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    Real Vegas is back under the name Vegas #BB22. July 15 he/she tweeted that the house would be retro themed with 40's, 50's, 60s, etc themed rooms.

    Sounds cool. Would love to see some Art Deco.

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    House Tour today.



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      I like the look of the house.

      The HoH is very swanky. Does it seem bigger.
      I also love the wall murals to iconic moments, although I don't think Kaycee belongs up there. Her saying Let's Go isn't really an iconic moment.
      Very cool chess set and I love the sky bridge with the huge daybed. They now have two lounges.
      LOL, the lounge downstairs is probably the closest we'll get to showmances this season.


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        Here's the house tour posted on YouTube. Just hit the PLAY button and watch right here...


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          In an interview, Allison Grodner said it was a brand new house and in another interview, Julie said they were in a new studio. So, with that being said, what changed about the house? I have looked at all the pictures and the video but the house appears to have the same set-up as previous years with just the interior design changing. However, I did notice something about the HOH bedroom, I can't figure out the configuration ... where is the bathroom? If the picture was taken from the HOH bedroom door, shouldn't the bathroom door/entrance be on the far wall? I don't see it. Am I missing something? Did they change the floorplan of the upstairs area? I didn't see the full sky bridge as they have had in the past couple of years either. I am pretty sure I saw a lounge that would be up there, but I didn't see the sky bridge over the kitchen area by the stairs leading to the HOH bedroom.

          ETA: I see the sky bridge now. And I guess the HOH bathroom is behind a sliding door?
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            Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the same house just with a new look. Julie said they had in the budget before COVID-19 started to do a brand new studio or "front of the house" if you will (the part where Julie stands and the live audience usually is) and they did do that.

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