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Live Feed Updates-September 12, 2018 (Day 84)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 12, 2018 (Day 84)

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    Everybody sleeping


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      Sorry .. I had a lot going on today ...

      Very quickly ... picking up from last night ( thanks to TTOTambz and michele620 for jumping in last night )


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        Kaycee and Angela continue to talk about Brett leaving ....

        Kaycee to Angela- I cannot ****ing wait!

        Angela - this will be the best blindside... Game on!


        • #5
          JC and Tyler talked

          JC pushing that Brett doesn't believe that Tyler would actually put up Angela

          Tyler telling JC to tell Brett what he wants to hear

          Tyler tells JC to trust him


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            Kaycee and Angela continue to talk about Brett leaving ( during the Double evict )

            They talk about using their goodbye messages to Haleigh that Brett is the one that told them that she ( Haleigh ) was coming after them ( Angela/Kaycee ) so that's why she had to go


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              Kaycee tells Angela that it's perfect that Brett feels comfortable and thinks that he's going to be in the F4 and to the end ...

              Kaycee - little does he ( Brett ) know that he is leaving tomorrow night! ..... Welcome to Big Brother!


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                Kaycee and Angela agree that they fear Haleigh much more than Sam .. because even though they both think that Sam and Haleigh would target them.. Haleigh is more apt to win a competition and Sam is easier to sway


                • #9
                  Angela tells Kaycee that at one point, she was much closer to Brett than she was to Tyler

                  Angela to Kaycee- he ( Brett ) did this to himself when he started going rogue


                  • #10
                    As Kaycee and Angela continue to talk about first sending Haleigh home .. followed by Brett ... they agree that if Brett was left in .. that he, Sam and JC would control the votes if Brett wasn't on the block.. won veto ... and used it


                    • #11
                      Angela to Kaycee - operation backdoor Brett..... let's hashtag that..... #BackdoorBrett


                      • #12
                        Kaycee and Angela talk about JC and how he thinks that he has them ( Angela/Kaycee ) isolated .. and how he ( JC ) thinks that it will be him, Tyler, Sam and Brett against the two of them ( Angela/Kaycee )

                        They talk again about how it's good that right now that Brett and JC are feeling comfortable ...


                        • #13
                          Brett to JC - Angela is kinda acting weird... she can't win ( HoH ) tomorrow

                          JC - she's completely use to having everything her way... she really is a spoiled girl


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                            JC tells Brett that the only person that Kaycee with completely is Angela ..

                            JC talks about how Kaycee can't play ( in the HoH competition) ..

                            JC to Brett- we would have to be the unluckiest people in the world for her ( Angela ) to win that **** ( HoH )


                            • #15
                              Brett asks JC who he thinks Sam would target if she won HoH ...

                              JC tells him Angela for sure


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