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Live Feed Discussion- 8/12- Day 8

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  • Live Feed Discussion- 8/12- Day 8

    This thread is your place to discuss what's happening on the Live Feeds.

    It will, of course, contain spoilers. ​​​​​

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    So on the subject of who I want to stay...on a game perspective, I would want Keesha to stay, because face it, I just don't think that she is much of a threat. If I was playing strategically, she would be my vote to stay. As a fan of the show, and just watching, I would want Kevin to stay because he's funny, and IMO will bring the entertainment! He's always good for some drama. That is if he's still the same Kevin from years ago. JMHO. What say you?


    • GrandmaSusan
      GrandmaSusan commented
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      I agree with you, but it feels seems Kevin is having a hard time finding his way the time,

    • Livzee
      Livzee commented
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      I agree... Kevin will relax some, and he’s then fun to watch.

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    So did I miss that we aren't doing discussion & live feeds on the same anymore? I am going to try and help as much as I can with live feeds because I remember when I didnt have feeds that was my only way to know what was going on so I am returning the favor from many years ago.


    • Lexie
      Lexie commented
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      We tried it ... but people seemed to like them separate.... so we're back to the way they were from the beginning ... and thank you for any help with the live feed updates : )

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    I don't think anyone missed anything on the feeds yesterday, not much game talk that I saw, anyway. It's been a slow start.

    As for who I want to go, it's Keesha. Nothing against her, but she's not even doing anything to stay, at least so far. Kevin is rustling up votes and acting like he's really interested in staying. I haven't been on the feeds that much, but I've never seen any game out of her. Maybe I've just missed it, though.

    Does it look like Kevin is the one to stay? Everyone seems to be saying "I don't know" when asked.


    • kokomogirl
      kokomogirl commented
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      No one wants to show their cards to anyone unless they are paired up or in the HOH alliance. Most already know that Keesha is attached to Janelle and Kaysar while Kevin is floating and "moldable" to their advantage if in power. They have also mentioned that they like Kevin more because he is entertaining. Even Janelle said that Keesha doesn't know how to campaign. I do think Kevin is likely to be the one to stay. I also wonder if his promise to so many people that he will return the favor will come back to bite him. What happens when 2 of those hg that he has said this to end up OTB together?

    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      Janelle commented to Kaysar yesterday that Keesha was really bad at campaigning for votes as she was telling people, if you keep me, I won't eat your food! LOL

      I was really excited to see Keesha back in the house but I have to say, she has been a bit of a disappointment. She hasn't really tried to garner votes at all. Janelle has been working overtime to try to get the votes for Keesha to stay, but Keesha has done very little herself. I guess her best game move was aligning herself with Janelle.

      Janelle had a late-night push to try and switch the votes but I don't think that it worked at all. I think it just backfired on Janelle as everyone was questioning why Janelle wanted Keesha to stay so badly.

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    I’m interested in what anyone knows about pregame alliances... Janelle and Baylee... possibly Cody and the whiner... Cody and Tyler, etc. some are talking Janelle and Dani. It wd seem inevitable that some of these formed PreShow. The story that the whiner( sorry I don’t want to offend my fave Nicole A.) ruined the game this time by snitching to CBS about Dan and Derrick pregame scheming may have validity... N.F. Seems very nervous. She’s already on my last nerve.

    The superpower group... Cody, Tyler, Dani, the whiner, meow... power for sure there but their arrogance will get them I think. Why do my faves seem so feckless...Ian, Nicole A, Kaysar, Kevin, even Janelle? I am loving Bay and glad to have them. Christmas looking better but I still can’t favor her. Dani playing a great game but I also can admire that play and find her person put offish. Memphis seems a particular jerk. Why can’t Cody remember David’s name? Not good Cody. Kesha Who?

    would love to hear from you all.


    • Ladychef
      Ladychef commented
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      I thought I read somewhere that Tyler and David were friends outside the house. I don’t know if it’s true .

    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      I don't think Dan and Derrick not being on BB22 has anything to do with Nicole Franzel. I think the change of dates has more to do with them not being on the show. I think Dan was going to do it until production was pushed back to an August start instead of a June start. The same may be true for Derrick as well. Although, Cody has said on the feeds that Derrick was never going to do the show. So, I don't know. Everyone has said that Janelle did quite a bit of pre-gaming and it isn't even a secret, so why is she in the house? I don't think CBS or Big Brother really cares about the pre-gaming aspect of it enough to eliminate two huge players like Dan and Derrick.

      I do think that Nicole F and Cody have a pre-show alliance and I do think that Derrick was involved with it. Nicole F and Derrick have remained pretty good friends and I think he linked them up and suggested that they work together.

      I also think that Dan and Derrick got together and put Cody and Memphis together pre-show as well.

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    I am really enjoying this season. What with all that is going on in this country, this is a welcome respite❤️ I agree with all of you who commented on Keisha. I loved her during her season but she doesn’t appear to be playing the game. Has Tyler made a deal with just about everyone? Earlier on it looked like he was pairing up with different people.


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      Last night in a conversation between Cody and And I it appeared that they both want Kevin to stay. So if that big alliance plus Ian and Nicole A, KEvin would have the votes to stay.


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        Reading Lexie's updates on Keesha making her case, I'm starting to kind of want her to stay for the potential drama and potential game value. I'm seeing the value of keeping someone who is considered a strategic target so that you can deflect the spotlight off yourself. Of course seeing the risk also if they're someone who earned that reputation through good game play. I don't know how good Keesha was -- don't remember her -- but it seems like she could make the game more interesting than Kevin. She seems to have more self-control which could mean more rational strategy.



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