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Big Brother 22- Discuss Episode 28- October 8, 2020

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    Originally posted by KennyERJ View Post
    We got Ian, Da'Vonne & Kevin sipping tea now!
    I'm so glad she's sipping tea in the jury house instead of sipping it in the BB house. I did not care for her attitude at all. BB is not about what race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc., someone is as far as who should win and she tried to turn it into that at every chance she had to make a speech.

    As far as Tyler getting the boot tonight, they made the right call. He was better at winning games and possibly being the new HOH and more, thus controlling his own fate. If the house hadn't taken him out now he would probably have gone on to win it all.
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    • KennyERJ
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      This is the ONLY thing you have posted about. Still posting about it even though Da'Vonne's been out of the game and lots more game has taken place. Time to move on. We're here to talk about the game of Big Brother. Also, stop quoting my posts to say something negative in response to my posts. This seems like trolling and trolling is NOT allowed on this forum. If it continues, you will be banned. Thanks!

    • Lexie
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      .............. what Kenny said is correct ...

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    Watch this full episode...


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      just finished watching this eviction epi and haven't yet gone out to read the rest of the forums to see what's what now in the House but just had to first say, BOO! I wanted Christmas out SOOOOO badly! It was more about that than keeping Tyler even for me haha I hope I go read that (and I canNOT believe they have pushed me to have to say this... omgahh) Christmas won HOH and she put Nicole & Cody on the block together! It would serve them all right!

      I really enjoyed the JH segments ...probably more than the rest of it haha

      Okay off to read everything and get caught up on what has happened


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