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Live Feed Updates-September 19, 2018 (Day 91)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 19, 2018 (Day 91)

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    Feeds are still down ..

    However.. in case you missed last night's spoilers by @@REALvegasbackup

    JC won the Head of Household Competition

    JC nominated Angela and Tyler for eviction

    Update from Vegas...

    Drama free night. Did DR rotating. Chit chat but HGs went to bed early by 1230-1am. Nothing major happened. Tangela cuddled, extent of excitement. Kaycee & JC celebrated separately when Tangela went to bed.


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      Update from Vegas on Kaycee and JC's convo..

      Discussed that if they made F2 it would be a 'gay' F2 and that would be BB history.

      Told him that his family has to be proud.

      He got a bit sad and she said she knew what it felt like but if he wins the show to remember those who always supported him

      Super sweet moment.


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        More updates from Vegas ..

        JC's family didn't give a letter for him for HOH. It was from a friend. He gave a really sad DR session, DR producer nearly teared up even.


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          From Vegas

          Tyler & Kaycee talk in storage room. Tyler says they screwed up getting rid of Sam. Kaycee says neither of them were a comp threat and no way of knowing and they can't focus on that right now. He says "ya WE need to win that veto."


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            Updates from Vegas

            Both think Sam needed to go and be out of house but also say more sympathetic than JC.

            Kaycee says she will keep Tyler if JC wins veto and doesn't use it.

            He tell her he will vote to keep her if she goes on block.

            They do the "coast2coast" phrase.


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              And Vegas just keeps on giving ... ( thanks @REALvegasbackup )

              Angela worried in DR.

              She is usually composed but is scattered.

              Lines being fed back to keep on track.

              Says she is worried Tyler is playing her and she's going to be a laughing stock when she gets out IF she keeps him and loses to him, discussing tomorrow and F2 scenarios.


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                From Vegas ...

                Said she ( Angela ) isn't sure if she would take Tyler and thinks her best shot is to win against JC.

                DR asked if she is worried her GBM's will be bad for jury.

                She says yes but it showed 'I played the game and didn't lie' in the GBMs and thinks that will help sway jury.


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                  From Vegas...

                  She got back on track in DR after some lines.

                  Says if Tyler comes off and he is sole vote he better keep her and laughs, pauses, then says no really.

                  Says showmance has clouded her judgement but still is focused on winning the Veto and then the next HOH.


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                    From Vegas.... @REALvegasbackup

                    ( Angela says )
                    'Tyler will be there after Big Brother'

                    Claims is on fence as of now and is 'thinking hard' because if she does take out Tyler that is a huge move.

                    Thinks her comp wins, honest GBMs, & a big move could seal a win over dislikes.


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                      From Vegas ...

                      She's keeping her cards closed off from the DR! She's been pretty smart in the DR all season actually. DR producers asked so many times her plans and she won't spill fully. Interesting and personal view, smart Angela for doing that.


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                          Just in ...

                          Julie Chen will continue her role as the host of Big Brother.

                          As she supports her husband, former CBS CEO Leslie “Les” Moonves, amid his sexual misconduct scandal, Chen, who has been hosting the reality TV competition for 18 years, will continue her duties on the show.

                          “She will continue to work on Big Brother and looks forward to hosting the show for years to come,” a source close to Chen, 48, tells PEOPLE.

                          Full Story HERE


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                              JC's reaction to winning HoH ....


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