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Live Feed Updates-September 16, 2018 (Day 88)

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    Then ..


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      Now ...


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        Tyler to JC - did I ever tell you about how I was on a different TV show? TKO with Kevin Hart ...

        JC - ......


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          Tyler - I did it like 2 weeks before ... and then they brought me in here ... I got a call ...

          JC- it's probably like the same producers ...

          Tyler- yeah it's CBS .. it's the same... it was only like a one day film thing...

          JC- they didn't pay you for that?

          Tyler- you had to win .. I could have won $50,000 but I ****ing lost... I was so pissed... actually I don't know if they even aired it or not ...


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            JC talks about how Ellen started with stand up comedy like Helen.. Ellen....

            Kaycee- wouldn't it be great if great if we could go on Ellen

            JC- that would be ****ing amazing... we could make that work

            Tyler- she's not on CBS though

            JC - no .. but it doesn't matter.. she's a les.... she's gay .she's a lesbian .. so she would probably

            Tyler- do you think they would do that cross promotion ..

            JC - no.. but it doesn't matter.. if that is something that she could do for me and you ( Kaycee ) ...we've been here promoting the LGBT ... we have a big ass chance to go on there

            Kaycee- how sick would that be ...

            Tyler- you gotta let me come.. I'll be like "yep"

            Kaycee laughs

            JC - Oh .. now you are?!!

            all laughing ...

            JC- we could totally make it work ... we totally can

            Kaycee- even if it was to be in the audience...


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              Sam is still upstairs alone...

              Others still in the blue bedroom chatting...


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                Okay ... it's midnight here and they are still just sitting around

                BB called Kaycee to the DR

                JC is anxiously awaiting PoPTV to bring them something to eat ...

                The choice tonight from @PopTV was - - - Should they make ICE CREAM or SNOW CONES?

                I'm guessing Sam is still upstairs on the floor ...


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                  ( Night! .. if anyone is out there and would like to jump in and update .. the help is appreciated )


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