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Live Feed Updates-September 11, 2018 (Day 83)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 11, 2018 (Day 83)

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    Brett and Haleigh talking in the backyard. Talking about everything that has gone down in the house. Sam putting Haleigh and Kaitlyn on the block and what Sam said. Rockstar doing a turnaround with Brett. Why Fessy put Brett up.

    Haleigh shares everything with Brett about what the others in the jury thought. She also told him who she would vote for; Kaycee, him, not Angela, not Tyler.

    Courtesy of JC


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      Watching the live feeds with Hal, Angela and Tyler outside baking in that hot afternoon LA sun! They just said they were roasting. They have no idea what damage they are doing to their skin, even with lotion on with SPF. !0 years from now I hope this doesn't come back to haunt them!!


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        I'll catch us up quickly ...

        Basically, Haleigh spent the day trying to plead her case to Angela ...
        Angela spent her day, pushing it all off on what Kaycee might want to do, telling Haleigh that she ( Angela ) has been trying to get Kaycee to let her know what she wants her to do


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          Haleigh also asked Angela about what she thinks Tyler would want ( keep her/send her to jury)

          Angela told Haleigh that she thinks that maybe Tyler is trying to figure out what Kaycee wants to do

          Haleigh asked Angela if she should try to talk to Tyler ( about keeping her over Sam )

          Angela encouraged her to talk to Tyler .. and to JC


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            Haleigh told Angela that she feels like she can be more beneficial to them than Sam can ...

            Angela tells Haleigh that she knows that Tyler is worried about if she ( Haleigh ) stayed and won HoH .. that he would go on the block

            Haleigh says she doesn't know how to prove to him that he wouldn't ...


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              Angela told Brett about how Haleigh has been all over her today ...

              Both Angela and Brett talked about how Sam has their vote ( to stay ) and that they have both reassured Sam of that


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                Other than that ... the HG have spent most of the day outside... as it's the last day that they will have the backyard for the week ....

                There's been random chit chat ... working out ... begging BB to play a song ... they played Kaycee's "health nut" song for them ...

                Hopefully, the double eviction will get things charged up and get some drama back in the house ...


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                  Sam tried to save a honey bee that fell from the sky and landed on her face...


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                    Now she's playing corn hole alone ... and mumbling all kinds of stuff

                    BB Calls her to the DR

                    Sam- are you going to give me a hammer? that would be awesome...


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                      Originally they were going to have a pot luck tonight .... but when JC walked in from the Hot Tub and Kaycee was eating .. he seemed confused.. he had told her that it was time to go in and start cooking for the pot luck...

                      She teased him that she wasn't anyone's mamma in the house or that he couldn't just hang out with with the guys and think that someone was going to cook ....

                      Kaycee - I don't know about you .. but the definition of a pot luck is that everyone brings something ...

                      Kaycee- I'm not no housewife up in here ...

                      Apparently the pot luck has been cancelled... as Tyler asked JC about it ...

                      Tyler- I thought you wanted to have a pot luck

                      JC- I'm not having no ****ing pot luck.. I don't even know what it is ... I'm not even that hungry


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                        Angela joins Kaycee in the HoH room

                        Kaycee asking what Haleigh had said to her

                        Not 2 seconds later.... they see Haleigh heading up to the HoH room

                        Angela to Kaycee- I have a weird feeling about JC and Brett.. .don't know what it is .. but I have a weird feeling

                        Ding Dong

                        It's Haleigh

                        She comes in asking Kaycee if she can shower in the HoH bathroom

                        Kaycee tells her it's all hers ...


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                          Ugh ... not much going on

                          Kaycee and Angela in the HoH room ... ( Haleigh is showering in the HoH Bathroom ) - so no game talk .. just chit chat ...

                          Brett is showering

                          JC is JC

                          Sam ( must still be in the DR ? )

                          Tyler is somewhere.... found him ... he's in the kitchen

                          <<<< Lexie is out for the night >>>>>

                          If ANYONE wants to jump in .. please do .. the help is appreciated


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                            12:40 BBT Tyler finally gives KC the low down on Brett trying to target her & Angela. They're looking at a "backdoor Brett" plan if they have the HOH and POV in the double. (Interesting conversation! I'm so bad at transcribing but it's well worth a listen!)

                            1:14 BBT KC- "Operation Brett out ASAP"
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                              To bring everyone up to speed - a LOT happened today/tonight.

                              Tyler spoke to Brett re: DE.
                              They agreed Kaycee/Angela are fully committed to L6 going to F4. Tyler told Brett he didn't think Sam or JC would target them so they were in a good position. Then Brett asked if it was wise to take Kaycee/Angela to F4 b/c Sam & JC would be easier to beat (red flag for Tyler).

                              Both said they aren't good at throwing comps, but this might be one they should. Brett confirmed JC is adamant Angela leave in DE. They ended their chat by saying they would wait to see if either of them won and then touch base regarding whether to make a
                              move or stick with the L6 plan.

                              Angela tells KC she is worried about JC-Brett b/c both are acting weird with her and she just knows JC is getting into Brett's head and has a really bad feeling about it.

                              Later in HOH L6 met:
                              They all agreed the plan is to put up Sam - JC, win veto and take out Sam and then target JC at F5 so L6 all reaches F4. If they have to renom they discussed who goes up. Angela suggested drawing straws, but it seems like Tyler might be the one going up b/c they feel he'll be safer on block and also b/c KC/Brett have both been there on eviction night. So expect Tyler to be GUNNING for HOH & POV now.

                              The group discuss who is more dangerous Sam or JC to which Brett says he thinks Sam is throwing comps whereas JC can't win (RED FLAG).

                              Angela brought up worries about JC plotting b/c she sees how he's acting differently. KC asks Brett what he says & Brett deflects saying JC treats him like a dummy. Since Tyler has kept Kaycee in the loop she knows Brett is lying (RED FLAG)

                              The group also confirm Haleigh will be voted out by them (they only need Ty, Angela, Brett's votes to evict her and JC will go with house anyway). They agree they won't tell her and Angela will lend her a dress so she doesn't expect it coming.

                              KC subsequently tells Haleigh she will keep her if it's a tie.

                              Tyler tells her he's leaning to keeping her and believes that is the house direction. And, Angela will let her wear a dress so Haleigh will be yet another L6 blindside eviction.

                              Tyler talks to Angela: tells her that Haleigh and Brett are on to them - and repeats exactly what she said to Brett. "they sounded like how Bay & Swaggy did when they were doing things". This was said the other night early in the morning at the hot tub. This leads me to believe one of Brett or JC told him this was said (unless Tyler was stealth sneaking around listening at sliding door with it slightly open t eavesdrop). The latter doesn't seem as likely as one of Brett/JC telling him. They agree it's important to be more careful.

                              Brett and JC talked with both misting each other about Tyler. Each asks where the other is at with Tyler and complain about how they can't get him to talk game. They both think they are outsmarting one another via this conversation. Each of them is tiptoeing around where Tyler stands with them. Brett says Tyler is so vague and JC says he's never really talked game to him and throws out the typical "Tyler is so vague". JC finally says not to worry b/c once they take out Angela that Tyler will come to them. JC tries to introduce that Brett is the only one he talks game to, while Brett tries to reinforce he was just used as a shield and vote and they will all cut him. Brett repeatedly tries to sell to JC he could be on the block by anyone's hand other than JC or maybe Tyler. Neither believes the other fully and each know they are holding back information and can't truly trust one another. JC thinks he's smarter than Brett though and vice versa.

                              Brett TELLS JC that Angela is on to him & how she is concerned about JC scheming. To which JC says he knows she is on to them and they have to take her down in this HOH. JC also notes how angry he is for "doing so much to help the alliance" and now he's at the bottom.

                              The BIG conversation occurs in the HOH between Kaycee and Tyler who reports to her how his concerns about JC getting into Brett's head is no longer a concern, but a reality. Tyler tells Kaycee how Brett told him Sam/JC will target the ladies (Angela/KC) with the intent to take out Angela. He further lays out for KC how Brett asked him if it would be better to go to F4 with Sam & JC. Tyler notes of course that's what Brett wants b/c he wants to take me out fourth believing he can beat JC/Sam.

                              Tyler outlines the greater concern is Brett noting KC's 2 min POV win and if JC/Sam are targeting Angela he thinks it would be better to oust KC so they keep those people targeting each other. THIS is all Kaycee needs to hear to get on board with Tyler's plan to oust Brett in DE.

                              They agree to not tell Angela until the moment when they'll tell her together. In other words Angela/Tyler will gun to win HOH nominate, stick to the plan to nominate Sam/JC and also gun for POV at which time they'll back door Brett and tell Angela just prior why. This b/c they know Angela can't hold back being demonstrative with her outward feelings toward someone.

                              In the interim Tyler tells KC he is going to try to get Brett to throw DE HOH, but based on Ty/Brett earlier conversation that is contradictory as they both said they can't throw HOH. (personal aside: I think Ty wants one of L6 out in DE whether it's Angela via Brett or one of the others hands or Brett via the trio's hands. Plus if Brett wins HOH then he'll be open to take out at F5 and Ty IMHO doesn't want him going any deep than that point in game).

                              Tyler says in the worst case scenario they have to lose Angela and then they gun for Brett at F5. They also hope Brett won't have the cajones to make the move should he win HOH and even if he sticks to the plan he'll still be the target at F5 b/c he was the first to actively plot to break up L6. Kaycee is ticked that Brett was so easily won over by JC plotting.

                              Sorry - it's not in the typical format but I don't have time to transcribe dialogue with NBA articles to write and others to edit, but felt this was an important series of events to note.


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