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Live Feed Updates-September 22, 2018 (Day 94)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 22, 2018 (Day 94)

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    6:15 BB

    All HGs sleeeping.


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      Lights are on. Kaycee is up in the kitchen and looking at the photo wall. JC is laying in bed. Tyler was up and talked to Kaycee, but I don't see him now.


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        LAST NIGHT ..

        Kaycee and Tyler talked ...

        Tyler encouraging Kaycee that she can beat JC in today's' competition ...

        Kaycee asking Tyler if JC has said anything to him

        Tyler tells Kaycee that JC just keeps telling him that if she goes to the F2 .. she wins

        Kaycee- he's going to say anything... he's .... I promise I'm going to take you to Final 2"

        Kaycee tells Tyler that JC is just trying to be sure that he's good with both of them ..

        Tyler - he knows he can win if somebody takes him


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          LAST NIGHT ..

          Kaycee to Tyler- we're almost here ..

          Tyler soo close ...

          Tyler - he can't win.... it's going to happen. ....

          Kaycee- us? .... yeah ...

          Tyler- he's not going to win ( today's comp )

          Tyler tells Kaycee to take her time... double check her answers...


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            TODAY ...

            11:23 AM BBT

            JC talked to Kaycee

            JC to Kaycee - it doesn't matter who wins Part 2..... I think we can beat him in Part 3.

            Kaycee- yeah ... I'm pretty confident that I can too


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              11:32 AM

              12:00 PM BBT

              Kaycee using M & M's to help her review/study

              12:52 PM BBT

              Tyler and Kaycee quickly go over dates/POV used .. etc.

              1:23 PM BBT

              Kaycee to Tyler- I'm ready .... whatever the **** it is... I'm so ready ...

              Tyler to Kaycee - you're wining this ... I am so ready. Tyler- You are winning this. I already know... you've got this ..

              Tyler- a week from now.... one of us is going to have half a mill and one is going to have $50... I'm happy either way .. .

              Kaycee- I want to be standing next to you.

              Tyler- yeah .. right now ..that's all I care about ... that's all I care about ... whatever happens happens.. I'm good with it ..

              Kaycee- look I got this ... you got this ..


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                1:35 PM BBT

                Kaycee studying the memory wall ( again )


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                    2:45 BBT
                    Kaycee, JC and Orwella (the owl) in the living room chatting, waiting for the comp to begin.


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                      4:38 BBT - comp hasn't started yet. The three of them are together and now wondering if part 2 will be tomorrow?


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                        6 PM BBT

                        Part 2 of the 3 part competition is underway

                        Kaycee vs. JC


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                          Feeds are back


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                            I "think" Kaycee won

                            I haven't heard her confirm it


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