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Live Feed Updates-September-6, 2018 (Day 78)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September-6, 2018 (Day 78)

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      I'll be here tonight to update you on everything that happens ...

      For now ..

      A Heartfelt Plea...
      As we move forward day by day, week by week to the end of this Big Brother 20 season, I am reaching out to all the lurkers out there who have enjoyed BBU this season.

      We're super happy that you spent your time here this season, even though you just stopped in everyday - sometimes - every moment - to find out what was happening in Big Brother 20 house or to read what members of BBU thought about what was happening in the Big Brother house.

      You were quite, that's okay, maybe it was that you just didn't have the time to stop to share your thoughts, you only had time to read and go on with what ever life was throwing at you at the moment.

      We still feel like you are family- lurker or not!

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      Every donation helps and goes directly to keeping the website up and running.

      Thank you for any help : )


      • grannyrite
        grannyrite commented
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        Just made a donation. Sorry it took so long to donate this year. Thank you and all the admins for all you do. I’ve been a big brother fan since season 1. It has been so much more fun since I found this website. It has been a way for me to get away from things especially since my husband of 47 years passed away 4 years ago. Hope this donation helps a little bit to keep this group going!

      • Rainyday
        Rainyday commented
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        I made a donation a while ago during the endurance (that wasn't) but I don't know if you got it because I never got my pin thingy on the side.

      • Lexie
        Lexie commented
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        Thank you guys so much!

        grannyrite - 47 years.. wow... thank you.

        Rainyday ... I fixed that for you .. so sorry I missed it.

        JDC373 - thank you ... we appreciate you.
        Last edited by Lexie; 09-06-2018, 09:29 PM.

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      Missed tonight's show ?

      Catch up HERE


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        Feeds are back


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          The HG's are talking about Scottie's exit speech ..

          How he said the they all could suck it .. except for Tyler .. because he knows he's been getting that "Hilton Head" ( Angela is from Hilton Head, SC... so therefore the "Hilton Head" )

          Some of them didn't understand what he said or meant ....

          Haleigh explained it.


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            Angela- did you see Julie's reaction to it ?

            Haleigh- Julie was pissed...

            Angela- it was inappropriate....


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              This was Tyler's face when Scottie pitched that comment out there for everyone and their brother ...


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                Angela says she didn't get it .. ( what he said/meant ) until she was outside .. and then she was livid

                Brett said he didn't even hear exactly what he said ..

                They wonder if they cut out Scottie's speech ...


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                  Angela - and this is why you got evicted Scottie,...because you're're erratic.... and nobody knows what the **** you are about to do


                  • Walleye
                    Walleye commented
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                    That’s it in a nutshell. He had it switched when he went over to the L6 side but he had to go back and blab everything to Haleigh. That’s where it ended for him. He did it to himself.

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                  Angela and Brett talk about how much the people in jury hate them ...

                  Angela says she's afraid to go ..

                  Brett tells her that if he goes .. he will go in "guns blazing"


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                    Kaycee to Angela and Brett - now.. I have to figure out what to say putting Sam up as a pawn .....

                    ( meaning Haleigh and Sam ) will be her nominees....


                    • #13
                      Haleigh tells JC that she knows she's going up


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                        Angela tells Kaycee that she's made Sam feel like she's safe ....

                        Brett tells Kaycee to tell Sam that she ( Sam ) and Haleigh are the only two in the house that have a problem ( with each other )


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                          Sam alone upstairs..


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