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Live Feed Updates-September 16, 2018 (Day 88)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 16, 2018 (Day 88)

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    All HGs sleeping in the respective beds.


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      Not much happening - Angela in bed listening to music, KC, JC, Tyler in kitchen - maybe we won't see the backyard again this game??? What are they going to eat??? And I don't know where Sam is. They have locked the storage room...


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        Sam going through stuff in bathroom. KC up with Angela - what are we going to do today ? The storage room is closed. THEN an announcement that the storage room is now open. So boring...


        • Diane40
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          You’re bored. Imagine what the HG’s must feel like. At least you can read a book, watch television, go outside.

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        Just to clear up my live feed post - When I boring...I was repeating what the houseguests were saying...they are bored, stuck inside and don't know what to do.
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          1:36 PM BBT

          JC and Tyler in the SR

          JC to Tyler -you know I might be the fourth one going home.

          Tyler- why do you keep saying that ... you act like I'm not a vote or an HoH possibility

          JC- have you realized the scenarios here and the way you ****ed me up? We had like literally 100$ sure chance.. if yo would have done.. if you would have stick to the plan ... we would have gotten one of the girls ( Kayee/Angela ) out on the thingy ( double evict ) and then Brett out this week ... and then we were good.. because Sam for sure .. isn't gonna win anything... and then it was only like one girl to get out

          Tyler- okay .. if I had gotten one of the girls out ... and the other girls wins HoH .. who is going home? Because I did that ... me.

          JC - no .. because they have more chances .... with Brett here... you have my vote .. and I could have had Sam do whatever I wanted ... it's not about winning the HoH .. it's about who votes... but you did this now... you understand what I'm saying ...

          Tyler- yeah but ...

          JC - if you get HoH... if either of the girls get the vet.... they have each other... my only hope in this house right now .. is separating the girls... and I only have that plan only ... OR .... I'm just talking for nothing cause you already have a top three with them???

          Tyler- No...dude.... why don't you just win? Why do you always sale yourself short.. like you can't win anything.... ?

          JC - I can .. I can .. I walk into that **** .. I thought I was going to win ...

          Tyler- you have a one in three chance...

          JC - without Angela .. I got it .. I will win one ...

          Tyler- well she's not going to be in the next one ...

          JC - yeah but you are .. and Kaycee, she's on a winning streak ... she's winning everything

          Tyler ( kinda throws up his hands )


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            JC- so you are basically telling me that I'm the fourth one going home???

            Tyler- I'm not. ...telling you that ...

            JC- mo .. the ****ed up part is .. that you don't understand ... if you make it top three with them.... and two of the competitions are mental, really think that Angela is going to take you?

            Tyler- I don't know... I don't know!!


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              ( sorry I had to step away .. here's the rest of that convo )

              Tyler to JC - okay .. I just didn't want to go with that plan ... I went with that plan. ... it's already happened.. now we have to deal wit it... let's win things... we can win things!

              JC- alright... the only thing we can do right now is literally separate them....stick to the to Angela

              Tyler - I am talking to her


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                JC to Tyler- I only want you to listen to me ...

                JC - the whole season, you have been safe...., you haven't even been on the block....and I hadn't even been on the block.... cause you were listening to me... I didn't do you wrong .. and the first time on the block was when you put me ...

                Tyler- yeah .. I know that .. and I knew you weren't going anywhere ...

                JC- are you listening to what I'm saying ?? Do you have problems listening ???


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                  JC - I told you ... the whole season we've been working together. I was telling you my plans.... and I kept myself off the block... and I kept you off of the block too.

                  Tyler- that's what I did. I did that for you too.

                  JC - <shaking his head> listen... don't be so ****ing naive. .. you are pissing me off.... you know damn well Faysal wanted you on the block.... at and if put your ass on that block and you didn't win the veto .. you wouldn't even be here right now ... at least be a little bit freaking grateful... that I was always taking care of you ...

                  JC - right now .. like I told you .. I don't have anyone in here ... the only thing that I can do .. is just keep working with you ... and I don't even think that you are like on-board with that .. I really don't ... I feel like you are completely thrown over there... on that side... and the ****ing part is .. that it's going to backfire on you... if you don't do something about.... these girls have each other's back 100%..... do you understand what I'm telling you?

                  Tyler- Yes.

                  JC - so .. what I'm going to do .. I'm going to wait.. cause I can't do anymore right now ... cause I want to make sure that I don't go home this week ...

                  Tyler- you're not going home this week

                  JC - and then.. for the next one... I'm just going to have to try to separate them somehow ... just stick to the plan.. keep talking to Angela ... if we can go to top 3 .. Kaycee isn't going to win any of those ...

                  Tyler- no .. she's not good a mental things like that ...

                  JC- who/?

                  Tyler- Kaycee

                  JC - exactly ... but I think I do have the power .. to throw her against Angela... but I can't do anything until after that win HoH .. that means you're safe.. that means you're going straight up to 3 ...

                  Tyler- you do too ... and then whoever wins the veto .. is also in top three....

                  JC - or .. do you know how this works??

                  Tyler- yes.. HoH is in top 3 .. veto hold is in top three... yes I understand ...

                  JC- yes.. and the veto holder is who picks who is going ...

                  Tyler- yeah ... unless it's the HoH ... if the HoH gets veto too

                  JC - yeah ...but we could have fixed all of this .. instead of you winning ( HoH ) ....

                  Tyler- I tried!

                  JC - no.. I know you tried... but what I'm telling you .. is that I wanted to put us in a place.. where we didn't have to be like .. thinking of a plan ... we could just sit and no matter who was winning.. they were going to come for each other ... that was MY plan ... and that's why you couldn't listen ...

                  Tyler- cause I had a different plan ....

                  JC- yeah .. and that saved you .. because your ass is save 100%

                  Tyler - no

                  JC - it's not .. ? ? it's not ???

                  Tyler- I'm the only one that could go up right now ... and you're not going home...

                  JC - listen ... unless these girls are extremely're not going to go home..... cause they haven't even made a big move or anything... unless like Angela is the only one I see snapping and being like .. I can't win over him.... and then like.. that's the only ... I dunno.. I'm trying to think....


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                    JC to Tyler- so if you win HoH . .what are you going to do?

                    Tyler- it doesn't matter.. it only matters who wins the veto ...

                    JC- It matters a lot....

                    Tyler- It doesn't matter


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                      JC - I really hope you don't nominate me if you are the HoH.... if I'm not nominated... I can work with whoever wins the veto to make that person pick me.. if I'm on the block already.... I'm ****ed

                      JC - I'm literally like ****ed.. I can't make any moves from there ...


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                        JC- if you win HoH and you put me on the block.. and the other person on the block wins veto .. I can no longer convince anyone...

                        Tyler- the's no convincing.. it's only who wins the veto ... out of the three people.. whoever wins the veto .. they are not going on the block ... the other two are .. there's no convincing...

                        JC - do you understand that it's me alone against two girls that are working together?...

                        Tyler- but there's not going to use the veto on each other ....

                        JC - I can't have this conversation right here.... they pick who is going home that week.. do you understand the rules of the game?

                        Tyler- Yes


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                          JC- if you throw me on the block.. let's say with Kaycee.. and Kaycee wins the veto ... Angela goes automatically on the block....and Kaycee gets off the block.. from there .. I'm still on the block.... and I don't have anything .. like real.. like things to go and talk to them ... if I'm not on the block.... then I have more chances....ugh.. I had this in my head .. and now it's completely gone...


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                            JC- my thing is ... are you going to throw me on the block?

                            Tyler- No. I'm saying it doesn't matter though.. all I'm saying is ... ..HoH goes Final 3.....whoever wins the veto goes Final 3... whoever is not on the block...picks.. and if the HoH wins the veto too.. picks... it's based on the veto


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