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Live Feed Updates-September 13, 2018 (Day 85)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 13, 2018 (Day 85)

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    3:28 BBT

    Brett was the last to go to bed. He was tossing and turning some. He has the panels between the bedrooms cracked and is propped up peeking through the panels trying to catch Angela and Tyler doing something. They are in separate beds in the blue room and are sleeping.


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      Earlier ..

      The HG were shown video clips that will be part of tonight's HoH Competition ...

      And.. according to Twitter Vegas - tonight's HoH will be a BOOTH COMP HOH ( so it's memory .. true/false .. probably )

      Brett and Tyler talked ..

      Brett told Tyler that he does NOT want to win HoH

      He also asked if Angela is going to throw it ( HoH )

      Tyler told him yes... because she said she didn't want to get any blood on her hands

      Brett told Tyler that's smart of her ( Angela )

      Tyler to Brett - we might have to go out on the first question ..

      ( poor Brett .. he has NO idea )


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        Angela, Kaycee and Tyler talked...

        They told Tyler that they threw Brett under the bus in their goodbye message to Haleigh ...

        Tyler told them that he "kinda did"


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          As if you didn't know ... tonight is a DOUBLE EVICT night ...

          If you are enjoying your time here at BBU .. please consider making a donation of support.

          As I said last night, we are running on a skeleton crew this season .. .it's been just me, Kenny, Sdkgeo and Purrwing doing our best to keep everything here moderated, updated and running as smoothly as possible. Of course, AdminRob is always behind that curtain keeping all the server levels and such under control.

          Tonight, we expect some heavy traffic.... with the Double Eviction and the potential of Level 6 turning on one of their own ... or even a wildcard win and turning the house upside down ... who knows .. because it's Big Brother .. right?

          Either way .. we do expect heavy traffic and high bandwidth usage ... and if you've enjoyed your time here this season ... if you like having BBU to be that place to come to on night's like tonight ... please consider making a donation of support.

          Every bit helps ...


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            You know I couldn't resist .. I tried.. but I just couldn't resist...

            Make a donation tonight for the Double Eviction - - earn this ...

            AND... I'll update your regular donator button at the same time ...

            Let's GO !!!!


            • EccentricPastiche
              EccentricPastiche commented
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              I'm not really active here much - I usually just read to catch up on what's going on in the BB House - but I do appreciate what you do and I just donated - I wish I could do more!

            • Lexie
              Lexie commented
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              Thank you : )

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            Missed tonight's show ..



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              Feeds aren't back yet ...

              While we wait .. it's not too late to earn the Double Eviction Button and have me up your regular donator button at the same time...

              We need and appreciate any and all support

              Wednesday night will be another Eviction ...


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                We're probably rolling into the next HoH competition ...



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                  I’m gonna double name my double eviction donation.

                  Now it’s Double Eviction Let’s Go!! donation, with double exclamation marks, of course.

                  Or maybe Double Eviction JC Pooped a little donation.


                  • Mary4BB
                    Mary4BB commented
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                    Sorry, this should have gone on discussion. And, I thought about adding punctuation to the JC part, but the more I read it, the more it makes me giggle.

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                  Still on reruns


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                    Angela is the new Head of Household


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                      Kaycee- and then there were 5 ...


                      • #14
                        The 2 upcoming nominees left at the table...


                        • #15
                          Sam - now what?
                          Tyler- we wait for her room ( HoH reveal )
                          Angela- then we all go to bed
                          Tyler- and go to bed


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