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Live Feed Updates-September 18, 2018 (Day 90)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 18, 2018 (Day 90)

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    Feeds will go down later today to film the "live" episode and then will come back after the Thursday live episode airs on the west coast.


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      Feeds are on BB reruns!!!


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        We'll get the feeds back after the show airs tomorrow night on the West Coast ... after 9 PM BBT .. Midnight ET


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          Here's the breakdown ...

          Wednesday nights show, is a Live-to-Tape show ... It will feature the PoV Competition, Veto Ceremony and the "live to tape" (Tuesday ) eviction..... which will bring us down to the Final 4 ...

          Thursday night @ 9 PM ET ... the show once again "Live" ... with another eviction ... and the 3 part HoH competitions begin ... hopefully we'll get to see Part 1 on the live feeds ... but don't be mad at me .. if we don't .. it's not me.. it's CBS ...

          * if nothing else, we'll get back to the live feeds and be able to determine who the winner is ... and who is moving on to compete in the next 2 comps ...

          *** winner of Part 1 .. advances to Part 3...
          *** losers compete in Part 2 ... winner of Part 2 .. faces off with the winner of part 1... in Part 3 ... that winner gets to pick which HG to take or not take to the F2 ...

          Sunday's show @ 8:00 PM ( ET )

          That will bring us to the Wednesday Season Finale Night ... @ 9:30 PM ET... ( after the premiere of Survivor ) with the 3 part HoH's ... the BB20 winner announced ... along with AFP

          So.. we have a busy end run here at BBU ...

          If you are enjoying your time here ... please consider making a donation so that we can keep doing what we do here ....


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            JC won the HOH


            • #7
              Take this for what it's worth ...

              If you've been following along on Twitter... you know that Vegas's account was suspended ... however... she is back up with a "backup" account ... that has been verified by other Big Brother twitter accounts that know who she is ... so ... again take this for what it's worth .... from out in Twitter land...

              From @REALvegasbackup

              Julie was a pro as always.
              San was evicted.
              HOH Comp: What the Bleep
              HOH Winner: JC


              • #8
                From @REALvegasbackup

                No time to waste, noms will be tonight.


                • #9
                  From @REALvegasbackup

                  Out of DR. Will do DR pick up shot later. Was told he had to do noms tonight and to figure out a way to make his plan work. Was reminded veto is what matter most. He said he will win veto now "that I *need* to. Bye-bye Angela." JC about to talk to Tyler again.


                  • #10
                    From Vegas...

                    First ? out gate was if he has an idea who he wants to put up. He said Angela. DR re-asked who the 2 he wants to nom and he said it doesn't matter as long as Angela goes.

                    ** this came before the post above.... but I missed it .. so I just added it here ... interesting info


                    • #11
                      It's almost 1 AM my time and so I'm going to go to bed .. gotta get up at 5 .. so there's that .. and maybe.. once I go to bed .. the spoiler of who JC nominated will be posted...

                      We know his target is Angela ...

                      He will likely put up Tyler, unless Tyler can do some serious talking him out of it ....

                      Either way ... with the Tyler and Kaycee having a F2 deal... neither will be mad at Angela going out on JC's HoH ...

                      And .. as I'm typing...

                      From Vegas ...

                      Nomination ceremony happening soon. JC about to go lock in noms now.
                      So... who needs sleep right ?


                      • #12
                        Me... I need sleep... I really wanted to stay up for you guys ... but ... I think I'm out ..

                        Like I said above ... JC will nominate Angela for sure and probably Tyler .. and sheesh if not .. then it's Kaycee ... lol ...

                        It's all about the Veto from that point ...


                        • #13
                          JC nominated TYLER and Angela


                          • Lexie
                            Lexie commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Thanks for adding that : )

                            And thanks to @REALvegasbackup for bringing it to us ... spoiler by spoiler

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