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Priorities & a Late Observation

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  • Priorities & a Late Observation

    Greetings BBU'ers!

    I just finished catching up on BB after 11 days in the hospital 10 of which were in ICU and would like to share the following:
    Not sure what this says about me or my life but:
    I did ONE thing on my phone while I was in ICU and that was to make a donation on eviction night.

    Late Observation :
    I am stupefied by Fessie's comments about His "Brilliant HOH"

    You all must have had a field day with that one.!

    He puts one of his own Alliance members on the Block and makes a late game Alliance and thinks he is Brilliant and Safe??

    Frightening Fessie....and where are you tonight?

    If I'm a plagiarize:
    Oh this house...

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    Hope you are ok now? Ten days in ICU is quite the traumatizing event.....


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      Thank you so much

      I had infections in my liver and gall bladder did they could not get under control. Once we got that fixed and removed my gallbladder things started going in the right direction very quickly.

      I certainly missed my BBU.
      Thanks again!


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
        Editing a comment
        That’s good. Hopefully you can enjoy the rest of this season.

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      Scary stuff you had going on. Glad they found out what it was and that you are on the mend. Guess thinking about BB gave you a brief respite anyway from thinking about your situation. We had quite a laugh in BB Episode discussion thread when Fessie was patting himself on the back for a great HOH. Shook my head on that one! Take care!


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