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Live Feed Discussion - 8/23 - Day 19

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 8/23 - Day 19

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    So, who thinks Nicole will "bow up" to Janelle today? Just typing that makes me ROFL.


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      Today, 06:56 AM
      . How can Dani be so oblivious that she doesn't see what Nicole is doing? Just needed to vent, sorry 😞.

      Pammer And anyone else, do you think maybe Dani is fueling Nicole a bit to make sure she is higher in the eviction order than Dani?


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        Dani, Nicole, Bay, Xmass, and DaVonne, are not "the brightest stars in the sky" so do not expect any intelligent actions from any of them. These are well below average women who have somehow managed to get on a TV program that casts people with issues and egos.


        • Summerbbfan
          Summerbbfan commented
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          I will have to disagree. To me Day and Christmas seem to be pretty smart.

        • sdkgeo
          sdkgeo commented
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          Bay seems to be pretty smart. She knows what's going on and she knows how to keep her mouth shut, unlike Day.

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        I had read that both Janelle and Kaysar said that they hope Tyler wins the game because he's a good guy. I guess neither of them think they're going to make it to the end, and they are likely right.


        • Lira2012
          Lira2012 commented
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          As is Dani, although you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t seen her play before.

        • helenb
          helenb commented
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          II heard them say they want to go before jury If they are going also

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        This was meant to be a comment to the above post.


        • Mary4BB
          Mary4BB commented
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          Agreed, Dani does not have the read on the house I expect her to. Or doesn’t seem to but does and she’s playing us. 😁

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        Totally bored right now and debating whether to continue watching. I was not thrilled with the cast but besides Dani - who I thought always rode her daddy's coattails - didn't have a big dislike for the others.

        I actually liked Nicole F but now can't stand her. I wasn't a big Ian fan - but now hope he takes home the trophy because I don't like the game play of the others. I'm sick of the current social push that a black must win - the best person should win regardless of color, religious affiliation ect...

        This was probably the worst thing they could have done having All Stars because so many know each other from outside the show and already have friendships and alliances. Many on other discussion boards feel the same.


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