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BBU Cafe 20 is now OPEN ...

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  • BBU Cafe 20 is now OPEN ...

    The BBU Café is just a friendly little place where you can stop in for a quick hello, catch up or just simply enjoy chatting with your fellow BBU'rs about anything!
    No worries about getting "OT" here!

    Please Note: Spoilers from the Live Feeds may be included in the discussions here at the BBU Café.

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    So, it seems that there are a LOT of us who are going through a LOT of "stuff"... so some times this thread is the most needed.

    I'm happy to be here again with this BBU family.

    I'm sorry for many of the struggles that many of you (including myself ) are going through.

    I'm happy for the celebrations and good moments that many of you share here.

    Sharing both the struggles and the celebrations of your lives are what makes this place not only where we come to talk about Big Brother, it's what makes this place our home.


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      If you haven't stopped over at the Stop in and say Hello thread, please hop over there.

      One of our family members ( Magoopy ) is in need of your support....


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        I hate to post this the way things are going around here. I’m on my annual trip up north (northern MN) Fishing is great and I’m getting some much needed rest and relaxation. Will be ready for BB 20 to start when I get back.


        • Walleye
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          Lake winnibigoshish. About 30 minutes west of Grand Rapids.

        • Starshine
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          Hiya Tina182! Welcome! Looking forward to hearing you take on HG throughout the season.

        • Starshine
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          Hiya Walleye! Sounds wonderful! Holly Cow what I'd do for a fish fry under the stars about now. Cheers to a new season.
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        Life has been brutal for our dear friends on BBU. My heart aches for all the suffering and losses. We have all been touched in life with our families & friends by dementia, mental issues & cancer, so can empathize with what you're all going through. Pray God gives you strength to get through these tough times. Sending love your way.

        Hoping the nonsense of Big Brother can distract you for a bit. We all need some laughs while our world is tilting on its axis.


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          Just watched Paul McCartney do James Gordon's Carpool Karaoke thru Liverpool. I was smiling and tearing up all that same time. I'm old enough to remember when they were the newest thing. 😊 I'm sure it will posted soon on You Tube. Worth the watch for we antique Baby Boomers and all other fans. Shows what a lovely man he is, that he is greeted with love everywhere he goes. All while keeping it all in perspective.

          TRIVIA QUESTION: What was the first TV show to introduce The Beatles to America. And, no, it's not Ed Sullivan.


          • Kpercyman
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            Was it American Bandstand? Ugh! I know it, but it is somewhere in a dark crevice of my brain.

          • BettyBoo
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            Jack Paar had the Tonight Show before Carson. On a trip to England, he saw the hub bub there around them and at his teenage daughter's urging brought a video back. You can find a clip on YouTube. They sing She Loves You with full Hard Days Night look. Few months later they were live on Sullivan and the rest is history.

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          Hello Friends! This is our place to relax and get away from the real world. I'm getting a new knee in July and my boss reminded me that I will get to watch BB as much as I want! It cheered me up no end. She's a good boss.


          • kokomogirl
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            Sorry about the knee replacement but, hopefully, your new knee will work better! And you'll get to watch lots of BB while healing!

          • Luanne
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            Great way to recover from surgery- Watch BB 24/7, sleep when the house sleeps. Be sure and take it easy.

          • Starshine
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            In a way I hope your looking forward to the knee replacement ... when it gets that bad ... maybe the thought of surgery is actually a bit of a relief. And you're right, Totally cool 😎 boss! Wishing you a smooth recovery.

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          Hope everyone is doing okay.
          Glad you guys are checking in : )


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            Hope everyone enjoyed last night. We are only halfway done. We have our own drama that crept up into BB time. Hoping to get all access to give y'all some credit. So excited for the house and must stay out of all the spoilers.

            Summer has been good and hot here in Texas. We survived Harvey, but many of those I know lost everything. My students too. It is weird that within a couple of days places were feet deep in water and areas were already rebuilding. It is just how Houston is I guess.

            Fingers crossed we don't get any other storms this year. While the tropical moisture is great, hurricanes or tropical storms aren't.

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              Happy 4th of July to you all.

              This is such poor timing, Holiday and all. Also cuz its my first time posting over here at the Cafe this season. I was hoping to offer more positive posts this season!

              It'll be a year this August since I learned my Dad had Dementia. The progression has been rapid. 😏 He's in Texas 🇨🇱, I'm in California. If I looked at my texts over that period of time, the majority probably start with "I just got off the phone with my Dad ... "

              Holidays are hard, just a bit surprised that the 4th of July would be among those ...

              🎆 Seriously just happened 🎆

              I've spoken to him a number of times today. We had just said goodnight and I was typing this post when ... I just got a call from my Dad ... He has a tradition of calling each of us kids on our Birthday and playing Happy Birthday on his harmonica. 😅 He just called back to ask if I'd sing along as he played Happy Birthday to America 🇺🇸 !! OMG! Such a gift, a HUGH gift! 😂 As so many of us know, the little things can make the day! Very touching for me & others I hope. I thought I'd share since it happened in the middle of a message when I was feeling low. So I think I'll put a period in the Dementia stuff for now, except to say how much I admire y'all! I've yet to say anything to the many of you who are also experiencing this cruel diseases. I haven't had the courage to read most of them and I apologize. Y'all mentally go there, opening up to such raw emotion. You've given so much of yourselves and your personal lives. You offer your experience, strength and hope. You deserve better from me. Again, I apologize. I know how helpful it would be ~ I'm just stupid cuz I.Just. Can't..Bare.To.Yet. One day at a time.

              So ... I noticed something about myself last year when I first learned about my Dads dementia and came here to share cuz I didn't know where else to go ... At the time, all I could really do was mention the bare minimum. To save my soul, I'm not a bare minimum kinda gal (though Dementia schools me on the fewer words the better).

              I need to share something today. All I can bare is to squeak out the bare minimum. We have a number of active fires in Northern California. The County Fire began quickly on Saturday afternoon on the opposite side of the ridge from my parent's (Mom/Stepdad) home/farm. Mandatory evacuation by 9 pm. Fire has gone from 8,000 acres to 86,000 acres right now w/ 27% containment. The farm is still there, KOW). My Parents are staying at a hotel & I'm out @ the farm. It's not like there's anything I can do, but seeing the progression is somehow more bearable than listening to reports. W/ regard to the animals, I can't even go there.

              On Friday the 6th, my Step-dad is going in for heart surgery. When scheduled, it wasn't ASAP but Doc bump numerous surgerys to get him in. I don't know how his heart is handling all of this, worrying about the farm, my Mom and his surgery. My Mom, on the other hand is so terrified she just wants to sleep. In the house, on the farm, under mandatory evacuation orders, with flames in sight. I don't say this to be cruel. I get it. There are days all I want to do is sleep so I don't have to feel. Just to give the brain some relief.

              This is where I'm hitting a wall. Yes, there is dementia, yes. But there is also the simple process of aging parents. The natural role change. At 86 thinking, under these conditions, going upstairs w/ bad knees cuz she wants to go to sleep. It's breaking my heart. it helps me knowing I'm here to watch over her, to protect her, kick her HINEY @ times. It's my turn. But then there's this 😂 She is resentful, pissed and downright nasty about it! 😂 Makes me wanna 😷 her sometimes 😉 Ya know what I'm sayin'?

              The outflow of support has been incredible. This fellow, Matt a landscaper, took up residence at the farm w/ his personal h2o pumper truck. His loyalty equals that of a German Sheppy or Lab or _____ (fill in the blank) or last but not least, Beast Mode Cowboy during his 1st season in Survivor. It's like he'd kill himself trying if not pulled back.

              Santa Barbara FD is up here. That one's bittersweet! Probably not appropriate to single them out given all the communities affected by natural disasters and the first responders who show up from other countries and States near & far ... they just happened to be the first I noticed.

              So, as I sit outside right now w/ a neighbors cat under the chair, listening to all the fireworks going off, down in the valley, I'm thinking of a quote from one of my best friends --> Pinterest 😉 ...

              "On particularly rough days when I'm sure I can't possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that's pretty good."
              ~~~ Pinterest ~~~

              Well, so much for 'the fewer words the better'.

              Thinking of you all and wishing you all Peace.


              (Random question: Why does my autospell know KennyERJ better than my own name? Been wondering about this all year! I guess just to make me smile at least once a day! 🤗)

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                Per my normal Friday night behavior pattern, I’m wasted. KennyERJ are you here?


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                  We don’t have a Russell style cave to chat in this year...😭 Can someone create one? I’d be greatful.


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                    Speaking of Russel, has anyone heard from him recently?


                    • Walleye
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                      It’s been a couple of years....

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                    Checking in to say hi❗I've missed you all this season. Are you having fun with this season's HG? What's been your best 'Palm to the forehead' moment? What's been your biggest surprise? What HG is carrying forward the title of PRANKSTER?

                    Hope to see you soon! 🤗


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                      Again so soon!

                      Just received a push notification re: MORE BB Controversy!

                      Oh Boy, can't ignore that, right?

                      Right to the top of my phone screen up there 👆. Can't wait to see what Amendment, BB or National, has been abused ...

                      what a surprise ... The Golden Rule still hasn't been incorporated into the BB Rule Book 📖 🤐

                      I C E C R E A M S C O O P

                      😱 That's a New One ! 🙈



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