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Live Feed Updates-September 20, 2018 (Day 92)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 20, 2018 (Day 92)

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  • #2
    Everybody sleeping. JC and KC sleeping in the HoH. Tyler and Angela sleeping in the same bed in the blue bedroom.


    • #3

      Quick update on some of the game talk after I left last night ...

      JC tells Tyler that if Kaycee is in the F2 she wins....

      JC - I'd rather her ( Kaycee ) win over Angela, that's for sure.....

      JC tells Tyler that he worries that Kaycee would think that she has more of a chance to win being F2 with Angela...


      • #4
        JC tells Tyler that he's being extra nice to Kaycee

        JC to Tyler - I already let her know that I hate both your guts and she is like my #1 here


        • #5
          JC to Tyler- I want to say I told you so so bad.... if you go (to jury ) ... .the only thing you needed to do this whole show was listen to me.

          Tyler tells him not to worry


          • #6
            JC to Tyler- I literally had to fight with you about stuff. all season ...

            JC tells Tyler that he should have told him that he ( JC ) would be the "brains" and that Tyler would do the physical part and win all of the competitions

            JC to Tyler- don't try to be a brainer cause you are not


            • #7
              JC tells Tyler that he really hopes that he stays ...

              Tyler - don't worry ... if we both have her (Kaycee) thinking that we're going to take her to Final 2.... then we have her feeling super confident


              • #8
                Tyler tells JC not to freak out ...

                JC to Tyler - you've made my life so miserable..... these last 3 weeks has been hell for me..... even now .. I'm F3 and and I'm not even happy because of you.


                • #9
                  JC to Tyler- maybe ... I pitch her ( Kaycee ) to keep Angela.. she'll go the other way.

                  Tyler- don't do that! .... just make her think that you are going to pick her


                  • #10
                    JC tells Tyler that he told him that there was no way that Sam was going ot win any ( competitions )

                    JC tells Tyler that he told him that they needed to take care of Sam ... and separate Kaycee and Angela ..

                    Tyler - but... Sam didn't deserve to be F3

                    JC- doesn't matter...

                    Tyler- I know it doesn't matter.... but still.... but she didn't play


                    • #11
                      JC tells Tyler that he doesn't think that Angela has done anything .. that in fact ..he ( JC ) has been protecting her as much as he's been protecting him ( Tyler ) throughout the game


                      • #12
                        JC to Tyler- I feel like no one ever did anything for me in this house.

                        Tyler- nothing?

                        JC - who did something for me? ..... the reason I wasn't on the block... was mostly because of me....

                        Tyler - you don't think I did anything for you?

                        JC - you didn't put me on the block???


                        • #13
                          JC tells Tyler that he wants to be F2 ...

                          Tyler to JC - we're going to be F2 .... I wanna at least get out of here with $50,000


                          • #14
                            JC to Tyler - it's so crazy how you and Angela were royalty.... and ruling this house together....look at you guys now.... from the top to the whole ****ing bottom


                            • #15
                              JC tells Tyler that he gets what he gets because he ( Tyler ) didn't want to send Angela home earlier ...

                              JC to Tyler- now you are on the green part of the couch with her BFF making the decision


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