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Live Feed Discussion - 8/21 - Day 17

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 8/21 - Day 17

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    Morning all. Expect the inevitable, Janelle and Kaysar on the block today.


    • Shmennifer
      Shmennifer commented
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      I was soooo hoping they’d have longer! I just don’t see a way to save them both unless they are someone’s plus one for safety suite and the other wins POV

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    I was never a Janelle fan in the past, but I’ve really liked her this season.


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      This is a really tough start to the season (but they always are).....the only real game play thus far was Memphis and his HOH but he doesn't even realize that he was the only one playing and it really didn't matter---took the easy way out (which is probably smart in early in the game---first four weeks or so---OR until Paul's safety ends ----had to throw that in there).

      Can't really envision any scenario other than Janelle going home with Kaysar on the block next to her unless she wins POV. The female numbers are already down. Tyler is pretty much aligned with everyone so he won't rock the boat at this point.

      Really need to see the middle ground (Kevin, Bay, Day, Ian, David) win HOH to see the game get to where it need to.

      Remember--the first four to five weeks are ALWAYS like this---all stars won't change the dynamic of the game.


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        Being the All Star that Janelle is and having played four times, I would not blame anyone for putting her on the Block. She's a big threat ,
        and they all know it, so it makes perfect sense.


        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
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          It only makes sense with the reasoning that it's the "easy thing" to do. She is NOT a threat at this point---she's in an alliance of two with an alliance of six in the's not humanly possible to win veto, HOH for about seven consecutive weeks. She doesn't have a read on the game---she spewed to Memphis last week so obviously doesn't know he's one of the ringleaders.

          It's just she and Kaysar at this point......they are a threat to nobody at this point.

          They (minus David) are each all stars and you have winners and other final two and three players in that house. It's way too early to rock the boat and Tyler is far too good to do anything more than doing the easy thing.

      • #6
        Nicole F really is annoying. She's cute enough that I have occasionally forgotten how annoying she is.

        But yeah. I wouldn't miss her if they decided to kick her out.


        • BigMur
          BigMur commented
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          Yeah, I liked her the first time. She had that whole"cute and nerdy" thing going on. I tolerated her voice, now it annoys the crap out of me. She is this season's"reach for the MUTE button". Unfortunately she latched onto Tyler, so she's not going anywhere soon.😟

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        While getting Janelle out may an 'easy' move this early, I also think it makes sense as smart gameplay.
        Last edited by lyriele2; 08-21-2020, 12:14 PM.


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          As to Nicole F., a big LOL at "reach for the MUTE button." Too funny.😀😄


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            Originally posted by lyriele2 View Post
            While getting Janelle out may an 'easy' move this early, I also think it makes sense as smart gameplay.

            Yeah ... good for the guys, to get rid of a female and a charismatic potential alliance leader. She's alone now, but could turn the tables quickly.

            Good job, ladies ... kicking yourselves off without the guys having to do anything.

            Maybe good-ish for Nicole F. since her natural alliances are with guys ... will be interesting to see if that keeps her safe. I'll be surprised and impressed if it works for her again.


            • kokomogirl
              kokomogirl commented
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              If Janelle somehow survives this week and stays, she will remain Nicole's target. If Janelle leaves, she will start whining and targeting her next female victim. She has already planted some seeds. It's her usual game play - hide behind the strong, athletic meat shields while targeting her fellow female competition.

          • #10
            From the last live feed update, it looks like Dani is going to be this seasons Victoria to Cody and Tyler. That’s a bummer, I like Dani.


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              Originally posted by Mary4BB View Post
              From the last live feed update, it looks like Dani is going to be this seasons Victoria to Cody and Tyler. That’s a bummer, I like Dani.

              That would be sad. But Dani has savvy that Victoria never did. So don't despair quite yet.


              • #12
                I would be very surprised if a female wins the game this time. We already watched the first Nicole unravel, and I don't think Nicole. F. will be allowed to win again. . Bayleigh, who I've never liked, is a hot head. Waiting for that explosion for one reason or another. Day cracks me up, but I would be surprised if she got to the end. Dani, as said, may get to F3, but likely no further. As for Janelle, even if she survives this round, I don't see her getting too far down the road this season. But of course this is all just opinion from an early perspective of the game.


                • Summerbbfan
                  Summerbbfan commented
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                  I see a Cody or Memphis win. I wouldn't be opposed to Ian winning again.

              • #13
                I dislike the "Politically Correct" police and Racists police to be active on BB. However, a blatant racist event occurred in the past two days which should not be tolerated on BB. Da Vonne- supported by Bay - specifically said privately and on National TV that the were voting based on race and were going to support a fellow black man because he was black. This is the very definition of racism. Had a white person said they were voting for a white HG because of color there would be an overwhelming outcry to immediately evict the white HG, This double standard should not be accepted or tolerated.


                • magicalt2
                  magicalt2 commented
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                  Hold on stop with the racist stuff. It's 3 black Americans on the show out of 16 individuals. How would would you feel if there were 13 Latinos or Black Americans and only 3 whites. We have no clue yet some still continue to judge or tell others that are in the minority how to feel. I think that's what they are calling privilege. It's not racism when you are "black" out numbered and you want to keep the numbers the same. Heck I do recall house guests voting off minorities first on several seasons. It takes a lot of effort and empathy to see from a different perspective.

                • maxxum26
                  maxxum26 commented
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                  Well said magicalt2, I was trying to figure how to word a similar response. One thing the show very blatantly left out was that Day was very close to changing her vote. Part of the reason she was close to doing that was that Nic A was female, and Day is afraid of the women getting picked off by a guy alliance that David told her had formed!
                  Also, while a white contestant has never come right out and said it, they have used plenty of language that tells you why they were voting a minority out instead of their white counterpart in the block.
                  I don't like race being a thing in the real world or in the BB world, but it is. One way that BB and CBS could counter that is to put more people of color on the cast each year. A better representation of our country. Not 3 or 4 people of color and the rest white.

                • Starshine
                  Starshine commented
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                  I understand that I'll never understand ... however, I stand.

              • #14
                Will it be ok to save someone based on race when the Chronicoms come to evict the human race from earth?

                Yes I know it’s fiction. No I’m not trying to fan flames, just open minds. 😄

                And now, back to Biiiiig Brother!


                • #15
                  Kevin made me happy voting for Nicole especially since he’s the one that got her off track!


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