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Live Feed Updates-September 24, 2018 (Day 96)

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 24, 2018 (Day 96)

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    6:11 AM BBT

    The Final 3 HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      @PopTV gave the HG's a bowling set ... because it would be "right up their alley" ...


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        LAST NIGHT 12:17 AM BBT

        Kaycee to Tyler and JC - when I get my eyebrows done.. you're not going to recognize me .. they are out of control right now ...

        Tyler- what are you going to do them .. are you going to get a Swaggy eyebrow?

        ( LOL )


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          LAST NIGHT @ 1:17 AM BBT

          Kaycee to Tyler- when do you think we tell him ( JC about Level 6 ) .... get his reaction live right?

          Tyler- he's going to be more pissed at me.. if I win ... ( Part 3 )

          Kaycee- why?

          Tyler - that's the thing ...

          Kaycee- you want to ? ( I think she says lose )

          Tyler- no ... I'm going to win it.. I'm not going to not try ...

          Kaycee laughs says - I can take the bullet ...

          Tyler- I'm going to tell him .. when he's sitting in the jury

          Kaycee- during our speech?

          Tyler- yeah


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            They talk about how he ( JC ) will be pissed no matter what ... who wins. who tells .. etc.

            Tyler- yeah he thinks I'm going to take him ( F2 ) ...

            They talk about how JC thinks that they both will take him ...

            Kaycee- ( finding out ) is probably going to bother him for months...

            Tyler- yeah


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              Tyler- he's been stressed out since Top 6.... everything that he had been planning and thinking he was controlling .. we took over ..

              Kaycee- yeah


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                They both say ( again )... that there's nothing that JC can say to either of them .. that would change their mind ( about taking each other to F2 )

                Kaycee- he really thinks that we just don't communicate ...

                Tyler- he's going to go crazy ...


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                  Kaycee and Tyler continue to talk ...

                  Tyler- poor Angela
                  Kaycee- poor Angela .. she will be fine
                  Tyler- this was going to have to happen anyways...


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                    And they close out one more night ... in the Big Brother 20 house...


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                      And just like that .. they start their last Monday .. inside the Big Brother 20 house ...


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                          JC joins Tie-Dye Monday ...


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                              3:44 PM BBT

                              BB calls Kaycee to the DR

                              JC to Tyler- she's already practicing her speech....

                              Tyler- well she's in Part

                              JC- yeah .. I'm ****ing scared...

                              Tyler-it's okay . it's alright ... are you practicing yours?

                              JC - huh?

                              Tyler- have you thought about yours?

                              JC- I have thought about mine my head.... but what am I going to say in one minute?


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