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Live Feed Discussions - 8/13 - Day 9

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  • Live Feed Discussions - 8/13 - Day 9

    This thread is your place to discuss what's happening on the Live Feeds.

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    Morning all.

    Looks like Keesha is going home. So many people are probably going to throw the HoH tonight so they don't have to show their cards. Hopefully that ups the odds for Janelle or Kaysar or someone that wouldn't put them up to win.


    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      I am hoping that everyone truly plays in the HOH. I think ones that will not want to play are those who are in multiple alliances. I really want the game to start shaking up a little as well. There has been a lot of gameplay but it is all done very quietly.

      I also think it will be telling as to who plays in the Safety Suite competition this week as well. I know Cody said he was definitely going to play and I think that is smart ... depending on the next HOH. If Enzo won the HOH competition, Cody really doesn't need to play in the Safety Suite and he can wait until the following week to play, just in case he doesn't win HOH the following week.

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    I hope whoever gets HOH this time wants to stir things up. It's been boring. I was thinking earlier this morning that there is no "villain" this time at all. Usually by now I'm absolutely HATING someone! Nothing like that this year! No arrogant twit who tells the DR "I am running this house and no one knows it".


    • ophelia__
      ophelia__ commented
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      uhhh. well. there is Tyler, who thinks he's 'untouchable' since he's made so many final 2 agreements. I know, I know, most often at the request of the other person, but he's arrogantly assuming he'll be there at the end by being 'agreeable'.

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    The common theme in the house thus far seems to be everyone talking about how no one is talking game in the house. They keep mentioning how it is so "quiet" in the house and no one is making any moves/alliances. However, the funny thing is that there are a lot of alliances in the house right now and everyone is talking game.

    I think the only people in the house that aren't part of a solid alliance (at this point) are Janelle, Kaysar and David. Everyone else seems to be part of a larger alliance.

    Tyler has Final 2 deals with Christmas, Cody, Bailey, David, Nicole F., Kaysar, and Janelle
    Cody has Final 2 deals with Nicole F, Tyler, Dani, Enzo, and Memphis.
    Nicole F has Final 2 deals with Cody, Dani, and Ian (The Million Club).

    Then you have the obvious duo's of Bayleigh and Da'vonne (Black Girl Magic) as well as Janelle and Kaysar. The biggest difference is that Bay and Day have also embedded themselves in other alliances.

    As for actual alliances, as far as I can tell there are five alliances in the house right now.

    Connect 4 which consists of Enzo, Cody, Bayleigh, and Da'vonne.
    Core 4 which consists of Enzo, Cody, Dani, and Nicole F.
    The Closers which consists of Cody, Memphis, Tyler, Dani, Nicole F, and Christmas.
    The Secret 3 consists of Nicole A, Kevin, and Da'vonne.
    Adorkables which consists of Kevin, Nicole A, and Ian.

    That is a lot of alliances for everyone to continuously talk about how little gaming is going on this season. LOL

    I am sure there are alliances that I have missed as well. These alliances overlap quite a bit and I am not sure how they (or we) are going to keep up with them.

    Also, I am not entirely sure what all of the pre-game alliances are yet. I know that Janelle has talked to Nicole F and said that no one in the house knows how close they really are and the fact that Janelle was invited to her wedding. So I am wondering if they have something going on behind the scenes. There is also something with Dani and Janelle as well that occurred pre-game. I am honestly wondering if Dani, Nicole F, and Janelle don't have some sort of pre-game alliance set up and they decided not to mention it at all in the house.

    I think that the gameplay this year is very low-key, more so than in years past, but there has been quite a bit of gameplay going on behind the scenes. It will be interesting to see how things change this week with a new HOH. And who is going to show their cards first?
    Last edited by amj0715; 08-13-2020, 12:03 PM. Reason: ETA: Additional Tyler F2 deals! :)


    • Border57
      Border57 commented
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      Cody and Kevin, The LowDownmance. Not sure if it's real or not.

    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      I knew about that one but I am not sure how real it is. I think they were kind of joking but kind of not joking. There are so many deals that it is hard to keep up with all of them, especially the ones that just say, I will never put you up. They don't have actual F2 deals and they aren't in a solid alliance, but they say they will "watch each other's back" or that they won't put each other up. If we added those, the list would be endless.

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    Good morning and happy eviction day! I think the game will kick into high gear tonight, well, I hope it does. I would love an endurance comp for HOH.


    • Border57
      Border57 commented
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      I'd love several REAL endurance comps this year. Afterall, they are ALL STARS, so make them work for it! I still remember the ones where they went for hours, not minutes like so many so called endurance ones go the last few seasons.

    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      How great would it be to have the Pressure Cooker back this year! That was an iconic endurance competition!

    • kokomogirl
      kokomogirl commented
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      I would love to see the pressure cooker comp this year. Add in some old school comps. I'd also like to see the old school players show the new school gang how to play an endurance comp that actually last for hours and we, the live feeders, have to stay up all night watching them. I'd also like to see some new ones thrown in with the favorite comps - OTEV, slip and slide, for me.

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    I hope that if Kevin stays who ever gets HOH puts him up again and tells him he’s a pawn and votes his whiny butt off! Sorry but he brings nothing to the show this season but his pouty sad puppy dog eyes sadness.


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      Happy eviction day everyone!! Bye Bye Keesha. Things looked promising for all of about 5 minutes last night for a turnaround, but fizzled out fast.

      Tonight they will play "Who wants to actually be HOH". There aren't many who seem to want to win this. There are also some who don't NEED to win this. I think that there are 3 categories, throw it, go all out for it, if I win it, that's okay:

      Throw it:
      Dani - no reason to show her cards at all right now. Covered by a bunch of people, even if some of the alliances may be a little flimsy.
      Day - Doesn't want to win, doesn't want to expose the multiple deals that she is making.
      Bay - Same as Day.
      Tyler - way too many deals to want to expose anything right now

      Go all out for it:
      Janelle - Obvious
      Kaysar - Obvious
      Kevin - Just off the block, will try
      Christmas - She doesn't want to throw anything right now.

      If I win it, that's okay:
      Enzo - probably doesn't need it, but wouldn't mind winning it.
      Memphis - I'm torn between all 3 categories here, so he'll go here. Has a lot of alliances and may not want it.
      Nicole F - Probably doesn't need it, but may want to take out Janelle or Kaysar
      David - Does he care about anything?
      Nicole A - torn on her as well. Doesn't seem like she wants to win, but wants to stay safe.
      Ian - He doesn't want to win early, but may sense people talking about him a little.

      Let me know if you see things differently, but that is how I see tonight going. I am rooting for a shakeup and something to happen that will take down some of the alliances already forming. Guess I'll be rooting for Janelle or Kaysar in that case, since they are probably the only ones who won't take an easy route.


      • kokomogirl
        kokomogirl commented
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        I agree with your assessment. I do think that there will be a few who will try to win just to keep Janelle and Kaysar from winning because they don't feel safe or to protect their alliance/s.. The goal will be to have someone/anyone but J&K win.

        I'm pulling for Janelle or Kaysar to win, preferably Janelle I think she has a better read on the house and who's aligned with who. A few times she has been dead on and he has dismissed her.
        Last edited by kokomogirl; 08-13-2020, 04:28 PM.

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      I haven't had time to read all the posts yet. looking foward to catching up on everyone's take on the game. I am really enjoying the feeds and shows. So good to see the familiar players. I think Janie and Dani have a pre alliance that is for real. I like Enzo with Cody together. Bay and Day are perfect, But I don't like the way Cody and Enzo are using them. Both Nicoles are a mess even though I have a soft spot for both of them. Tyler is playing same old game, kind of meh. This sight is still my favorite after all these years. I am more of a lurker than poster, and I really enjoy all your posts.


      • birdiefriend
        birdiefriend commented
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        Bay and Day are using Cody & Enzo too. They are a couple of smart ladies! I didn't like Bay on Season 20 at all, but I am really enjoying her in this season. Day I've always enjoyed watching (just want her to calm down now).

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      I forgot Kaysar. He is great. I know it is dangerous for his game but, I want his crazy game play he had the first couple of days back!


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        What was up with Julie's parting words ...."remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


        • sdkgeo
          sdkgeo commented
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          I wondered if she was talking about some of the nastiness that has gone outside with Derrick in particular. Derrick has really had a lot of crap thrown at him on social media. I don't like him or the fact that he's meddled in this season, but some of the stuff said to and about him has been over the top.

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        This is the first HoH win for Memphis ever...


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          Janelle's STAR as been evicted...


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            They got alcohol!!!


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              I think Memphis is going to target Ian, but who will he put up with him. He's mentioned Bayleigh as a pawn, but I don't know.

              Nic F, Christmas, David, and Kaysar are Have Nots.


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                Do we know how the have nots were chosen?


                • Lexie
                  Lexie commented
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                  First 4 out of the HoH competition are the Have Nots ...

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