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Live Feed Discussion - 8/17 - Day 13

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 8/17 - Day 13

    This thread is your place to discuss what's happening on the Live Feeds.

    It will, of course, contain spoilers. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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    Morning all-Veto ceremony today.


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      OK. I understand that one side of the house wants to keep David, while Janelle and Kaysar want to keep Nic A, not sure where Kevin and Ian come down on it. My question is, what is the draw on the Cody/Memphis, Dani/Enzo/Tyler/Nic F side for keeping David, when Nic A is wide open to be brought into an alliance right now? She jumped ship on Janelle and Kaysar. I understand DaVonne (probably Bayleigh as well? but I haven't seen her talking ) wanting to keep David, but not the others. Has David made big promises to someone? Is he in there solid with someone? Or is it just that Nic A has been with Jan and Kay? I just don't understand what's going on with that right now.
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        I’ve started thinking of it has “Don’t use the veto day!” ” Don’t make waves day!” “Don’t grow a pair day!” Sorry rant over!


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          I'm thinking the only thing that is pretty clear right now is that David just doesn't know how to play this game. I'm pretty fuzzy on all the other stuff going on LOL


          • Livzee
            Livzee commented
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            Yes I think David is a male Victoria.

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          David was talking to the live feeds and said he shouldn’t have played dumb! He knows what he’s doing and it’s backfiring on him. Now he’s playing the I was unfairly treated last time so feel sorry me. He should just show that he’s there to play and quit being a crybaby. Same goes for Nicole A, get out there and push to stay, quit whining and try!


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            Ok, this is off topic but I need to get it out. I really dislike seeing "race" enter the BB house. There is NO COLOR in the BB house, please just stop. You have heroes and villains, but there is no race. Please don't ruin the last good thing on TV! Don't use color as a crutch, if you can't put someone on the block due to what color they are, than there is no BB. You might as well either have an all black, brown or white cast, just so there is no boring and dumb would a season like that be? I know that I wouldn't watch it. So please, I beg you, don't f up Big Brother with bigotry. Going in any direction. End of rant. Not looking for a debate, just my honest and heartfelt opinion.


            • Spooka
              Spooka commented
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              I agree. Judge on gameplay don't give out passes because someone looks like you or not. Emotional players and players who use reasons like race or even wild hair or nerdy looks shouldn't be voted out or kept in for those reasons.

            • Border57
              Border57 commented
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              I'd forgive David a lot if he was good at the game. He doesn't seem to be this year, yet is talking about percentages of black men (he says "black males" why doesn't he say men?) that don't make it through to jury. If he has time to study that kind of number out, he should have been studying the game itself more. If he's been playing dumb and he actually knows things, I guess it's a strategy but one that isn't working.

              I don't know if he's right about bias or not, and certainly hope he's wrong. Even if he's right, I dislike him saying things like he only trusts the other people of colour in the game, not to mention it hurts his own game because he isolates himself that way. With the social climate the way it is this year, I understand his mind set, though. Just seems like the wrong place to be expressing himself in this way.

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            I'm confused by this post in the updates:

            Originally posted by Lexie View Post
            Nicole A talked to Da'Vonne about her vote and Bayleigh's vote ...

            Da'Vonne tells Nicole that she's not sure how Bayleigh is voting ...but she thinks she is going to want to keep David .... but it's nothing personal towards Nicole A.

            Da'Vonne tells Nicole A that " it has everything to do with the fact that there has never been an African American winner" ... and now the 3 of them ( David/Da'Vonne/Bayleigh ) are there in the house together ...

            .... ?

            I thought there had been an African American winner. I wasn't watching -- it was one of the years I couldn't get CBS -- but Kaycee Clark?

            Is this another example of so-called All-Stars who didn't bother to keep up with the game?


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Kaycee Clark is Asian-American. She's of Filipino decent.

            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
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              Originally posted by KennyERJ View Post
              Kaycee Clark is Asian-American. She's of Filipino decent.
              Ah, thanks. I thought I heard someone else say that now there had been an African American winner and so I looked for pictures of recent winners and thought she could be the one. Maybe they said "person of color." Or maybe it never happened at all and I made it all up.

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            Unfortunately, it appears that three of the HGs will protect each other because they are black. I would like for the HGs to compete without considering race, gender, nationality etc. What if white HGs said they were going to support other HGs based on them being white. It seems that politics and racial issues dominates our lives - even BB.


            • Summerbbfan
              Summerbbfan commented
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              You are right, they should be voting based on what is best for their game play.

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            Not surprised that race is one of the strategies given the times we live today. Plus behaviors of a few past houseguest have been less than stellar, so much so that BB added a disclaimer to the live feeds.


            • CubbyBrother
              CubbyBrother commented
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              They not only have the disclaimer, but have, by design I'm sure----in the first week CBS has highlighted autism in a segment, BLM in another, and Kaysar's religion in another. I think, especially, with the state of the world today and this being all stars we are going to see a pretty hyper sensitive edit throughout the year.

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