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Live Feed Discussion - 8/10- Day 6

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 8/10- Day 6

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    Good morning everybody.


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      Good morning!

      It was great to see the new backyard last night! I was watching the feeds when they raised the door allowing the HG access to the backyard and wondered how long it would take them all to realize that the backyard was open. I think it took them about 5 minutes to realize it and Tyler was the one who first realized it. The way they all screamed and cheered, you would have thought that they had all just won the game!

      Hopefully, we will see the game kick up a notch now that they have access to the backyard and can spread out a bit. It will also be nice for them to be able to warm up outside as well. All we have heard about for days is how cold everyone is in the house. So I expect a lot of people will be outside during the day today to be in the sun and soak in all the heat!

      I am also worried about the slop this year. They have all mentioned how it is different this year and every one of them has had issues with it. The ones that have it the worst are Nicole A and Ian. I don't think Kevin eats it as much and I don't believe Memphis has really eaten much of it after the second day. Ian was really sick the day before yesterday and yesterday Nicole A was really sick. They are either going to have to do away with the slop this year or they are going to have to give them something else. I don't see how anyone can last on it when it makes them all that sick.

      Now to gameplay ... it will be interesting to see how all of these loose alliances will shift or solidify. It seems like Enzo and Cody are in a few different alliances and that may come back to bite both of them. That is going to lead them into trouble before long if they aren't careful. It is hard enough keeping one alliance together in the Big Brother house, much less two or three. And then keeping one alliance from knowing about the other alliance and keeping track of who is in what alliance. I know that they think by being in these different alliances will keep them safe, but it could also backfire on them an alienate them from all their alliances.

      It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out over the next week or so. I think we have to keep in mind that we don't usually get the feeds this early, so we don't usually get to see the early days of these alliances forming. Typically, there is already a solid alliance formed when we first get the feeds, so we don't really get to see how they all form, other than what is shown on television.

      I think a lot will change with the next HOH competition as well. I believe a lot of the loose alliances in the house will solidify after the next HOH competition. It is definitely interesting and I am enjoying this season quite a bit. I watched the first few weeks last season and then bailed. I just didn't like the majority of the houseguests and couldn't watch it. This season, there isn't anyone that I hate and I could root for any of them to win at this point. There are a lot of strong personalities in the house and thus far every one is being relatively quiet, it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.


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        I just saw Julie Chen on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She didn't say too much about BB, mainly talked about how the quarantine has been for her and her family. She did say they continue testing everyone once a week, but I guess we expected that.

        I was thinking I needed a Venn diagram to figure out what's going on in the house right now, but in the end decided it would be a million circles! LOL! It seems like there are more people getting together than ever, but I suppose it's just me and seeing the game with the Covid business making me view things a little differently this year. Maybe I'm normally not so interested in the early game.

        As for the slop situation, don't these people chew?!? Or cook it enough? For Pete's sake, it's nearly the entire grain. They have to be swallowing them without chewing to get in problems with them. Idiots can't use their heads anymore. Feed them pap if that's what it's come down to. They are too far from their food supply to know anything anymore.
        Last edited by Border57; 08-10-2020, 08:38 AM. Reason: Just to say, "yes, I'm a grumpy old lady" LOL!


        • ophelia__
          ophelia__ commented
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          I agree, Border can make a mean mock risotto with steel cut oats...these people don't know how to cook, and Memphis runs restaurants? has he any food knowledge whatsoever, or is he just a 'management' type. sheesh.

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        Border57 Ha! Ha! I think every year the HG complain about being constipated when they are Have-Nots and on the slop diet. It seems to always mess with them a little bit. They did say it wasn't like oatmeal grains this year, it is pellets. I do know that they are fortified oats/grains, in that the slop is supposed to contain all the vitamins and nutrients that you need in your diet. I do think that there must be something different because all four of them starting complaining about their stomachs almost immediately.

        Memphis quit eating it all together and said he felt 100 percent better the following day. Ian and Nicole A are the ones that have been consistently eating it and they have been the sickest. I don't know if Ian ate any of it yesterday or not but he seemed to be a lot better.

        As for needing a Vinn diagram, yes that is what we need. I have seen a few charts on Twitter where people are trying to track all the alliances but none of them seem complete. They all have the major alliances that seem to be forming but they don't have the small ones. I think it is so confusing right now because we are able to watch them all form in realtime this year, wherein years past, they would have all formed by the time the first show aired, as they would have already been in the house for over a week.


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          There was a chat last night (2:30 BB, not sure of camera) in the HOH with Cody, Enzo, Bailey, and Da"Vonne came in later, where they were setting up a group of four, with each of them pulling in someone else as their "person" . Bailey suggested she take Janelle, Cody take Ian, not sure who the others liked. So that's Cody and Enzo with another group. This chat went on a long time. Da'Vonne came in around 2:41 and they recapped some of the convo for her.

          Keesha came in around 2:52 and game talk ended.
          Last edited by Border57; 08-10-2020, 09:13 AM. Reason: Time of end of chat


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            Enzo did not use the Power of Veto
            Keesha and Kevin remain on the block.


            • Polgara
              Polgara commented
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              I would like to see a twist where BB offers 1 week safety if they use the VETO. Not all the time, intermittently.

            • Border57
              Border57 commented
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              That's an interesting idea, Polgara!

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            This is a weird season already. I was just a show watcher for the first all star season, so didn't know until a few years later that so many deals and everything had been struck pre-season. I don't like seeing that now either. I am having a hard time knowing what are real alliances and what are fake. I'm glad that Josh and Kaycee aren't here though (though not glad about the reason, hope they are doing well).

            So far I am also having a hard time picking a favorite, or group of favorites. Obviously I like old school gameplay, so Janelle and Kaysar are providing a lot of that. I have always liked Ian, but not sure where he fits in yet. Dani has always been a personal fave of mine, but I don't like that she seems to be trying to join up with the new school players. None of the new school players are really doing anything for me yet, besides maybe Xmas, who seems to be doing just fine. I hate saying that because I couldn't stand her on that first season she was on. She is doing a good job of laying pretty low and getting along with a lot of people. She is nowhere near as annoying as I remember her. Tyler is another that I liked the first time around, and he is staying pretty low key right now. He comes in as a huge target, so I think he is doing the right thing.

            I'd be fine with either Kevin or Keisha leaving this week. I don't think either are going to really add anything to the season from a strategic standpoint. I do hope that the next HOH goes to one of the following: Janelle, Kaysar, Ian, Nicole A (because we have no idea what would happen), David (same as Nic A), whoever stays from the noms, Dani (just so she has to show some cards, no way she is trying to win it), Nicole F (just for the entertainment of seeing her cry a lot more when her main targets somehow get off the block), or Enzo (it will annoy all of us, and someone we love will most likely be targeted, but he will totally make enemies and expose all sorts of info).


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              I read somewhere that Ian and Nicole A would be used as pawns. Why are the nerdy ones always left out? It will make me route for them even more. I agree it is hard to see what is a try alliance The pairs I see are Bay and Davon, Janelle and Kaysar, maybe Ian and Nicole A (for some reason I really wanted those two to align)the other pairs are hard to decipher. I really hope that Kevin stays. He I believe will add some entertainment.


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                I know we're only two shows in, but I think I'll be spending more time checking in on live feed updates than I will actually trying to arrange my life around the broadcast schedule. There are just too many in that house that bore the crap outta me, and the ones I like, or even kinda like are targets of the ones I don't care for.
                I got tired of Tyler in his season, with his wide eyed "I'm such a nice guy" persona...(was so glad Kaycee took the season).
                Da'Vonne may have lost her critical thinking skills
                I always liked Nicole F, but honestly, this crying/whining thing is wearing me out already. Plus, she's going right to Cody and wasn't he partly responsible for her vote out in BB16? She's just dumb, maybe she can't help it, but it's boring.
                Kesha I don't remember and has done nothing remarkable, if she goes I won't miss her.
                Kevin is lovely, but he's setting himself up against Janelle and Kaysar, and that's so silly...that venomous bully gang will chew him up and spit him out forthwith
                Ian, well, he's just being Ian, but I remembered him as having pretty good strategy in his first season, and this time, he's just flat...I know I know, he has been on slop, but I guess I expected more from him, and it's not being delivered
                Memphis - never could stand him, still can't
                Cody, see above note for Memphis. no thanks.
                Enzo. omg. meow no.
                Christmas might be interesting, she at least has some spunk, which will probably be her downfall...wish she would work with J & K, but Cody's gang has already thrown her a life line, so I doubt that'll happen.
                Dani is as usual, snaky and sidling up to the lads. sigh.
                Bayleigh will go bat-crap nuts when something doesn't go her way...anyone watch her on The Challenge, when she claimed Kaycee tried developing a 'close' relationship with her? Kaycee was dumbfounded. And, frankly,I've seen enough of her temper tantrums. She's about as uninteresting as they come.
                Janelle is not up to her normal self. Maybe 3 was the charm and this time around she's just not that into it.
                Kaysar was never one of my faves, but he's a heck of a lot better than the rest of this lot, but unable to tell fact from fiction, it seems.
                David. Really? You've never even watched the game, ("how does POV work?" and you claim you wanted to be the first POC to win the game. Ummmm. Have you noticed that Kaycee is a POC? or maybe she doesn't count...? I dunno, the guys seems out of it.
                That leaves NicoleA. sigh. why is she back? She made so many errors of judgement last time, and seems keen to fall in the same ditches this time around.

                Maybe it's me, maybe I've just grown tired of this show...I used to enjoy it soooo much, when strategy played a large part of the game, as well as prowess at challenges, and social game it just seems all one has to do is form a large alliance, your personality can totally suck, (Cody) and bull-doze your way to the end. There is no finesse involved anymore, it's just 'good ole boys' mentality all the way. I'll refrain from continuing to complain about this and let you all enjoy the season, sorry for the rant.


                • Livzee
                  Livzee commented
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                  We are seeing parts we’ve not seen before... these early days. I think Cody is overplaying with his multiple alliances. I’m hoping Janelle knows these folks will start eating their own... shell kick into gear. Nicole F is on my last nerve already. Dani is really working it. I think maybe because we never saw them til this year until 2 weeks in we missed all this weirdness. Hoping so.

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                I’m just so happy there is a Big Brother 22 and there’s something fresh to watch. I enjoy the interactions and scheming and looking forward to watching it all unfold. I am SO grateful there is no obnoxious personality taking over the show like Josh or Paul. I guess there’s time for that to happen, but since we’ve seen them all play before, this seems less likely. And I love that it’s a more mature, cerebral game with players not chosen just for their hot bodies and sex appeal, more interested partying and hooking up. It makes for a more interesting game. 😊


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