, but she’s weirdly good with KC and Angela now
            Scottie: Really?
            Brett: Yeah, and it’s honestly something that makes me nervous, and somewhat is making me reach out here to you. Cuz, dude, here and you know this from my GBM. Scottie, I want to work with you. I wanted to work with you. I wanted to work with you all this time, but I got F’ed and cornered into a situation I couldn’t get myself out of. I knew Fes was gunning for me and I knew I had to have him nominate me so I would have the chance to play in the veto
            Scottie: No, I get that.
            Brett: That was it, and I’m so sorry you got F’ed and nominated right next to me. We could have talked it out before and found a way but we didn’t have a chance to.
            Scottie: Yeah
            Brett: Because Fes did that f’ing scene in the room
            Scottie: Oh, definitely, that was very weird the way he did that
            Brett: That’s what I’m saying (both talking for a second) You got f’ed and you got played in that scenario and I had to do it, I had to force him to nominate me cuz I knew he was coming for me. He had been gunning for me since day 1 and I knew his plan I had heard it thru the grapevine he was planning on back-dooring me and I needed to fight in that – I knew
            Scottie: Oh, I had never heard that.
            Brett: I did, his plan was to backdoor me
            Scottie: If that’s the case, then yeah, I totally understand what you did
            Brett: That’s why
            Scottie: I never heard that before
            Brett: I know, and dude I’m serious you are one of the people I actually f’ing hang out with in the house. I was genuinely relived when you walked in thru those doors
            Scottie: So then I can point that out to those 2, so that would give me you and Sam so that would make JC the random swing, assuming she’s oddly good with those 2
            Brett: Yeah
            Scottie: And my best pitch, actually, I don’t know where JC is at cuz when I left my assumption was that JC was with Fes
            Brett: Yeah, I would say that
            Scottie: But Fes is now gone
            Brett: Right
            Scottie: And JC voted against him
            Brett: Yeah, I think he’s … I don’t know where the f’ he is at either, I could see him with Sam
            Scottie: If he’s with Sam?
            Brett: Cause they are like weirdly close, you know.
            Scottie: If that’s the case and if Sam is going to vote to keep me, 100% honesty, in their case, I’m better to have here then Hayleigh is. Cause I’m fine with them
            Brett: No, absolutely, and I know that I know that, but I’m gonna be straight up with you that I was also told and this could be part of Fes thing, that you went to Fes and said “I need to finish what I started.”
            Scottie: NO
            Brett: And that you were coming for me
            Scottie: NO, I did not
            Brett: And that was your pitch for him and that is what makes me hesitant to want to keep you here and I’m just being as blunt as I can
            Scottie: I know
            Brett: Cause I do want you to stay
            Scottie: No, my agenda has always been not to be revenge guy (?)
            Brett: I’m not stupid I know Hayleigh voted me out.
            Scottie: Yeah
            Brett: I know Hayleigh voted me out every single time, I’m not stupid
            Scottie: Definitely
            Brett: I’m more then aware
            Scottie: Definitely
            Brett: As you blazed up very well, I believe she is skating by and she’s gonna get in with the girls. I’m serious
            Scottie: This is the weird thing about when Fes was HOH, he didn’t not want to touch Angela, he did not want to touch her even a little bit
            Brett: Yeah
            Scottie: I mean like I never understood that cause what I told him was I got put on the block and put in a very Sh’y situation, this was a big part of my logic talk and he didn’t like that
            Brett: What do you mean?
            Scottie: He wanted you
            Brett: Right
            Scottie: You were always his #1
            Brett: Right
            Scottie: And me and Hayleigh had had talks where we wanted to work with you and he did not like that
            Brett: I know, and dude, that’s what I’m saying and that is why I had to force it. I knew he was gunning for me and I needed to guarantee he’d throw me on cause I had heard word he was gonna trying to backdoor me, he was going to use a pawn, he was going to try to backdoor me and I was thinking I have to f’n I have to
            Scottie: This goes back way back even when we were talking about the guys and girls thing. We were talking and he was like “Where do you think Brett’s at?” and I was like “well, if we are actually worried about this girl thing – we need to make sure Brett’s on board.”
            Brett: Right
            Scottie: And he was like “I don’t know I’m hesitant to talk to him.” And you totally got that vibe. When we were talking in a room and he would super sketch
            Brett: Every time I was in a room
            Scottie: He’s also the one who had a problem with Sam
            Brett: The only time he was ever good – oh really? With Sam that’s weird
            Scottie: Apparently, he said some stuff about her in his speech.
            Brett: I don’t remember that particular, oh, oh, yeah, but it was more like trying to get Sam’s vote
            Scottie: Was that what is was about? The way it was told to me it was more like an attack almost.
            Brett: No I don’t remember that part cause his other part was so F’n extreme. Let’s just keep f’ing around so it doesn’t like we are just…
            (They walk over with badminton rackets to the net)
            Brett: I just, that’s what, that’s what makes me nervous there on my end but I also, I just also don’t feel good cause I know Hayleigh’s really good with the girls
            Scottie: Oh
            (Part 1 complete at 2:30:27AM) (If anyone wants to pick it up at the badminton court, otherwise, I need a little break and will come back and try to transcribe the rest in a bit. Sorry it's not word for word, but I tried my best.)


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              ( beckyd30 - thank you so much ... that is awesome )

              I'm just popping in for a moment .. still not feeling good ...

              Kaycee and Tyler talked about how Scottie ...

              Kaycee telling Tyler that Scottie really thinks he's the pawn ...
              Tyler telling her that he never told him that .. he only told him that everyone wanted him on the block ... but not everyone wanted him to go .. he says he had to make him feel safe ...

              Scottie asked JC what he's doing on Thursday ( vote wise ) ... and tells him that he's the "pawn"

              JC asked who told him that ...

              Scottie says that Tyler did


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                Scottie told JC that Faysal told him ( before the Battle Back competition ) that he ( JC ) was the one trying to get him ( Scottie ) on the block that week

                JC tells Scottie that was Faysal, just trying to protect Haleigh

                Scottie tells JC that Faysal told him to watch out for him ( JC ) and Angela ...

                JC tells Scottie that Faysal was never loyal to him ... and that it was a mistake for him to ever try to work with Faysal.


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                  Kaycee, Tyler and Angela talk about how this week will be another "blindside" ( since they think that Scottie really thinks he's the pawn and not the target )


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                    Tyler tells Kaycee and Angela that he really thinks that if Haleigh wins HoH this week.. she would target Sam


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                      Currently 7:33 PM BBT

                      Haleigh, Angela, Kaycee in the HOH room .. chit chat ... no game talk

                      Scottie and JC still talking about Faysal and how he and Haleigh both said it was JC that pitched hard for Scottie to go on the block last week

                      JC keeps saying that it was probably just their way of trying to keep their hands clean .. and that he didn't tell Faysal to put him ( Scottie ) up .. he only told Faysal to do that was right for his game ...

                      Scottie tells JC that Faysal and Haleigh went to Tyler and Angela to try to make an F4 deal

                      Scottie talks about how Tyler has been telling him for weeks ... how Haleigh was playing him

                      JC tells Scottie he doesn't know ....

                      Scottie tells JC that Haleigh had deals with everyone ...
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                        Kaycee, Angela and Haleigh talking about how upset Sam will be if she knows that they are up there together .. ( in the HoH room )


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                            Scottie and JC continue to talk ...


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                              Scottie tells JC that he was evicted because of two people ( Haleigh and Faysal ) that he was working with ...

                              He tells JC that he's back now ..looking for something/someone to hold onto


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